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Damn straight by David Sims YOU DON’T have to prove a negative. The statement “Systemic racism does not exist” doesn’t need to be proved. The burden of proof is on those who say it does exist. And, in a sense, it does. However, the systemic racism that actually does exist are…
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“Raaaaay-cissssss!!!” At first I thought this was parody. But no. Welcome to Insane Woke World, formerly known as the United States of America. The author of this dreck, excerpted below, is a half-Jewish part-Black establishment hack writer named David Kaufman, who says in another
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by Tanstaafl HERE’S ANOTHER professional Jew claiming responsibility, connecting the dots between BLM, liberalism, and the Enlightenment. Recounting the “song of Jew history” (the Jew version of history, the eternal screech), he Jewsplains how Jews with a particularist “Jew lives matter”…
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— Relevant/Suggested Read: “The White Race as Global Proletariat” AIMÉE TERESE is an Australian Marxist who was banned from Twitter for her highly entertaining posts savaging “woke” liberalism as nothing more than a fake protest movement led by useful idiots…
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