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White Liberals to Become Extinct

kas_portrait_When stronger hands arrive to pick up the pieces of a destroyed America, will they be our hands?

by Kevin Alfred Strom (pictured)

REVILO OLIVER’S ESSAY on “liberalism” of the multiracialist variety — which has very little to do with classical liberalism — should be required reading for every student of the political scene. But there is much more to be said. (Please — please! — don’t make the mistake of thinking this article is an endorsement of what passes for “conservatism” these days. As I have said recently, what is needed is a clear-headed biological world view, something that both the controlled right and the controlled left frantically oppose.)

“Liberalism” as we know it today is a bizarre accretion of various unrelated lunacies, patched together over many decades in a purely pragmatic effort to keep the boobs happy about their dispossession.

As such, it has no organic unity or instinctual basis, and will survive about as long as a house of straw in a hurricane once it loses its powers to brainwash and to punish. These it will surely lose.

The economic denouement of “liberalism” is coming, in which, if we are lucky, the trading stamps that pass for money today will no longer be able to buy the acquiescence and labor of the surviving Americans, and healthier and more natural values will then be able to reassert themselves.

Of course, certain revered religious writings also consist of a diverse, strange, and inconsistent patchwork. But the “meaning” of these writings evolves as quickly as fruit flies; they have been constantly reinterpreted over the generations, and they are not attached to any one particular political agenda. Being so supremely adaptable, they will probably continue to live on and on despite their multiform irrationality.

I should add in passing that “liberalism” is primarily a mental state peculiar to White people. No non-White nation, to my knowledge, has ever been stupid enough to import and subsidize its natural enemies; and I believe that all adherence of our domestic enemies to “liberalism” is merely a form of anti-White solidarity and not due to any mental defects on the part of the non-Whites. The defects which manifest themselves as “liberalism” are virtually limited to Whites.

Secondly, if “liberalism” survives long enough, it will probably act as a kind of biological selection mechanism.

Groups which promote and practice self-sterilizing behavior, such as homosexual sodomy, the slaying of healthy children in the womb, childlessness among women as an ideal, interracial mating, adoption of aliens as a replacement for bearing children, sexual relations as a consequence-free recreation, et cetera, are in fact ensuring that each passing generation will contain fewer and fewer of the genes which cause or allow such mental aberrations to take hold.

They can therefore increase their numbers only, like the perverts, by recruiting; and by contaminating the minds of the young through the “education” system they captured decades ago. But since they are now committed to not only making America into a multiracial feeding and breeding zone, but also to extending that insanity worldwide, they have now guaranteed their own failure. By attempting the impossible — no multiracial empire has ever succeeded in the long term and monoracial kinship-based states tend to emerge from the ashes — they are ensuring that, at least in some areas, they will eventually lose the power to indoctrinate and to recruit.

So we can confidently look forward to a future in which White “liberals” no longer exist. The real question is whether or not they will take the rest of us with them when their self-hatred and death-wish reach their inevitable, inescapable, and permanent conclusion.

The brightest hope we have is that, when stronger hands arrive in North America to pick up the pieces, they will be of our race, and that they will be sagacious enough to prevent the cycle from repeating.

* * *

Source: National Alliance

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2 August, 2015 8:12 pm

The trail is running cold on the liberal and conservative in this Age. They are equally perverted. Bill Clinton is famous for gassing and burning to death the inhabitants of the Branch Church; George dubya is famous for promoting international torture as a noble work. Excuse me while I throw up.

2 August, 2015 9:55 pm

Trading stamps indeed, whoa, onerous Usury! More like traitor stamps. German Historian Ursula Haverbeck says we are at the end of “The Jewish Century”. I find that reassuring, beside the promise that talmudic democracy will be subdued, and real bio-cultural conservativism be reinstated.

Dave Neesan
Dave Neesan
2 August, 2015 10:18 pm
4 August, 2015 4:38 am

If those strong hands are to be ours, we’d best get busy recruiting, educating, and sticking our necks out in the process as we won’t be allowed to take it in any passive manner.

5 September, 2015 6:00 am

White liberals becoming extinct??! GREAT NEWS!!! The sooner these despicable Race Traitors vanish from our Gene Pool, the better for the genetical health of our Great White Race!

23 August, 2020 10:53 am

Unfortunately, these people represent a threat to those of us who do not wish to be selected out, simply because “our natural enemies” do not make a distinction, and in fact these liberals have placed a target on us as enemy number one of non-whites. So, it is very unlikely some of our own will come to save us, since the same process if happening to all Western Countries. No, we must continue to wake up every single white we can posthaste. The mega-tards are starting to get it, that they have no government, and no future do to the encroaching anti-white hordes.

15 September, 2020 11:58 am

Good article but maybe too essentialist. I think of it like obesity. Yes, you have to have poor habits to be obese, but 90% of obese people have thin grandparents, or great-grandparents. The corruption is not genetic, and I feel the same way about political habits of thought. Women, for, example, will generally just follow trends. Not genetically inferior women, but all women. It would seem this is due to evolutionary psychology. But my point is that your idea that this problem will solve itself depends on the assumption that this corruption is caused by genes, or at least, that there is a a genetic defense in a part of the population. What if this isn’t genetic at all, and it’s purely a social contagion that no women have immunity… Read more »