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Disgraced SPLC Still in the Lying Business

Exposed and humiliated Jewish group joins media bandwagon attacking White nationalists, twisting crime statistics.

by David Sims

FROM THE Web site of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) comes a strawman argument by which they hope to make White nationalists appear to be lying about the correlation between race and crime.

The SPLC says that the “vast majority of most crimes are committed by a person of the same race as the victim, Bureau of Justice Statistics reports.”

The problem with that is nobody, including White nationalists, has ever said anything to the contrary. It is true, for example, that Blacks murder other Blacks more often than they murder Whites.

What White nationalists have been saying is that Blacks murder Whites at higher per capita rates than Whites murder Blacks, and that the threat of Whites to Blacks is substantially less than is the threat of Blacks to Whites.

Do you see the difference between what White nationalists actually do say, and the deceptive substitute claim that the SPLC is trying to put into their mouths?

The SPLC says: “The Justice Department’s statistics-crunching arm just blew up a whole stack of white-supremacist myths about the nature of interracial crime and violence committed by minorities.”

No, the Justice Department has done no such thing. Instead, the Bureau of Justice Statistics routinely confirms what White nationalists (there are few, if any White supremacists in the United States nowadays) have said about the nature of interracial crime and violence committed by minorities.

The SPLC says: “In a report released Thursday titled ‘Race and Hispanic Origin of Victims and Offenders, 2012-2015, the DOJ’s Bureau of Justice Statistics found that a majority of most violent crimes are committed by people who are the same race as their victims.”

And White nationalists have not been saying anything contrary to this. Indeed, the same fact has been noted by White nationalists at least since 1995. For example, a Web site called “Jerry’s Aryan Battle Page” took murder-by-race-of-victim-and-offender statistics from the FBI’s annually published document “Crime in the United States” and called attention to that very same fact. [See also Racial Violence in America]

The SPLC then makes a probably intentionally misleading statement: “Indeed the rate of white-on-white violent crime, it found, is about four times the rate of black-on-white violent crime.”

Ah, no. When speaking about rates of violent crime, what is meant isn’t the rate over time. What is meant is the rate per capita and per time. There’s a good reason for that.

If we wanted to find out whether the average Californian or the average Nevadan were the more crime-prone, we wouldn’t simply count the number of crimes in California, count the number of crimes in Nevada, and then compare the two totals. California has a much higher population than Nevada does, and if we fail to adjust the raw rates over time for population size, we would create the impression that the typical Californian is much more violent than he really is, or that the typical Nevadan is much less so.

The same is true when you compare races. You must correct the rates over time for population size, in order to find the rates per time per capita. That’s the rate that can be meaningfully compared.

And that’s what the SPLC is trying to obscure with its sanctimonious words.

There is so much deception in leftist (and Jewish) interpretation of America’s crime statistics that there simply is no substitute for getting the official data yourself and having the knowledge to analyze it correctly.

In Crime in the United States, 2013, the FBI recorded that, for murder:

White victims of “White” offenders: 2,509
White victims of Black offenders: 409
Black victims of “White” offenders: 189
Black victims of Black offenders: 2,245

However, you must be aware that when Mestizos [the government uses, inappropriately, the non-racial term “Hispanic”] are offenders, the FBI treats them as White for statistical purposes. Most, probably upwards of 90%, of the “Hispanics” in the United States are Mestizos, and Mestizos aren’t White because they are, instead, descended in large part from Amerindian aboriginals rather than from Europeans.

Of the 2,509 “White” murderers in the United States in 2013, 532 of them were “Hispanic or Latino,” leaving 1,977 actual White killers.

The population of the United States in 2013 was 321 million. Of that population, 197.3 million were White, 56.5 million were Mestizos, 40.6 million were Blacks, 17.2 million were Asians, and the rest were Amerindians, Pacific Islanders, and mixed-race people.

Among the criminals whom the FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ) regards as “White,” about 22% of them were actually Mestizos. There are jurisdictions within the states that have tracked Mestizo crime separately from crimes committed by (actual European-descended) Whites, and from this information we have, over time, seen that Mestizos commit murder at about three times the rate that Whites do.

