Golden Dawn Distributes Literature at Greek Toll Booths

Golden Dawn 1

by Golden Dawn America

THE CAUSE of Golden Dawn is not simply a pre-election one, but an eternal one, for the Homeland and the People. Early Saturday, the 21st of February, hundreds of Golden Dawners gathered at a toll booth in Elefsina to inform the Greek people about the political developments.

Golden Dawn 2

Greeks were given thousands of copies of the newspaper “Golden Dawn” and informative material on the positions and the political program of the movement of Greek nationalists.

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Acceptance by the Greek people is truly remarkable and demonstrates that the people understand the reasons why the System is fighting the Golden Dawn.

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Especially given that yesterday the coalition government of SYRIZA and Independent Greeks completed the preliminary signing of the new Memorandum [further enslaving the Greek people to the bankers — Ed.], many people are now agreeing with us that the only way to regain our freedom is to vote for the Golden Dawn — and to support our movement of Greek nationalists.

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Every day, it is more and more understood by Greek people that Golden Dawn is the only source of resistance to the plans of the international usurers.

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Source: Golden Dawn

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