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Please watch the amazing video above. TURNING OFF THE electronic synagogue and leaving it off was definitely the right decision. It’s time for a promo for a show called The Good Fight on Jew-owned CBS, so called because all you see is B.S. Whites engage in a violent all against all, wrecking cars…
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A BLACK “rapper” in France has made it into the headlines with a graphic music video calling for White people to be killed. And while he’s shot to fame, with it has come widespread outrage and an investigation into his “art.” The video features violent scenes of the rapper, Nick Conrad, and…
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Ask the wrong questions, and you’ll always get the wrong answers; more of the verbal tricks used to bully Whites.  by Alpin MacLaren “WHAT IS SO WRONG with non-Whites?” asked the email. “Why can’t we have them in our country?” A poor mind-numbed sheep was totally…
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SCOTLAND IS ONE of the least “diverse” countries in western Europe, revealed to be 2% brown in the 2001 census and 4% in the census of 2011. Its leaders obviously feel it is missing out on the benefits of diversity and have, consequently, targeted the population for propaganda bombardment. A favourite…
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by Dr. William L. Pierce IF YOU’VE been listening to many of my broadcasts you will know that the issue I talk about most often is that of media control. In nearly every broadcast I have pointed out that the people who control the mass media of news and entertainment are able to manipulate the opinions…
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