Afraid Of Our Own Shadow

Strength is morality. Weakness is sin. Weakness requires punishment. If you’re weak, if you’re obese, if you’re a drug addict, become less so. Become stronger. Move towards the sun. Become more coherent. Become more articulate. Cast more of a shadow. It’s almost a type of positive behaviorism in some ways. But it’s not somebody wagging their finger and so on, because you’re doing it for yourself. It comes from inside.

— Jonathan Bowden

WHITE PEOPLE are afraid of their own shadow.

We run away from accusations of ‘racist’ like hysterical madmen. But what is a ‘racist’? It is simply a White person who is more fully and consciously being who he truly is. When we are ‘racist’ we are natural. And when we are told not to be ‘racist’ we are really being told not be ourselves. We are being told that what we are is wrong.

In our time, White people have moved heaven and earth to prove that this isn’t the case. We desperately want to prove that we can be something other than what we are. As Hesse said, “I realize today that nothing in the world is more distasteful to a [white] man than to take the path that leads to himself.”

Why? Because when we walk the path that leads to our self, we leave others behind us. We leave others in our shadow. And now we are afraid. They won’t like our long shadow! It’s not fair for them to have to live in the shade! Wouldn’t it be nicer if we could all be in the sun together?

Thus, we creep along, generation after generation, and our shadow gets smaller and smaller. To our chagrin we still cast a dark field behind us, but we try to keep our head down so as to not disturb the others. If we cannot kill our shadow [our self], we can at least make it as small as possible.

This is what our fear of National Socialist Germany is all about. As Jung said in his Wotan essay; for once we stopped running away from our true selves and let the blonde beast out. The Germans stood up as a proud people and cast a long shadow. A shadow that the entire world still scurries around in, including us.

We can raise our head and stand up again. It’s the most natural thing in the world. But we need to believe in ourselves first. And trust in the rightness of our being. Kinsmen arise.

* * *

Source: Volkish

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Ted Truewil
Ted Truewil
22 August, 2019 11:38 pm

Racism is natural, normal, and healthy.

Dead Negro On A Merry-Go-Round
Dead Negro On A Merry-Go-Round
23 August, 2019 10:55 am

In ancient times, the Colossus of Rhodes (above image) was toppled by an earthquake. There it lay for eight centuries until a Jew (yes, really) came along and bought it for scrap, melting it down and hauling it away. America is the fallen Colossus of our time.