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The Eternal Gene Wars

greek_warriorEssential for Whites to understand

by H. Millard

IF ONE DOESN’T understand that Whites, as well as all other humans and all other life that we know about, are in eternal gene wars, then one doesn’t understand anything about life, existence, evolution, improvement, survival, and the expansion of Whites as a distinct and separate people.

The concept of — and knowledge about — the eternal gene wars is fundamental to the beliefs of some of us and is essential to our ethics, our moral codes, our world views, our religious beliefs, and the way we live our lives in harmony with the ways of existence.

The eternal gene wars are completely natural and automatic, and are an essential part of evolution — as Nature determines the best genes to dominate and thrive in all possible niches that can support life. There is no favoritism or free rides, and the process is never-ending. One either wins the gene wars, or one loses. There is no mercy and no quarter given.

When you hear someone say that he wishes the whole world could be at peace and that there could no conflict, you know that you are hearing from someone who doesn’t understand the ways of existence. There never was and never will be a world without conflict.

Conflict is an inherent part of movement, and movement is an inherent part of existence. What exists moves; either externally, or internally, or both. It is true at the quantum level of existence and it is true at our human scale of existence. (Our human scale of existence emerges from the quantum level.)

Movement causes conflict: What exists bumps up against other things in existence — and two objects can’t occupy the same space. One object wins the space from the other — it is dominant. The eternal gene wars are simply a continuation of the conflicts that are a necessary part of existence. Genes vie for survival and dominance against other genes. That is, each gene wants to occupy and dominate a space and replace other genes that do the same thing as it does in that space.

When your parents conceived you, there was a gene war going on. Millions of spermatozoa raced to fertilize an egg in a cluster of eggs. The eggs struggled against each other to be the one fertilized. Once one spermatozoon and one egg won the race, a new battle raged inside the egg as the genes for various characteristics of the winning spermatozoon struggled to be dominant over the genes of the winning egg for the same characteristics. If both parents were White, the gene wars were fairly benign, because both parents had the same basic White genome. Nevertheless, fairly benign or not, the gene wars continued. As you look in the mirror you see which genes won the battles for your various features. Do you look more like your mother or your father? Do you, say, have your mother’s eyes but your father’s chin? Or, maybe you have some of your grandparents’ features. Whichever features and characteristics you ended up with came down your ancestral line. You didn’t come from nothing — the DNA blueprint that made you is from the various matings of your parents and your ancestors.

And, while the eternal gene wars go on whether we are aware of them or not, some of us believe that Whites have reached the stage of existence where it is in our own best interest to consciously steer our kind in the right direction for us. We believe that we have reached a threshold and that we must now consciously and intentionally choose to cross it and take the narrow path to full specieshood — by all definitions of the term — for if we do not, we may be pulled down and blended back into the darker masses of humanity from which we branched off not too many thousands of years ago.

We also believe that not all Whites will make it across the threshold and that many millions will, for one reason or another, go backwards and will no longer be part of our people. Indeed, there are many right now who have already left our people in their minds, and soon their flesh will follow. Their genes and their family lines will no longer be White. We cannot always know who is in that camp of failures and who is not. Some may simply have not yet learned the truth of the eternal gene wars. We believe that we are duty bound to try to expose them to the truth so that they may awaken and save themselves. However, if, once exposed to the truth, they then fail to heed it, then they are to be left alone, because they show thereby that they are not our kind inside and are weak seeds. Consider this column as my humble attempt to expose readers to the reality of the eternal gene wars and the evils of miscegenation by Whites.

We know that some type of human being will continue on into the future — and we want to make sure it is our kind. We are not concerned with other kinds of humans and are indifferent to them and believe in non-interference in their fates. They, like us, are responsible for themselves and must live or die on their own. They are not our responsibility. We do not believe in pathological altruism: It is obscene for Whites to help our genetic enemies survive so they can then wipe us out. Hate and intention are not required to wipe us out. It just requires genes that will replace our genes.

The greatest danger to Whites in the eternal gene wars comes from other humans who can mate with us and who can produce viable children with us. Evil miscegenation kills the White genome.

