Is this the ‘New Normal’? Swedish Girl Decapitated by 23-Year-Old Iraqi Ex-Boyfriend

Is there a better example of a country gone mad? Just consider it: Twenty-three year old Iraqi-born immigrant decapitates seventeen-year-old Swedish girl he’d been dating. In real life. As in, this actually happened.

Some disturbing questions that need to be asked here: First off, why are these Arabs in Sweden? Secondly, why do these Arabs have access to Swedish girls? And thirdly, what were this girl’s parents thinking?

There are two key lessons that need to be drawn from this: 1.) White girls should absolutely not be granted indiscriminate latitude in their choice of sexual decisions, “women’s rights” be damned; and 2.) Ethnic, racial and biological health should always take precedence over liberal ideology when determining a country’s immigration policy.

The hard truth: If modern Westerners refuse to heed these lessons then we deserve the grisly fate multiculturalism has in store for us.

Tishko Ahmed Shabaz should have never been allowed into Sweden to begin with, and the thought of allowing third worlders like him romantic access to Swedish girls ought to be 100% off the table. It’s unfortunate that these things have to be spelled out. — Dissident Millennial

Wilma Andersson (left) and her “ex-boyfriend” Tishko Shabaz (CEN)

Swedish girl, 17, was decapitated ‘by Iraqi-born boyfriend, 23, who wrapped her head in aluminium foil’ after she broke up with him in case that has shocked the country

by Tim Stickings | May 18, 2020

  • Wilma Andersson’s head was found last November two weeks after she vanished
  • Ex-boyfriend Tishko Ahmed Shabaz is charged with her murder, which he denies
  • Relatives say Wilma had gone to his house to pick up belongings after break-up 

A 17-YEAR-OLD GIRL was beheaded by her ex-boyfriend after breaking up with him in Sweden, it is alleged. 

Wilma Andersson vanished on November 14 last year and police found a ‘body part’ two weeks later – which was later revealed to be her head. 

Her ex-boyfriend Tishko Ahmed Shabaz was arrested at the time and has now been charged with her murder, which he denies. 

Shabaz is accused of decapitating Wilma when she went to collect her belongings before wrapping her head in foil and hiding it at his home. 

Charges against the 23-year-old suspect were announced last week in a case that has shocked Sweden, which has long held a reputation as one of the world’s safest countries.  

According to human rights monitor HRS, the suspect was born in Iraq and took up Swedish citizenship in 2014. 

Hundreds of volunteers had joined the search for Wilma after she was reported missing in Uddevalla on November 17, three days after she was last seen.

The ‘body part’ was found on November 28 in a grim discovery which was announced the following day, bringing the search to an end. 

Wilma’s boyfriend had already been arrested by then, and has been in custody ever since. 

The indictment claims that Wilma was killed on November 14, the day she went missing, and alleges that her ex-boyfriend cut up her body. 

According to Expressen, Shabaz is accused of hiding Wilma’s head in a travel bag where it was wrapped in tape and aluminium foil.   

Police also found blood on the floor of his apartment and ‘traces of Wilma’ on a large kitchen knife, it is alleged. 

‘The suspect has retained a body part for an unknown reason and got rid of the rest of the body,’ the police chief said. 

Prosecutors claim that he murdered Wilma by subjecting her to ‘repeated violence’ . . .

* * *

Source: The U.K.’s Daily Mail

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Andrew Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton

“White girls should absolutely not be granted indiscriminate latitude in their choice of sexual decisions, “women’s rights” be damned.” This is a key point. One can see it in many ways, but pornography (large scale prostitution and sex trafficking of young White girls), which has been operating full tilt since the early 1970s, and the sexual exploitation of White actresses in Hollywood since its inception, are two easy ways to observe the sexual conquest of White women by the alien a) on an extremely large scale at any given point in time and b) across time, intergenerationally. The haters who have subjugated our women and effectively stopped the reproduction of our people have defeated us far more effectively than any conquering army did in the past. I would suggest, though,… Read more »


Your points are excellent. They also bespeak something very wrong with men who must be Liberal to tolerate this atrocity…Christianity is the forerunner of same and it is thoroughly gay, literally and the modern sense.