If you have 100 “DOJ White” murderers, then probably about 78 of them really are White, while 22 of them are really Mestizos incorrectly categorized as racially White by the Justice Department. And if the average Mestizo murderer commits three murders for each murder committed by the average White murderer, then 45.8% of the murders that the DOJ attributed to “White” offenders was really perpetrated by a Mestizo.

The erroneous system of racial categorization used by the Department of Justice makes it possible for groups such as the SPLC to play a trick on us. Mestizos are not White. But they are called “White” in order to make Whites look more crime prone than we really are.

It isn’t possible to exactly correct the FBI’s numbers in its murder by race of victim and offender tables. But we can do so approximately by estimating the number of murders, allegedly committed by “Whites,” but actually committed by Mestizos, and subtracting them from the relevant totals in the table.

White victims of White offenders: 1,360 (roughly corrected)
White victims of Black offenders: 409
Black victims of White offenders: 102 (roughly corrected)
Black victims of Black offenders: 2,245

Now, it is still true that more Whites were murdered in 2013 by other Whites than by Blacks. But, as we’ve noticed, what really matters isn’t the rate over time, but the rate per time per capita (of the perpetrator’s race). After that adjustment, the table becomes:

White victims of White offenders: 6.89 per million Whites
White victims of Black offenders: 10.1 per million Blacks
Black victims of White offenders: 0.52 per million Whites
Black victims of Black offenders: 55.3 per million Blacks

And that’s what is meaningful. The highest per capita rate remains with Black-on-Black murder. However, we can now see that the SPLC was lying to us about the relative danger to Whites from, on the one hand, other Whites, and, on the other hand, from Blacks.

The danger to a specific White person from 100 randomly encountered Blacks is 46.6 percent higher than from 100 randomly encountered other Whites. And, bear in mind, that there’s an access-related skew in this conclusion. The races do tend to self-segregate, and as a result the number of opportunities for other Whites to murder the specific White is much greater than is the number of opportunities for Blacks to murder the specific White.

It is also worth observing, from the per capita murder rates, that the average Black murders a White about 19.4 times as often as a White murders a Black. That’s a noteworthy point, and don’t let anybody distract you from it.

But the bottom line is this: Don’t trust the SPLC to do your thinking for you. They cheat.

* * *

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Will W Williams
Will W Williams
25 August, 2019 1:36 pm

Thank you for breaking down those lying stats, Mr. Sims. You’re a champ! All the SPLC knows are squalid lies. They are allergic to truth. Here’s a tidbit from the April 2019 National Alliance Membership BULLETIN that ties the Justice Department’s lies about inter-racial crimes in the U.S. (ref: your article earlier this month: https://nationalvanguard.org/2019/08/transparent-lies-and-word-tricks-used-to-demonize-and-criminalize-whites/) with our Jewish watchdogs’ lies about inter-racial crimes: — Lies, Damned Lies, & Statistics It’s been a busy month for “crime fighting.” Director Christopher Wray of the corrupted FBI announced at a press conference on 4 April that “White supremacy presents a persistent and pervasive threat to the United States.” When asked what the FBI is doing about this so-called pervasive threat White supremacy, Wray said, “We tackle it both through our joint terrorism task… Read more »

25 August, 2019 5:52 pm

Greetings Mr Sims.

Have you considered sending a copy of your above paper to the FBI via registered post?

The FBI needs to know this information and that the public knows it and that the public knows that the FBI knows it.

Will W Williams
Will W Williams
Reply to  Truthweed
25 August, 2019 10:27 pm

You can send it to those Fabulous But Incompetent folks yourself, but you’ll have more credibility if you don’t sign it TRUTHWEED. Send it to anyone and everyone who has a voice that you can.

25 August, 2019 11:48 pm

The FBI knows it already Truthweed, as since it reports to Congress on this, it quantifies results to please the Congressional Black Caucus, a shake-down political arm of Congress that the Voting Rights Act enabled. “White victims of Black offenders: 409”, is just for 2013. This figure was typically a little over 500 in earlier years, before we were forced to lock up so many black beauties under “mass incarceration”, so using exactly 500 for the 54 years since Civil Rights Act legislation of 1964, computes to approximately 27,000 whites killed by blacks, more than half the death-toll of the Vietnam war. Like that war, the rates for permanent injury are far higher than death; victims left raped, HIV+, partially-blinded, disabled, scarred, mentally diseased etc. The SPLC shows its shallow,… Read more »

Reply to  Sethmoto101
28 August, 2019 8:52 am

Out of a population of 330,000,000.

