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Bloodthirsty Negroes Get Revenge

by Douglas Mercer

HOW MANY conservatives and even not-around-the-bend liberals assured us that when it came to statues of White men, it would stop at the Confederates?

The statues of the founders themselves would always be secure. There’s no slippery slope, they said, you’re imagining things. Don’t be so damned paranoid.

No slippery slope?


Not only is there a slippery slope, there has always been a slippery slope, and there always will be a slippery slope, and when they tell you there is no slippery slope you can be sure that some racial trash down in the basement is furiously greasing the skids.

And now everything is falling.

* * *

It looks like an AIDS-ridden liberal faggot has finally stuck a knife in the heart of uber White man Thomas Jefferson. This degenerate sodomite doesn’t like those Straight Dead White Males.

This is what “coming to terms with the past” looks like. And believe you me, these criminals are just getting started.

Corey Johnson made national headlines in 2000 when, while co-captain of the Masconomet Regional High School football team, he “came out” publicly as “gay.” Later he moved to New York City and engaged in “LGBT rights activism.” In 2004, Johnson was diagnosed as HIV-positive.

That is, he’s a nasty sodomite.

Did we mention that an AIDS-ridden faggot took down a glorious statue of Thomas Jefferson?

Mayor de Blasio said Thursday he expects a statue of Thomas Jefferson will get the heave-ho from City Hall after a design commission he appointed reviews a request to remove it next week.

If approved, the request, which originated with City Council Speaker Corey Johnson and the Council’s Black, Latino, and Asian Caucus, would result in the statue of the Founding Father being moved out of the City Council chamber and housed indefinitely at the New York Historical Society.

Only in America, as they say.

Or only in Jew York City. For now, at any rate.

Soon in a town near you.

The Sage of Monticello is about to take a header.

Some bloodthirsty Negroes got their revenge.

* * *

When New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu began to advocate for the taking down of Confederate statues, all the “moderate liberals” swooned all over him. Why, this man will be President some day! After all, Landrieu came from a prominent southern family, he was no blind crazy — he was a solid burgher, a solid liberal with a bull neck and no odd frills. Heck, you likely wouldn’t have to look too hard to find some old-fashioned racists in his family tree, the kind who mostly kept it to themselves but were deeply suspicious of courts telling them what to do. As a child and a young man he walked by those statues of Lee and the rest countless times and didn’t think twice abut it. But now he’s seen the light — they must come down. What a good man standing up for the American way!

He was the toast of the town there for a while.

“Everyone” said the arc of history really is bending towards justice.

In one of his big-think speeches on the topic, in which he solemnly recounted his scales-off-the-eyes Damascus-like conversion to Negro supremacy, Landrieu said:

Another friend asked me to consider these four monuments from the perspective of an African American mother, a father trying to explain to their [sic] fifth grade daughter why Robert E. Lee sat atop of our city. “Can you do it? Can you do it?”

Yeah, I could do it. I’d tell that little tar baby we keep up that statue of Robert E Lee because he tirelessly toiled so the likes of you would never have the whip hand over me and mine.

And so no AIDS-ridden faggot would ever besmirch my country.


* * *

Every racial group in this country is highly organized, tightly networked, lavishly funded, and fully focused on serving their own interests.

Every racial group except Whites that is. Whenever we try to protect our interests, the Judeo-Bolsheviks scream to high heaven, and a Jew bureaucrat unleashes the hounds of “law” enforcement, and hearings are held at which conservatives put up a Black female to defend our point of view.

The Caucus convenes to make sure that issues of particular concern to the City’s Black, Latino and Asian communities are being addressed through the legislative, oversight, and budgetary powers of the City Council….

The Black, Latino and Asian Caucus of the New York City Council decried the delay, saying the commission voted to prolong the indignity of Jefferson’s prominent place.

Wait until our savage indignation lacerates their hearts.

* * *

This is what so-called “equality” gets you. You bring in racial dross and racial sewage and then one day they look up at your gallery of heroes and say: That’s not me. That offends me. That must come down or I’ll keep being triggered.