It must be extirpated or its cultural presence continues to extirpate us…racist Communism did not spring out of the ground fully formed.

Rommel 41
Rommel 41

Hmmm – What “lessons” can be drawn ? Well, I guess she should’a never broken up with him huh ?! So what happens now – how do we wrap this up ? I say we need new laws so we can do all these things: legally decapitate him, the boyfriend, and make sure to broadcast it on arab television. Then the girl’s parents should be decapitated, legally, for allowing their 17 year old daughter to shack up with some 23 year old arab – y’know send a hard message. Sorry, but drastic times ah, you know the rest. Sorry, this may not be my best commenting effort on this site – in fact I’m sure of it. But, as the political ads say, “I approve this message.”


I’ve been lurking here for a couple of months now, afraid to comment, since I live in a state where it’s been made illegal to speak out about the truth most here are clearly aware of. Personally, I would never consider dating outside of my own race, but I can understand why this young girl might’ve felt compelled to. In Sweden, just like in Germany, having a foreign boyfriend (Arab or African) is like having the latest handbag. All of your friends will ooh and aah about how welcoming and open minded you are. It reinforces the behavior and innocent, brainwashed women end up raped or dead because of it. Anyway, I do feel bad for this girl, her family, and her nation failed her. A seventeen year old is… Read more »


The explanation to all this situation is very simple and hard. When, in a binary sexual society of males and females, they have been brainwashed as a Pavlovian control (Jews) in self-hatred, the female, lacking the protection and care of the alpha male of her own type, will then seek a substitute. alpha male of another type. Sweden is a feminist society, which no longer has alpha males in power and the level of ethnocentrism is very weak. Unfortunately it will keep happening more often. White, blonde, Nordic blue eyes women should be less than 2% of the world population at this time. In the human species it is equivalent in natural bio-conservation, to murdering an endangered white rhino.


Swedish men joined no Swede waffen SS while Danes and Norwegians did. A few fought with the Finns. Sweden was thus already unmanned before ww2.

Yet another Swede
Yet another Swede

Not quite true. Depending on the source it is estimated that somewhere between 200 and 500 Swedes fought with the Waffen-SS and the “few” who volunteered to fight with the Finns in the Winter War amounted to around 9 500 men.

Angry Swede
Angry Swede

She made a choice, and now this happened.
Of course, she could have met a native Swedish criminal scumbag, some might say.
And by all means, she could, but in that case i would have felt sorry for her.
Now i don’t really care, to be honest.

This might be hard and maybe it seems brutal to think and say this, but the way things are over here today and the present attitude among many Swedes today, you know what I am talking about.


The present state of Western society fills me with nothing but rage and depression. A sane Sweden would have no reason to even allow him in. A young white girl brought up in a sane society with sane role models would have no reason to be with such a creature. Now she’s gone, he will receive nothing even close to what he deserves, and the engineers of white genocide have another victory under their belt.

Angry Swede
Angry Swede

I don’t mourne her, i can’t lie about that, but i do agree that this creature should get the death penalty and nothing else.
But, as you all know this is impossible in my country.
And in any case, many swedes and among them swedes like this Wilma would prefer to see us decapitated instead of the creatures.

mr eye
mr eye

I normally don’t feel one iota of sadness when a white girl dates or marries a non-white, and comes to a violent end. In this case, given her young age, I have mixed feelings. Her country, schools, and parents all failed her. She was only 17 and naive. Just wanted to be trendy, as her Swedish entertainment media and culture have pushed these mixed couplings as being “cool” for years. But I’ll bet a lot of money I don’t have that this incident won’t change a damn thing in that benighted country.

Yet another Swede
Yet another Swede

She was 15 when they became a couple, and he was 21. He even forced her to drop out of school to live with him. I cannot fathom how her parents could allow anything like that to take place. Now she is dead, and with any luck will serve as a warning to other girls.

Even if we all bleed red blood and walk on two legs we are not the same and never will be, no matter what the schools, presstitutes and Hollywood Jews claim.