Diversity Propaganda Blitz: “Brown People are Scottish Too!”

SCOTLAND IS ONE of the least “diverse” countries in western Europe, revealed to be 2% brown in the 2001 census and 4% in the census of 2011. Its leaders obviously feel it is missing out on the benefits of diversity and have, consequently, targeted the population for propaganda bombardment.

A favourite technique of diversity propagandists is to find attractive White immigrants, — preferably with blonde hair and blue eyes — and pretend they are typical. Here we see the technique on display in the form of Swiss immigrant Claire Simonetta — no blonde hair, alas, but sporting a nice Scottish accent.

Scotland’s government is led by the SNP (Scottish National Party), surely the most embarrassing excuse for a nationalist party in the history of the world, one that has been progressively infiltrated by Muslims. This is a party that nominally exists to secure the dissolution of the United Kingdom and Scotland’s emergence as an independent state, something it would, in fact, have achieved had it not been for the votes of immigrants. 52.7% of native-born Scots voted for independence in the referendum a few years ago. Immigrants voted overwhelmingly against it and their votes proved decisive in the outcome.

Rather than draw the obvious conclusion that immigrants are bad news, the SNP has chosen to pander to them ever more pathetically. At Prime Minister’s Question Time, every week, they typically ask more questions about migrants than they do about Scotland.

The SNP should be renamed either the PSN (Pseudo-Scottish Nationalists) or the SMP (Scottish Migrants Party).

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Source: Diversity Macht Frei

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  1. Kate
    3 July, 2018 at 11:33 am — Reply

    0:31 – “To be one of us.”

    No, they don’t. They come to Europe/UK/NA to enjoy the peace and prosperity that our culture has created, but make no mistake, they do not immigrate to be one of us.

    They do not assimilate. They do not attempt to become one of us. They remain one of them, sticking to their cultures, their traditions, their beliefs and values — however contrary they are to the country they just immigrated to — and they create their insular ghettos, essentially creating a small country within a country where they can have a little piece of the old country… but that begs the question: why even come if you’re not going to assimilate, but moreover, why should we allow you to come here if you refuse to assimilate?

    (Cue the bleeding-heart liberal tears)

    In fact, American Blacks call this assimilation “selling out,” or being an “Uncle Tom” or worse, a “Good House Negro.” To the American Black, you’re expected to resist assimilation and resist joining White society and instead exist in your own cultural bubble. Rather than being a proud American, you’re expected to be a proud Black American, with emphasis on being Black first and foremost.

    This notion that multiculturalism works is ignorant at best, insidious at worst. All it does is muddy every culture involved. In fact, a simple look back in history shows this. Recall a time when China and Japan had their own cultural traditional clothing? And then the cultures of the West mixed with theirs, and now they’re all wearing Levis and button-downs. This muddying of the cultural waters is too readily apparent to not be obvious, which is why those that defend it are ignorant of history at best, and sinister and insidious at worst.

    But I wouldn’t waste your breath trying to convince a Leftist to change their stripes. The best thing you can do is try to talk to a young person and get them to see the truth before the Liberal indoctrination program, aka public schooling, gets to them.

    • Konrad Heinlein
      2 June, 2019 at 9:19 am — Reply

      Well said Miss Kate…may I borrow your phrase to post on fb…I will NOT use your name…#14Words…yours in Whiteness KH. #HH

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