Back in Year Zero of Floyd (2020), a college in Rhode Island took down a mural created in 1953 depicting World War 2 veterans. Some alleged students at this college said they were made “uncomfortable” by the images of all that Whiteness. In the same year, the city of Berkeley renamed Washington Elementary School and Jefferson Elementary School. Also in the same year when the past was blown to smithereens, a wetback defendant walked into a Fairfax, Virginia courtroom and noticed on the walls portraits of all the judges who had ever presided that courtroom. Nothing amiss there, right? Normal course of business! No sir, those portraits made that lazy and criminal border-hopping invader “uncomfortable.” The filth’s mouthpiece said the defendant did not feel that he could get a fair trial amid such Whiteness. If this were a rational country, we would have said to the complaining sombrero-wearer perhaps you would feel more “comfortable” in lockup with ten or twelve Congoids, or working as a street vendor hawking tamales in your native Honduras. Safe to say, though, we are not a rational country, and haven’t been one for a while now. In the event, the Jewish judge who now rules in that courtroom placated the sombrero-wearer and took the pictures down, which pictures are now deep-sixed in cold storage awaiting their eventual destruction.

But here’s the thing. That statue of Jefferson, that mural, and those pictures — they’re meant to make the racial trash uncomfortable, they’re meant to intimidate them, they’re meant to scare the Hell out them. Images of their betters will always do that.

Hitler told Speer to make the new Reich Chancellery impossibly colossal, which he did. Hitler said that he wanted people who entered the building to be thunderstruck in trembling awe at the sheer and enormous size of it, to feel dwarfed and insignificant. He said that anyone who entered would be quaking in his boots and sure that he was in the presence of the Master Race.

That’s why those of other races don’t belong here. They can be more comfortable among their own kind, in their own lands, with their own people, living among their own trash.

Nothing to awe or frighten them there.

But if you let them stay, sooner or later some bloodthirsty Negroes will wreak some revenge.

Sooner or later, you’re laying down some Tubmans at the corner Value Mart as you purchase your carcinogens and high fructose.

* * *

The 1833 plaster statue is a 7-foot-tall replica of a bronze piece by Pierre-Jean David D’Algers, which sits in the US Capitol. The plaster replica has been in the council chamber since 1915. The statue has stood in City Hall for over a hundred years, but is coming up for review by de Blasio’s Public Design Commission because of Jefferson’s history as a slave owner.

They removed him because he’s White.

Now he’s gone. Soon long gone.

A city commission voted to remove the statue of Thomas Jefferson from the City Council chamber by the end of the year — though the body is still debating where to send the monument to the Founding Father.

Wherever he goes, you can be sure where they’ll put him: on the ash heap of history.

The Public Design Commission voted unanimously Monday to banish the nation’s third president from the legislative chamber at City Hall in New York City after four lawmakers testified that his status as a slaveholder was an affront to the council’s many African American members.

University of Oxford historian Raymond Lavertue countered that Jefferson should be removed from Council chambers but kept in a seat of government in a public space.

Fat chance of that — that guy should take a look at his own “prestigious” college to see the lay of the land.

The University of Oxford has has voted to go woke by removing a painting of the Queen over claims the British monarch makes students feel unwelcome because the Royal Family “represents recent colonial history.”

The irony of ironies is that, as the nominal leader of the Commonwealth, the Queen herself has fawned on Blacks so much that even they’re sick of it.

The New York City Public Design Commission voted unanimously to relocate the 188-year-old statue, located in the building’s City Council chambers. The move is the result of a years-long debate stemming from the fact that the former president was a slave owner.

“There are disturbing images of divisiveness and racism in our City that need to be revisited immediately. That starts with City Hall.” Council member Adrienne Adams said she “immediately noticed the statue of Thomas Jefferson” after she was elected, saying it is one of the “most prominent” statues in the chamber.

These termites come in and they expect to see themselves reflected in the art and statuary of where they “serve.” When they notice that they don’t “see themselves,” but rather see reminders of the great race that created this country, a country that the termites never could have created but can only leech off, it imbues them with combination of envy, resentment, and fear. Which is why, when you have the wolf by the ears, you had better put that wolf in a cage and keep him there. Or, better yet, never bring the wolf to your home in the first place.

* * *

Twenty-some-odd years ago a bloodthirsty pair of activist-politicians, a man-wife combo who are both Black barracudas, bruited about the idea of removing the statue of Thomas Jefferson from City Hall in New York City. Back then in saner (if barely) times, their idea was so far beyond what was considered acceptable, that they might as well have been proposing that every US military officer should wear pink tights at all times. In our current Age of Floyd, though, the idea is deemed by our masters to be decidedly “mainstream.”

The push to remove the statue began at least 20 years ago, in an effort that was led by Inez Barron’s husband, state Assembly Member Charles Barron.

Charles Barron is an uppity Black who had no business anywhere near the levers of power in a White nation. But given the near-unremitting collapse of the White world in the middle of the 20th century, worthless scum like Barron were able to parlay Blackness into posh careers, and have ridden a nauseating wave of White guilt to the very pinnacles of politics.

