Kristallnacht as a Jewish False-Flag Operation

by Hadding Scott

[The audio clip contains some raw language; it should not be played by or in the presence of children. — Ed.]



There are three distinct major points here.

  1. The violence of Kristallnacht has been greatly exaggerated. (The canonical figure for deaths is not in the thousands as one might suppose, but only 91. Heinrich Haertle however says that the number was 35.)
  2. German authorities had strong reasons for not wanting such violence, and in fact took measures to stop it when they found out.
  3. A conspiracy of Zionist Jews instigated the violence so that the British government would not ban Jewish immigration to Palestine.

Points 1 and 2 are indisputable. Point 3 is somewhat speculative, but it answers the question of how violence could erupt throughout Germany all at once, contrary to the interests of the German government, without any organizing factor in view.

Of course, there must have been many German people angry at the Jews, not only for the assassination of their diplomat but for the hardships of the worldwide boycott against Germany organized by the World Jewish Congress in 1936. At the same time, however, riots do not erupt simultaneously in many places without organized instigation.

In the aftermath of Kristallnacht, the National-Socialist government made an effort to prevent repetition of such an event. Since Kristallnacht seemed to be an expression of the German people’s rage against the Jewish presence and especially Jewish commercial strength in Germany, the government sought to placate that rage and to prevent another such outburst. First, a large fine was imposed on Germany’s Jewish population to pay the cost of repairs. The National-Socialist government then bought Jewish-owned businesses so that they could be placed under non-Jewish ownership (aryanized), so that there would no longer be large numbers of Jewish-owned shops to provoke resentment. Under the Rublee Plan, adopted several months after Kristallnacht, every Jew under the age of 45 was expected to emigrate, and Jews who could not afford to emigrate received financial assistance to make it possible.

* * *

Source: National-Socialist Worldview

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  1. JimB
    25 November, 2018 at 1:59 am — Reply

    War by deception. Lies are the Jews’ plows and causing war among the ‘goyim’ is their harvest. Our devastation is their elevation.

  2. Walt Hampton
    25 November, 2018 at 2:23 am — Reply

    This is an excellent view. I am now reading Irving’s
    “Hitler’s War,” that the view is consistent with what
    I have read so far. Why do the Jews hate Irving
    with such a passion? At this point, I do not know.
    However, I do know that when Jews jump all over
    something the way they have on Irving, it tells me
    the British historian must be onto something…..

    Stay tuned….

  3. Mr. Hilter
    25 November, 2018 at 12:51 pm — Reply

    March 30 1933 — Judea declares war on Germany. September 11 2001– Judea declares war on world.

  4. Norman de Geurre
    27 November, 2018 at 10:03 pm — Reply

    I hear what Hadding is saying regarding “non-violence”. Yet, the only alternative to that is “negotiation” or “voting” or “compromise”. I’m sorry, but you cannot compromise with the children of the adversary… nor can you live side-by-side with them in some pseudo dual state. They will ALWAYS strive to thwart and destroy you – for that is their essence. Therefore, “violence” in some sort or other is inevitable against them if we are to survive and thrive as a species… period.

  5. Walt Hampton
    28 November, 2018 at 1:33 pm — Reply

    Norman de Geurre has a point.

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