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Two Ridiculously False Narratives

Reason and sanity personified, trust me.

by David Sims

NOT MANY people really believe the Politically Correct leftist narrative about race. But many people do think that everybody else believes it. The leftist propaganda, disseminated to the general public by the Jewish-owned mass media, have given a majority of the population the false impression that the goodness of race-mixing is a solid consensus, that multiculturalism is a done deal. It isn’t. Understand, you, that leftist propaganda is built almost entirely out of lies — old and widespread lies, but lies nevertheless. Most people recognize the falseness of the left, but assume that they’re the only ones who do, and so they remain silent out of fear.

The Jewish narrative on “anti-Semitism” is also nonsense, and it always has been. It won’t stand up to close examination, not least because it requires everyone to believe that when virtually all the world’s other peoples have had serious problems with the Jewish people, the blame always belongs to those other peoples — every single time, out of hundreds. The Jewish narrative, in other words, has a distinct lack of parsimony. It requires us to imagine that “anti-Semitism” is caused by a strange miasma, which non-Jews inhale from the atmosphere and which induces dislike of Jews as a mental disease. And that’s obviously nonsense. “Anti-Semitism” is caused by Jewish behavior. Always. Every time.

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Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson
23 February, 2020 5:11 pm

Semitism – has this concept ever been defined. Important I think if you wish to use the label anti-Semite.

I recall being called an anti-Semite by an obnoxious kike. I said that is impossible, for if I were an anti-Semite I would be in the Gaza strip murdering Palestinians. Are they not Semites too!

Alt-White Dissenter
Alt-White Dissenter
Reply to  Thomas Jefferson
25 February, 2020 7:51 pm

Where White Patriots Fear To Tread
Well, indeed, TJ, Palestinians are Semites, too, but lest we mistake ourselves and dishonor the deeds of the Goth heroes of the Crusades, who shed the blood of J-w and Mohammedan indiscriminately, yea to the fetlocks of their steeds, let us proudly, fully adopt the name “anti-Semite,” as also the knights of the Reconquista, who likewise fought the Semite whether under the banner of the crescent or the 6-pronged star.
It bears remembering that the Levant and Asia Minor were Greek and Roman long before they were Arab and that prior to the emancipation of the J-w in the 19th century, it was the Mohammedan who had killed, maimed, and enslaved more Europeans than ever had his elder cousin!

James Clayton
James Clayton
23 February, 2020 11:32 pm

Brilliant, as usual, Mr. Sims but, this time, particularly articulate and exactly what I was thinking this afternoon speaking with an archetypal Sheeny.
Ghislaine Noelle Marion Maxwell is a “British” socialite and the youngest child of publishing tycoon and fraudster Robert Maxwell. She moved to the United States after her father’s death in 1991 and became a “close associate” of financier and subsequently convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. ..

Love the choice of photos above NATIONAL ALLIANCE essays