Assemblyman Charles Barron (D-Brooklyn) who first took up the quest to remove Jefferson from the Council chambers 20 years ago when he was a member, said the revolutionary hero could go in a trash heap for all he cared. “I think it should be put in storage somewhere, destroyed, or whatever,” Barron testified. “He was a slave-owning pedophile,” Barron said.

Charles Barron came of age in the heyday of “Black Power” and soon signed up with the criminal gang called the Black Panther Party. Far from making him ineligible for ever getting elected, this boosted his chances considerably. Soon, as was inevitable, he was studying so-called Third World independence movements, those winds of change in Africa that a White British Prime Minister once wet himself over. That was when the former coolies of the world got ideas above their station and thought that they could send Whitey packing and govern themselves. Recent events in Black-run South Africa, where you can still smell the tires burning, has proved, if proof was ever needed, that they cannot and never will be able to control their own lives or that of a commonwealth.

They’re close cousins of erectus after all — what do you expect? New England town hall meetings?

Rampaging, rape, and looting are more like it.

Back in the 1920s, some insane White people at the New York City Public Library decided to form an offshoot called “The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture.” You’d think that would have been an empty building, but apparently there were actual books dedicated to this non-existent subject. This Schomburg fellow was that worst of all things, a Mulatto who put on airs. Apparently back in Puerto Rico, a German immigrant mounted a Black midwife from St. Croix, and the result was a half-Black half-White man who could read. The Caribbean always has been a foul hornet’s nest of race mixing.

In 1982 Charles Barron was arrested when he tried to bodily remove the White historian who had been appointed the archivist of the ridiculous institution.

Soon Thomas Jefferson was on the chopping block.

For public appearances, Charles Barron sports a button-up Mao Tse-Tung tunic in dark brown, navy blue, or forest green.

“I want to go up to the closest white person and say, ‘You can’t understand this, it’s a black thing,’ and then slap him, just for my mental health.”

“They’re lucky we’re talking about a verbal slap. They murder us, lynch us, still shooting us down, and you’re talking about me saying some damn rhetoric about a ‘slap’?”

Did we mention that a fag brought down Thomas Jefferson? Finishing off the wicked work of two tar creatures.

The effort to remove the statue was spurred by Assemblymen Charles Barron and his wife, Councilwoman Inez Barron.

Inez Barron

Charles Barron married Inez Smith, and when you take one look at Inez Barron you immediately think of a skeletal-looking Voodoo sorceress who collects the bones of White babies to rap out incantations and offer fruit, liquor, and sacrificed animals to “Iwa the dark spirit” and the dark god she worships.

By day, though, she is a New York politician who has real clout and who hates White people — a career path not unknown in this very, very Jewish place.

“Jefferson’s statue should not be in a position of honor and recognition and tribute in the chamber,” council member Inez Barron said during a public meeting on Monday about the statue’s future, adding that “Jefferson felt that Blacks were inferior to whites — in his own words.”

In 2021, the truth will get you bum-rushed out of the building. Our racial enemies hate truth like vampires hate the white light of day.

Testifying in favor of the removal, council member Inez Barron said slaveholders acted as a sort of pimp so plantations could be expanded and profits could be increased.

Inez Barron also said Jefferson enacted some of the first removal measures against Native Americans, contributing to the ethnic cleansing and genocidal replacement of Indigenous people.

Well, as they used to say, no good deed goes unpunished. And so will no White person as long as this bone-rattling Hoo Doo priestess has her pins and snake vertebrae near to hand.

As long as bloodthirsty Negroes are given the floor.

* * *

Post-Charlottesville you could see Trump defending the Lee statue and saying: “you like Jefferson — he was a major slave owner — you like Jefferson?”

He was pointing out the inevitable. Our enemies’ appetite for destruction is insatiable and they grow hungrier the more we allow them to feed. The only way to stop them is not to appease them — but to stop them. Cold.

The Jew media, ever alert to the stepwise process of this perpetual revolution, ran in to tamp down this prediction of the president’s and say he was just talking crazy talk.

“The president can raise the slippery slope, but it’s a false slippery slope,” said Kevin Levin, a Boston-based historian who specializes in American Civil War history.

Suffice it to say that Kevin Levin is not Nostradamus. What he is is a Jew running cover for the stepwise process of the Jewish revolution.

Step one is sever a people’s connection to its past.

All three historians agreed that the main distinction is how men like Washington served their country compared to men like Lee.

“One man worked to build a nation and one man worked to tear it apart,” Dunbar said. “I don’t know any other nation that has public recognition of traitors.”