Reply to  Me
29 August, 2019 10:16 am

Are you trying to minimize the impact of the estimated 27,000 or the far greater number injured? Is your thinking Stalinist, where you’d sacrifice a few thousand whites so negroids can be truly “free” (in the late 1960’s/1970’s redefinition of the word) in the society whites built?

26 August, 2019 8:04 pm

Greetings Will and Seth

The point about sending it to the FBI is that Mr Sims can state that the FBI definitely has his version and they cannot deny knowing the stuff in it when they submit their next report – an ‘estoppel’.

Afterwards, if it ignores the information, the FBI would need to be able to explain why it ignored the article or its interpretation.

26 August, 2019 8:18 pm

Greetings Will.

I am a good, honest, decent, highly qualified and loyal person. If I signed my submission to the FBI other than ‘Truthweed’, with my usual name, then my friends and acquaintances would be spied on. They don’t need that stuff and many don’t know my last name anyway.

In a former life I was licensed in the security industry and have other reasons (probably now lapsed) for being a private person.

Will W Williams
Will W Williams
Reply to  Truthweed
1 September, 2019 2:01 pm

I’m sure you are as you see yourself, Truthweed: a decent and qualified person who is concerned about the welfare and future of our race, and loyal to our race, certainly. If you are engaged in illegal activities you do not want to be lamenting the inappropriately exaggerated statistics of violent interracial crime, and the way the Jews at SPLC skew those statistics, to the Federal Bureau of Investigation using your given name. They already know all about that because the statistics, including demographic details, derive from that agency’s Uniform Crime Report. The FBI used to work with the SPLC “fact gatherers” about “bias crime” until a couple of years ago when they finally dropped the association and ceased linking to SPLC’s Website due to the “law center’s” unreliability when… Read more »

28 August, 2019 8:12 pm

Mark Potok is the perfect face of the SPLC. A low-T, creepy-looking little jewboy. Genetically-programmed to do his part in bringing down White Christian civilization under the guise of helping the poor, oppressed minorities.

It’s just what the tribe does.

Will W Williams
Will W Williams
Reply to  Djole
29 August, 2019 10:04 am

Yes, the little worm Potok openly let slip: “We see this [as a] political struggle, right? … I mean, we’re not trying to change anybody’s mind. We’re trying to wreck the groups, and we are very clear in our head, … we are trying to destroy them.”

Everyone is encouraged to financially support attorney Glen Allen’s determined $6.5 million lawsuit against Defendants Potok, Beirich and their worm-eatened SPLC. How to do so found in a hyperlink, here: https://nationalvanguard.org/2019/01/a-very-worthy-cause-support-glen-allens-lawsuit-against-the-splc/

Reply to  Djole
29 August, 2019 6:36 pm

It’s sad in a way. Can he/they build a house, groom a dog, drive a limo, any of a thousand things the goyim (including many non-whites) do each day instead of trying to change the political status quo without the majority’s permission, vote or knowledge?

30 August, 2019 1:34 pm

“It is also worth observing, from the per capita murder rates, that the average Black murders a White about 19.4 times as often as a White murders a Black. That’s a noteworthy point, and don’t let anybody distract you from it.”

21 December, 2019 1:00 am

“Heidi Beirich (a defendant in the case) stated in an interview, she “watched Allen ‘like a hawk’ because he had ‘the worst ideas ever created.’””

A modern day NKVD agent spying on a patriotic American citizen.

“Worst ideas” Heidi and her tribe find admirable and righteous, embrace and practice with a vigor.

Like someone once said, “If not for double standards, Jews would have no standards at all.”

Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
21 December, 2019 9:46 pm

This article should have been given a better title than “Disgraced SPLC Still in the Lying Business.” Given that lies have always been the SPLC’s stock in trade, the title is as unremarkable as saying that “water is wet” or “cats have four legs.”

I wish I knew what caused the “chaos at the compound” that resulted in the firing or resignation of several of the biggest snakes in that snake pit earlier this year.