A Sign of the Times — The Sterility and Barrenness of America’s Global Cities

The Future of the City is Childless
America’s urban rebirth is missing something key—actual births.

by Derek Thompson

A FEW YEARS AGO, I lived in a walkup apartment in the East Village of New York. Every so often descending the stairway, I would catch a glimpse of a particular family with young children in its Sisyphean attempts to reach the fourth floor. The mom would fold the stroller to the size of a boogie board, then drag it behind her with her right hand, while cradling the younger and typically crying child in the crook of her left arm. Meanwhile, she would shout hygiene instructions in the direction of the older child, who would slap both hands against every other grimy step to use her little arms as leverage, like an adult negotiating the boulder steps of Machu Picchu. It looked like hell—or, as I once suggested to a roommate, a carefully staged public service announcement against family formation.

Apparently, the public got the message. Last year, for the first time in four decades, something strange happened in New York City. In a non-recession year, it shrank.

We are supposedly living in the golden age of the American metropolis, with the same story playing out across the country. Dirty and violent downtowns typified by the “mean streets” of the 1970s became clean and safe in the 1990s. Young college graduates flocked to brunchable neighborhoods in the 2000s, and rich companies followed them with downtown offices.

New York is the poster child of this urban renaissance. But as the city has attracted more wealth, housing prices have soared alongside the skyscrapers, and young families have found staying put with school-age children more difficult. Since 2011, the number of babies born in New York has declined 9 percent in the five boroughs and 15 percent in Manhattan. (At this rate, Manhattan’s infant population will halve in 30 years.) In that same period, the net number of New York residents leaving the city has more than doubled. There are many reasons New York might be shrinking, but most of them come down to the same unavoidable fact: Raising a family in the city is just too hard. And the same could be said of pretty much every other dense and expensive urban area in the country. . .

Source: Jed Kolko analysis of Census and American Community Survey data


Cities were once a place for families of all classes. The “basic custom” of the American city, wrote the urbanist Sam Bass Warner, was a “commitment to familialism.” Today’s cities, however, are decidedly not for children, or for families who want children. As the sociologists Richard Lloyd and Terry Nichols Clark put it, they are “entertainment machines” for the young, rich, and mostly childless. And this development has crucial implications — not only for the future of American cities, but also for the future of the U.S. economy and American politics.

The counties that make up Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, and Philadelphia shed a combined 2 million domestic residents from 2010 to 2018. For many years, these cities’ main source of population growth hasn’t been babies or even college graduates; it’s been immigrants. But like an archipelago of Ellis Islands, Manhattan and other wealthy downtown areas have become mere gateways into America and the labor force—“a temporary portal,” in the words of E. J. McMahon, the founder of the Empire Center for Public Policy. . .

But if big cities are shedding people, they’re growing in other ways—specifically, in wealth and workism. The richest 25 metro areas now account for more than half of the U.S. economy, according to an Axios analysis of government data. Rich cities particularly specialize in the new tech economy: Just five counties account for about half of the nation’s internet and web-portal jobs. Toiling to build this metropolitan wealth are young college graduates, many of them childless or without school-age children; that is, workers who are sufficiently unattached to family life that they can pour their lives into their careers.

Cities have effectively traded away their children, swapping capital for kids. College graduates descend into cities, inhale fast-casual meals, emit the fumes of overwork, get washed, and bounce to smaller cities or the suburbs by the time their kids are old enough to spell. It’s a coast-to-coast trend: In Washington, D.C., the overall population has grown more than 20 percent this century, but the number of children under the age of 18 has declined. Meanwhile, San Francisco has the lowest share of children of any of the largest 100 cities in the U.S. . . .


Okay, you might be thinking, but so what? Happy singles are no tragedy. Childlessness is no sin. There is no ethical duty to marry and mate until one’s fertility has exceeded the replacement rate. What’s the matter with a childless city?

Let’s start with equity. It’s incoherent for Americans to talk about equality of opportunity in an economy where high-paying work is concentrated in places, such as San Francisco and Manhattan, where the median home value is at least six times the national average. Widespread economic growth will become ever more difficult in an age of winner-take-all cities.

But the economic consequences of the childless city go deeper. For example, the high cost of urban living may be discouraging some couples from having as many children as they’d prefer. That would mean American cities aren’t just expelling school-age children; they’re actively discouraging them from being born in the first place. In 2018, the U.S. fertility rate fell to its all-time low. Without sustained immigration, the U.S. could shrink for the first time since World World I. Underpopulation would be a profound economic problem—it’s associated with less dynamism and less productivity—and a fiscal catastrophe. The erosion of the working population would threaten one great reward of liberal societies, which is a tax-funded welfare and eldercare state to protect individuals from illness, age, and bad luck. . .

