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“Hate Speech” Serves an Evolutionary Purpose

The Leftist tyranny promotes (through its “intellectual” prostitutes) the idea that there are “words that harm” — “hateful” words which should be banned or regulated by government. In this essay, David Sims shows us that such words can serve a positive biological, evolutionary purpose.

by David Sims

“Truth crushed to earth is truth still and like a seed will rise again.” — Jefferson Davis

THE VALUE of allegedly harmful words shouldn’t be judged primarily by their effect on individuals. The decisive criterion is whether, in the last analysis, their use — whether lawful or not, whether Politically Correct or not — promotes or diminishes the prospects of the practitioner group (that is, the race) of the person using those words. There is no proper substitute criterion.

No matter how unkind, rude, hateful, or incendiary a word might be, if, in the long run, its use promotes the survival of the race of the people who are using it, then the use is moral.

Consider conquest — not the word “conquest,” but actual conquest. If it happens, it’s usually better to be among the conquerors than among the conquered, but you usually don’t make the choice yourself.

Consider dynamic systems, like societies, like other systems built by humans, or like the Universe itself. They can expand or contract, but stasis isn’t possible — at least, not for long. Houses of cards can be built, but they never endure. The first breeze that comes along destroys them.

Multiculturalism, or multiracial societies, are houses of cards.

How many times have you heard liberals complaining that some “racist” or other has, with his mouth alone, undone in two minutes the egalitarian labors of millions of beneficent liberals for the last twenty years?

Well, okay then. The problem isn’t the “racist.” It’s the goal of the liberals that’s wrong. What kind of idiot, or what kind of evil person, intentionally works for a social order that is so fragile that a few dissident comments can bring it all crashing down?

Hate speech, thus, can be seen to serve a vital function: preventing the establishment of a social order that contains a built-in time bomb.

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