Whites mating with non-Whites — miscegenation — destroys the White genome. This is genocide of the White genome and White people. Such mating, as I’ve written many times before, can never produce a pure White child. What it does is take the 23 chromosomes of the White partner and uses them as the chemicals needed for the non-White to produce a non-White child. In other words, miscegenation is using our sacred White spermatozoa and our sacred White eggs to produce non-Whites. Think science fiction movies where space aliens take over the Earth by breeding with humans and turning the humans, generation by generation, into baby factories for aliens. This is not an empty metaphor and is not an exaggeration. It is reality. This is what happens to Whites who miscegenate. This takes us off our highest possible evolutionary trajectory, which is to become more White and not less so, and sets us on a path of devolution back to earlier forms of darker humans before we evolved away from them. It stops our upward evolution. That upward evolution, if we do not stop it through the sin of miscegenation, is bringing us ever closer to the creative principle (or God if you prefer).

A Selected People

Some of us believe that Whites are a selected people. You can read this as being the product of natural selection or Divine selection. The result is the same in either case. We are a different people and we must remain different and not blend in with other kinds of humans. Blending in, miscegenation, is a great evil for our kind. Do not be deceived into thinking it doesn’t matter if you miscegenate. It does matter. This commandment that Whites not miscegenate is only for our kind. Other kinds of humans are not so commanded and they can miscegenate all they want, so long as no Whites are involved. Whites thus have a heavy responsibility to go against what far too many humans want and which they preach in our present Dark Age. We must remain separate in all possible ways for us to stay on the best — and the commanded — trajectory for our kind alone. Our selection does not make us better than other types of humans; it just gives us special laws and rules that we are commanded to obey that other types of humans don’t have. We are different and we must remain different and not blend in with other types of humans.

It would be easier for us if we didn’t have the commands to stay separate and not miscegenate. Then, we could just throw caution to the wind and do with abandon whatever we felt like doing at any moment with anyone. But that is not for us. As the selected ones, we have a higher purpose in our lives and this higher purpose requires that we follow our laws and rules that are for ourselves alone and for no others. Through us, the world will be made better.

How do we know that miscegenation is bad for us? Well, in the first place, it makes us non-White and this is the genocide of our White selves. Our families go darker and darker. Is this bad? If we want to stay White it is. And we should want to stay White. Look at the good we have done on this planet. We are the selected ones to improve the Earth through us and we have done this with our culture and our inventions and discoveries. We are far different from other kinds of humans and human history shows us this very clearly if we but look. We are the artists, the inventors, the engineers, the scientists, the thinkers. This is what we do. We are born to it.

Whites who are weak seeds are effete, and their fate is not our fate. These weak seeds are nothing to us. The struggle for existence is more than just a struggle; it is a war of the genes between individuals of different types who can breed with each other and produce children: eternal gene wars. Know it and live it. The eternal gene wars are not something to be feared, and once one is aware of them, life can have purpose and meaning and be much happier for those who understand why many things are the way they are — especially relating to the so-called human condition.

Nature doesn’t give any free rides to any organisms. Struggle to win or you will be replaced. That is the law.

If you want to win the gene wars, live right, have as many White children as possible, and stay as separate from other kinds as possible. There is a higher power that will help you, and you can call it the First Cause, the creative principle, God, the Field, the quantum or by many other names, but it underlies our human scale of existence, and all of existence has emerged from it as a tree emerges from a seed. You can believe this in a religious or a scientific/secular way — but either way it is a reality, and, if you live right, it will help you on the White path to a happier more purposeful life and will help you move ever higher.

(© 2016 H. Millard)

* * *

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6 April, 2018 1:55 pm


Hospitals are mixing negro blood, with White Person blood, and then pumping the mixed blood into hospitalized White People, including little White Children.

It can be presumed that the politically correct wigger/jew “doctors” really enjoy pumping the mixed blood into White People, including the hospitalized White Children.

What other types of malpractice/experimentation are the wigger/jew “doctors”, and the wigger/nigger/jew “nurses”, doing to the hospitalized White People, including the hospitalized White Children ?

(p.s. Is it odd that this message of FACT, often gets deleted at White Forums ?)


Thanks for posting the message


Wolf Stoner
Wolf Stoner
16 April, 2020 4:46 am

Very clearly and logically stated ideas. This logic and undeniable evidence is something that our enemies fear most. The only effective weapon against hard facts is a squall of emotions, screams, insults and other noises to suppress truth. The vermin fear light and prefer secure darkness.

LH Collins
LH Collins
23 August, 2021 8:14 pm

Whites who intermarry with browns; denying their own child their sacred bond with the White race, should cut-off all ties with the race and family. A mongrel-child will be a burden to their family.