Vienna: Hundreds on Migrant Trains Enough to “Overwhelm” Authorities


EU “accords” and pathetic enforcement are no match for surge of non-Whites entering Europe; heads of state try to fob off migrants on other White nations; the only solution is a racial definition of citizenship and mass deportations.

TRAINS CARRYING hundreds of migrants have started arriving in Vienna after Austrian authorities appeared to give up trying to apply European Union rules by filtering out refugees who had already claimed asylum in Hungary. (ILLUSTRATION: Migrants exit a train coming from Hungary at the railway station in Vienna.)

In the latest twist in a humanitarian and political crisis that is now testing the survival of both Europe’s open-border regime and its asylum rules, Hungary allowed the migrants, many of them fleeing Syria’s civil war, to cram into at least four trains leaving Budapest for Austria or Germany.

Many of the refugees arriving at Vienna railway station on Monday evening immediately raced to board trains heading on to Germany, as police looked on, preferring not to intervene, witnesses said.

A train also arrived in Munich from Budapest on Monday evening — German police said there were about 200 onboard.

In line with EU rules, an Austrian police spokesman said only those who had not already requested asylum in Hungary would be allowed through, but the sheer pressure of numbers finally prevailed.

A new rise in right-wing violence, largely in the eastern part of the nation triggered by a surge in the number of refugees entering the country, could open up a new split in Germany.

The migrants’ plight highlights the huge challenge facing the European Union, which has eliminated border controls between 26 states of the “Schengen area” but requires new asylum seekers to apply in the first country they enter — in this case Hungary.

Most of the migrants have no intention to stay in Hungary, even those who register there, but aim to reach richer western European countries.

The Vienna police spokesman said migrants allowed into Austria could stay for two weeks while they decide whether to seek asylum there.

Those who did not would be returned to their last transit country.

Austrian authorities have stopped hundreds of refugees and arrested five traffickers as part of a clampdown along a main motorway from Hungary against the criminal gangs exploiting the human misery following last week’s gruesome discovery of 71 dead migrants in an abandoned truck near the Hungarian border.

Schengen free movement principle under threat

A senior official at Austria’s interior ministry, Konrad Kogler, denied on Monday that the clampdown, which includes increased checks on the eastern borders, amounted to a violation of the Schengen accord on free movement.

“These are not border controls,” Mr Kogler said, noting that checks were taking place across Austria’s territory as well.

“It is about ensuring that people are safe, that they are not dying, on the one hand, and about traffic security, on the other.”

Migrants rush on the platform to make to their connecting German train after arriving in Vienna.

German chancellor Angela Merkel, whose country expects to receive some 800,000 migrants this year, the most of any EU country, said the migrant crisis could destroy the principle of free movement in Europe enshrined in the Schengen accord.

“If we don’t succeed in fairly distributing refugees then of course the Schengen question will be on the agenda for many,” she said at a news conference in Berlin.

“We stand before a huge national challenge. That will be a central challenge not only for days or months but for a long period of time.”

Over the past three days, Hungarian police said they had caught 8,792 migrants crossing into the country, most of them from Serbia.

Hungary plans to tighten laws on migration this week and also plans to set up holding camps near the Serbian border.

The government said it may use the army to help police protect the borders if it gets the necessary parliamentary approval.

The changes will also impose stronger penalties for the illegal crossing of borders and for damaging a 175 kilometre fence being built at the Serbian border, and would enable Hungary to expel migrants violating the new rules.

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