Most Germans Against Non-European Immigration


A NATIONAL poll by German newspaper, EurActiv, has found that the majority of Germans said they are against non-European immigration.

Just 29% supported immigration from outside Europe.

While the majority are against non-European immigration, 50% said they welcomed other Europeans.

Their views may not yet be discussed seriously by politicians because only 37% said immigration was the most important issue for the EU.

The only European countries that are more in opposition to non-European immigration are Italy (75% against), Latvia (79% against), and Slovakia (74% against).

EurActiv crunched the numbers for all EU nations and found that it wasn’t just these countries with these views; as an average, 57% of Europe is against non-European immigration.

There are countless studies, polls, surveys, and comments, and yet most of the mainstream politicians are unwilling to tackle the fact that White countries – European or otherwise – simply do not want to be flooded with radically different people.

Many of the proponents of mass immigration into White countries refuse to accept the beliefs of the majority.

What we have is a situation whereby White neighborhoods are deliberately targeted for being White, and then forced to accept non-White immigrants.

This agenda has a lot of names; “diversity” is the most used one, and basically, it is nothing more than White genocide.


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