“It’s a trickier exercise, the historians said, to gain momentum to remove statues of US presidents who owned slaves, for instance.”

It’s not tricky at all; they just did it.

* * *

They say that every people builds its monuments and writes its epitaph. But that’s not necessarily true. There’s no reason that the monuments could not last a thousand years and longer.

And America’s epitaph is not even being written by us.

The statue currently occupies a prominent spot near the chamber’s main dais, where Jefferson has towered over council members for more than 100 years.

The New York City Public Design Commission voted unanimously to move the statue to a public location, yet to be determined, before the end of the year. Efforts to remove the statue of the third president — who owned 130 slaves — were renewed during the nationwide racial reckoning that followed the police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis last year.

Yes, it’s always wise to mark the demise of a criminal drug addict by completely re-arranging your social system, erasing the totality of your history and your heritage, slandering all the nation’s heroes, and relegating to pariah status the people who have been the exclusive engine of its progress.

“When we remove this statue, we’re making a right step in erasing the honoring of those who raped,” said Charles Barron.

* * *

Truth to tell, though, the late and now lamented Thomas Jefferson was hoist on his own petard. Whereas even other early enthusiasts soured on the French Revolution after all the death sprees and the elevation of the worst over the best, to his dying day Jefferson lauded this event as a great and good milestone in human history and as a fertile harbinger of more good things to come. Harbinger it surely was, but it augured nothing good. Rather it overthrew all tradition, liberated the Jews from their ghettos, severed the concepts of race and nation from one another, and gave birth to the Year Zero mindset.

It was, after all, a revolution fomented by Jews. And nothing good can ever come from that.

And that phrase about “the pursuit of happiness,” why it could have been the credo, along with “do your own thing,” of the Me Decade. You can draw a straight line — and not a very long one — from those words to key parties.

See, the thing is that Thomas Jefferson, the Sage of Monticello, defender of rights, author of that Declaration, inventor of the swivel chair, master of all he surveyed, was above all else a utopian dreamer.

He really did believe in the “brotherhood of man.” In that brotherhood he most certainly did not include Negroes, or any of the other scum that has now washed up on our shores; but he let the evil genie out.

So he himself must take the a good part of the blame for his latter day expulsion. He was in on the ground floor of his own destruction. He planted the strange and eerie seeds that have blossomed into such vile fruit today.

It’s what you get when you have a silver tongue and a horribly compulsive penchant for “universal” and high-sounding rhetoric. Especially when you don’t think too much about the long-term consequences of your words while in a fever dream of “high ideals.”

And as regards those famous last words about “all men” being “created equal,” don’t get me started.

That they were a blunder is self-evident.

They were the beginning of the slippery slope.

* * *

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Patrick Pappano
Patrick Pappano
22 October, 2021 6:49 am

The political bifurcation, big government vs small government, well recognized today, actually began with the founding of the country, I guess in 1789 with the adoption of the Constitution. The first 2 Presidents, Washington and Adams were big government promoters. And then came Tom and first of all, cancelled the tax on whiskey and began to whittle down the already out of control government. I believe it was Jefferson who conceived of the idea that state government had the right to ignore over-reaching federal legislation in a practice called “Nullification.” And he had a colored mistress, so Tom really was, if not a friend of the black man, at least a fellow traveler. But none of this matters to the black man who has only one ambition, an impossible ambition… Read more »

Camillo Conti, Jr.
Camillo Conti, Jr.
Reply to  Patrick Pappano
22 October, 2021 9:14 am

Jefferson was the author of a Virginia law making any White woman who bore mixed race children into an outlaw who could be hunted down and expelled from the state. He was also a strong advocate of ending slavery as a prelude to removing every single Black from the United States.

The allegation that he had a Black slave mistress is definitely not proven. The much-touted DNA evidence proves no such thing.

Patrick Pappano
Patrick Pappano
Reply to  Camillo Conti, Jr.
22 October, 2021 10:19 am

Yes. Miscegenation was at one time a crime. However, common throughout the world. The black tribes of southern Africa were observed by the Boers, to be even more dedicated to wiping out miscegenation just among the black tribes. There is a strong natural predisposition to wanting to maintain one’s own kind just for building high-trust societies. And besides, there are worse things than being “hunted down and expelled from the state.” And as far as removing every black, I presume to Africa. If the blacks are so unhappy here, wouldn’t that be an improvement in their condition?

David R Cavall
David R Cavall
Reply to  Camillo Conti, Jr.
26 October, 2021 10:57 am

He’s even greater than I thought he was after reading your comment.

Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
Reply to  Camillo Conti, Jr.
27 October, 2021 11:42 am

Thomas Jefferson’s racial views are discussed at some length in Kevin Alfred Strom’s ADV program, “Lack-of-Independence Day,” as well as his article, “The Law.” It’s worth noting that establishment hacks like Conor Cruise O’Brien and conservatives like Richard Grenier have effectively been promoting “cancel culture” for quite some time. As Strom remarked in 2014: “Those who control the media are desperate to revise Jefferson so that they won’t have to eject him from the American pantheon, though The Atlantic floated the idea (proposed by tired old establishment warhorse Conor Cruise O’Brien) that Jefferson be evicted from his place of honor in American history because Jefferson’s philosophy is incompatible with ‘multiracial democracy.’ And so it is! “O’Brien states: ‘It follows that there can be no room for a cult… Read more »

Reply to  Camillo Conti, Jr.
7 November, 2021 8:01 am

Jefferson had many peccadillos. He experienced migraines when stressed. He could not tolerate female body odor. He found women even slightly disheveled to be slovenly.

22 October, 2021 9:52 am

We are frequently told that we are a nation born of ideals not race. So what does it say when we raze the statues of the men who expessed and fought for those supposed ideals?

Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
22 October, 2021 10:28 am

Just like the Taliban whipping America gave me a secret pleasure, so does this.

These cowards did not stand up on principle while our Southern heroes’ statues were being torn down, so now it is fitting that theirs come down also.

The gates have been opened.

It would not bother me now if someone knocked off Lincoln’s head at the Lincoln memorial, or spray-painted obscenities on the statue of the genocidal maniac and war-criminal, William Tecumseh Sherman.

Reply to  Arvin N. Prebost
25 October, 2021 8:33 am

It is indeed ironic, but somewhat propitious, that the Negroes and their enablers don’t know when they’ve gone way too far in their anti White attacks. I think that what they are doing is a ‘blessing in disguise’, because it’s eventually going to cause a blow back effect among currently brow beaten, somnolent Whites. The more they riot and cause mayhem, the better. Let them unmask themselves so that the racial threat looms large, very large! Negritude in-the-raw is an ugly thing. When Whites are bitch slapped silly enough times, and the dark hordes of Judah start murderously gate crashing suburbia, the real White racial reaction will likely then break loose.

mortal goyal
mortal goyal
22 October, 2021 12:25 pm

The No. 6 nosed Marxist and their snarling, nightmare-black Pit Bulls have won….Its over Johnny.

22 October, 2021 4:10 pm

Austin, Texas (the state capital) is named from Stephen F. Austin. He owned slaves. Add to that his sister owned a plantation in Texas. Will Austin be renamed?

Is the statue too White?
comment image

LH Collins
LH Collins
22 October, 2021 4:37 pm

N1993rs love to talk a grand game about “juice-tizz”, but serve only to inflict White culture with Sub-Saharan backwardness and degeneracy. They whinge about their “genocide”, leaving me wishing that we actually did carry it out. Some people would be aghast at the lie; I’m saddeened by what could have been!

25 October, 2021 3:17 pm

Patrick Pappano is correct. The so-called founders seceded from the Articles of Confederation and replaced it with the Federal Constitution which is consolidation. Anti-Federalist Patrick Henry threw thunderbolts at George Washington. George Mason and Elbridge Gerry were also anti-Federalist. The Federal principle is the ruination of statehood.

An example is the Ole Miss riot of 1962: Oxford, Mississippi. JFK ordered the largest Federal occupation of a city in the 20th century. Federal forces and other law enforcement exceeded 13 thousand troops. Total deployment exceeded 30 thousand. The Federal President practiced the grossest materialism. The population of Oxford was less than 6 thousand.
comment image

27 October, 2021 12:48 pm

The doctrine that all men are created equal is a doctrine at war with nature.

The first section of “The Virginia Declaration of Rights” states that all men are equally free and independent. No mention that “all men are created equal.” Thomas Jefferson should have used the same language in both scholarly letters that he wrote.

27 October, 2021 7:29 pm

America’s epitaph is simple, “We rue the day…”

7 November, 2021 7:24 am

No Founding Fathers, no United States. America suffered from a severe labor shortage. Indentured servants left the estate after ten years.
In Europe, all land was owned by the gentry and there was no shortage of tenant farmers because there was no open space to homestead. They were stuck. Blacks have already been well compensated for their ancestors’ contribution.

7 November, 2021 8:04 am

They are replacing him with statues of do-nothings with way more shortcomings