Chinese Workers in Israel Sign No-Sex Contract


When Israel pursues policies to retain racial homogeneity, there is no public outcry. Can you imagine the media response if America were to suddenly outlaw miscegenation between whites and non-whites? 

CHINESE WORKERS at a company in Israel have been forced to agree not to have sex with or marry Israelis as a condition of getting a job. (ILLUSTRATION: Israeli Chinamen)

According to a contact they are required to sign, male workers may not have any contact with Israeli women – including prostitutes, a police spokesman, Rafi Yaffe, said.

He said there was nothing illegal about the requirement and that no investigation had been opened.

An Israeli lawyer who did not want to be named said while the contract might appear legal, it would be rejected if challenged in court. “The point is that a Chinese worker will agree to anything and then will not have anyone to help them if there is a problem,” he said.

The labourers are also forbidden from engaging in any religious or political activity. The contract states that offenders will be sent back to China at their own expense.

About 260,000 foreigners work in Israel, having replaced Palestinian labourers during three years of fighting. When the government first allowed the entrance of the foreign workers in the late 1990s, ministers warned of a “social timebomb” caused by their assimilation with Israelis.

More than half the workers are in the country illegally. Israeli police have increased efforts to deport those working without permits because of rising Israeli unemployment, which has reached 11% in recent months.

Advocates of foreign workers, who also come from Thailand, the Philippines and Romania, say they are subject to almost slave conditions, and their employers often take away their passports and refuse to pay them.

Analysts say there is much division within Israeli society over immigration and status, although the conflict with the Palestinians has given it an appearance of unity. Recent immigrants such as Russians and Ethiopians are disliked by older immigrants, and there is much resentment among secular Israelis at the privileges given to ultra-orthodox Jews. The foreign workers are at the bottom of the pile.

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Source: The Guardian

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George Wright
George Wright
28 April, 2015 6:33 pm

The most ethnocentric, xenophobic people on the planet doing whatever is necessary to quash the diveraity they promote worldwide. If the situation wasn’t so serious, it would be comical.

Reply to  George Wright
1 January, 2020 8:20 pm

Non-jewish liberals might be convinced that miscegenation is wrong because it dilutes the ethnic heritage of indigenous peoples. Activist jews would never fall for that – which makes their anti-white agenda more evident. But in late-stage Weimarica, we are reaching full circle, something jews never see – so when a white marries a non-white, it could be considered sexual exploitation of the non-white caused by the white’s objectification as corrupt as the sex-doll. And then we can pass anti-miscegenation laws to protect all non-whites. Again, jews would stand in the way of that with a flurry of lawsuits. It would be a great confirmation that jews’ mainstream political agenda isn’t so much helping non-whites, it’s about punishing whites.

1 January, 2020 10:39 am

The world could do without hypocritical anti-white jewsish supremacists.

1 January, 2020 4:58 pm

I’m shocked! Are they discriminating against Chinese jews?