Jewish Politician in Germany Gregor Gysi: Native Germans are “Nazis” and Their Extinction is “Fortunate”

GREGOR GYSI is the current leader of “The Left” party, currently the 3rd biggest party in Germany. The party was formed from parts of the Socialist Unity Part of Germany before the reunification.

In 2013 they received almost 4 million votes or 8.6% of all votes.

Germany currently has the lowest birth rate in the world, ranking in at 0.9 to 1.1 for the native population. This means ethnic Germans are soon to be a minority and, if trends do not change, are destined for extinction.

In the video above, released on his Facebook page regarding the protest “Live better without the Nazis,” Gysi tells Germans they are responsible for the refugees well-being “because of their history between 1933-1945.” He goes on to urge other European countries to accept more refugees and make immigration & asylum easier. Germany is expected to take in 500,000 “refugees” this year, although this number will likely rise.

Finally, he calls the native Germans “Nazis,” ridicules them for having a birthrate below replacement level and is visibly happy about their extinction as he seems to have trouble suppressing his smile and joy.

He makes further remarks that Germany is dependent on immigration as the native population is dying too fast.

From an outside perspective this self-hatred of voters in Germany may seem absurd, but as this German observer explains:

Firstly, he is Jewish, so he does not identify as a German (or the declining native population he mentions). This enables him to ridicule the death of another people that is not his own.

Secondly, after the end of World War 2, the Allies forced the Germans to accept “a temporary constitution” called the “Grundgesetz.” The Bundesverfassungsgericht (constitution office) ruled last month that all actions against the German people since 1945 are in clear violation of international law. Germany is still, officially, under Allied occupation and we are not allowed our own constitution or government. When Obama paid a visit in 2009 at one of our many American military bases, he told his soldiers that “Germany is still under occupation and will continue to be so.”

Thirdly, two generations of severe brainwashing have made the Germans self loathing — they are either apathetic or happy about their own demise. There are conscious decisions to not have children. These reasons have many origins, some are found in other European countries and in America as well, but the main reason is choosing a career over having children. Germans feel guilt about “overpopulating” the world and producing “inherently evil, white, German” offspring because of the rise of feminism and glorification of homosexuality. Also, resignation [‘I don’t want to set a child into this mad future’] and white flight to other countries or multicultural ideologies which deliberately induce Germans into having children with non-whites so “racism” can finally die.

Censorship of the Internet and literature, arrests and prison time for “hate speech,” and suppression of all right wing parties and organizations as well as no consequences for crimes and terrorism of Leftist extremism make true opposition impossible. It was a big step for me to start uploading more political videos that had deeper content than making fun of overweight Americans as I fear persecution — if not now, then likely in the future.

The Germans have no feeling of pride in their heritage left — some natives consider Germany the source of all evil. Self-hatred and support of “Anti-fascist” (= read: Anti-German) movements at universities is common, so now the newest generation genuinely hates itself and everything it stands for.

This self-loathing is the reason a man like Gregor Gysi gets applauded for what he says while we are stunned in horror and confusion. He tells the German people exactly what they want to hear: specifically that they are evil; they are dying; and that they deserve to be eradicated and replaced.

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Achim Wolfrum
Achim Wolfrum
29 August, 2015 6:17 am

I am a nationalist German and I want to applaude you to your good article. A great part of Germans are in very bad moral conditions. But I believe that there is now a revise of oppinion in Germany in parts of the population.

Reply to  Achim Wolfrum
1 November, 2019 5:14 pm

Greetings Achim.

Tell Gysi that Bibi is calling for him. He has his own country now. Martin Luther asked “Who invited them here and who is preventing them from leaving?” Who prevents Gysi from leaving the horrible Nazis? Danke.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
30 August, 2015 10:31 am

Off your knees, Germany!
Seventy years of military occupation
by Anglo-Judaeo forces is ENOUGH!

Reply to  Walt Hampton
1 November, 2019 3:23 am

Yes Walt. To add insult to injury Germany is forced to pay for its own occupation.

Alex Wells
Alex Wells
1 November, 2019 3:22 pm

Instead of self-loathing, how about Gysi-loathing? Seems to me that would a much more appropriate attitude to take.