Finally, childless cities exacerbate the rural-urban conundrum that has come to define American politics. With its rich blue cities and red rural plains, the U.S. has an economy biased toward high-density areas but an electoral system biased toward low-density areas. The discrepancy has the trappings of a constitutional crisis.  The richest cities have become magnets for redundant masses of young rich liberals, making them electorally impotent. Hillary Clinton won Brooklyn by 461,000 votes, about seven times the margin by which she lost Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin combined. Meanwhile, rural voters draw indignant power from their perceived economic weakness. Trump won with majority support in areas that produce just one-third of GDP by showering hate and vitriol on cities that attract immigration and capital. . .

* * *

Source: The Atlantic

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Boondawg Man
Boondawg Man
21 August, 2019 12:48 pm

In the early 1960’s, fictional TV writer Rob Petrie worked in Manhattan (when it was a lot whiter) but even he didn’t live there. Instead, he sequestered his wife Laura and son Richie in the white suburban satellite community of New Rochelle. And except for the shift in racial demographics, Manhattan and New York City are just as crowded and ugly as ever. So who could blame anyone not wanting to raise children in that concrete ant heap even if they could? Now, you could level the skyscrapers and build one story office buildings in a park-like suburban setting. Then build some nice middle class homes for the office workers. But in a real estate area that small, that would mean 90% of the current businesses would have to relocate,… Read more »

Reply to  Boondawg Man
22 August, 2019 8:23 am

I can’t help but think of Adolf Hitler and his national socialist party. They turned everything around in Germany and made it livable for the volk in a short period of time.

21 August, 2019 6:06 pm

Great article. Anyone who has lived in a big city knows this is true…especially for white people. Go to college and party and then have a couple of roommates for some years while working some cheezeball job and then party some more Thursday through Sunday. Kids are joked about and pushed off. For some this becomes a permanent reality since big city living is downwardly mobile. A crappy apartment costing close to 2 grand per month when you grow up from the roommates. A baby becomes a terror since that means more money and more savings for the comedy called college. You want to wreck a society? Just keep increasing rent and housing costs. Just keep bringing in mass amounts of immigrants and allow in foreign buyers. Q Suddenly men… Read more »

21 August, 2019 6:31 pm

You see it all, you have all the data, the results are staring you right in the face, but do you know that this was all planned 20yrs ago by the TRIBE ? For globalism to succeed, America must FALL. The TRIBE has been working this agenda with a non-stop furor. If Whites had that same furor to assist their race in reproducing and flourishing, there would be no issues, but we Whites are alseep, lethargic, doped up, apathetic, and MSM has EVERYTHING to do with that psychological process. What we need in America are new non-Jewish-owned TV stations dedicated to waking up the public to the evil agenda of THE TRIBE. To spread the word far and wide that our country is being dispossessed by evil bloodthirsty genocidal psychopaths… Read more »

22 August, 2019 9:23 am

How many white working class neighborhoods cleared out by ethnic cleansing?

Reply to  Guest
23 August, 2019 6:31 pm

Tons. Looking at videos of all the white people with kids living in cities in the 1960s and 70s is staggering. Most all gone now or too old. Back then and even a couple of decades later, cities were very affordable and whites had no issues having kids. Now? Forget it. I laugh when Jews’ news does some story on blacks being “displaced” by gentrification. Yeah, because having dysfunction everywhere is such a great choice. Lol. Well, who da thunk it, homeys? Blacks have actually joined the never ending list of whites that have had to move out. Plus in cities there literally is no room and thus black and brown areas close to downtown of various cities are targeted by mostly Jewish developers for replacement by cucked whites and… Read more »

22 August, 2019 2:03 pm

Sterilizing history: Austin City Limits, the live music capital of the world, is erasing Texas history as fast as the law allows, if not faster. In April 2018 the Austin City Council renamed Robert E. Lee Road to Azie Morton Road and Jeff Davis Avenue to William Holland Avenue. The former is the first and only African-American to serve as the nation’s treasurer. Does the Austin City Council have the courage to rename the city of Austin, Burnet rd. and Lamar BLVD? Stephen F. Austin said of the Texas Revolution: “one of barbarism waged by a mongrel Spanish-Indian and negro race, against civilization and the Anglo American race.” David G. Burnet, president of the ad interim revolutionary government, wrote to Senator Henry Clay: “The causes which have led to this… Read more »

25 August, 2019 2:18 pm

Just north of Austin is a town named “Burnet”. Pass through it all the time. Must be named after David G. Burnet.

27 August, 2019 7:07 pm

Does anyone else find it odd that there has been so much in fertility, especially among white countries ?? I don’t want to go Alex Jones on anybody because I I detest that Israeli tool to the Max, he is a white sellout who whores himself out to the highest bidder, which in this case is the Jews, so I have no respect for Alex Jones. Nonetheless, some of his observations to seem to have a ring of truth to them, and it does make one wonder – why so much failure to have white babies being born? I think the more rational cause of infertility worldwide among all peoples of the world (oddly among the blacks they don’t seem to have much problem) and I would like to attribute… Read more »

Hans Kung
Hans Kung
28 August, 2019 10:51 pm

HOWARD and the rest of you!!!!

How many children do you have……get busy yourself!!!

I had six and I am 75 now.
Stop whining and wondering and get busy. You can help solve this problem.
Have some white children yourself!!!