Generation Zyklon Showing Resistance to Jewish Propaganda

FROM THE Telegraph (behind paywall) we have an article from an affirmative action beneficiary (and she is definitely some talentless nobody who only got a writing gig because of her colour; her writing is atrocious) expressing confusion and fear that despite many years of pro-diversity programming at school, home and public places the youth of Britain are still not quite on board with giving up the whole “ethnic self-preservation” thing and instead insist on maintaining their distinct ethnic and cultural history:

These comments were not made by neo-Nazis in 1970s Britain: “Rights for whites.” “LGBT: Let’s Gas Blacks Too.” “This is Britain, not Africa.” They were made by 20-something millennials today.

Just last week, footage was filmed by a black woman locked in her room at Nottingham Trent University went viral, as it showed chants of ‘We hate the blacks’ and other racist abuse coming from outside her door. Two men have since been arrested in conjunction with the incident.

Then it emerged that five law students [at] Exeter University were suspended after sending messages on a Whatsapp saying that the university’s law society should be for white people only, saying: “If they’re black, send ’em back.”

So far so normal, and it’s not as if you wouldn’t hear youth in the Far East engaging in the same behaviour.

“There’s a general belief that universities are beautiful, liberal spaces of tolerance and acceptance where racism doesn’t happen,” explains Ilyas Nagdee, Black Student Officer for the NUS.

Liberal = people who believe in fairytales like race is a social construct and diversity is a strength.

The people most horrified by obstinate indigenes refusing to lay down quietly and die are either non-Whites who profit handsomely by being allowed to live in White countries and taking advantage of anti-White policies such as affirmative action or race traitors who are paid handsomely by Jewish run organisations that are given taxpayer money to dispossess the majority of taxpayers (Whites):

Recently, Jo Marney, the 25-year-old Ukip supporter and now ex-girlfriend of the party’s ex-leader Henry Bolton, was vilified for her private text messages.
 “I wouldn’t with a negro,” she told a friend, explaining why she disliked Prince Harry’s fiancé Meghan Markle.

“Her seed [will] taint our royal family. This is Britain not Africa.” On being called racist by her friend, she replied: “Lol. So what?”

Her response, with its flippant ‘laugh out loud’ abbreviation, is telling of a millennial attitude to racism — according to Dr Kehinde Andrews, co-chair of Birmingham City University’s Black Studies Association.

James Kingett, an education manager at (((Show Racism The Red Card))), agrees. “Young people are constantly being told racism was a big problem in the 1970s and 1980s, and it’s less of a problem now. They didn’t see it back then — so they don’t understand what it was truly like — and they’re constantly being told how much progress has been made…”

Although I can’t find any biographical information for this Kingett fellow, he looks to be in his 40s perhaps so I highly doubt he knows what it was “truly like” either. More hyperbole to play on Whites’ natural propensity to altruistic behaviour. But fortunately they reveal in this article that the number of indigenous British who have awoken to their slow demise and decided to fight back has increased. They offer some very telling comments:

Heather Jones, 20, used to edit a prominent alt-right website that featured articles on the oppression of whites. She is often called racist for her views, but refuses to accept the label: “I don’t think it’s racist to what [sic.] to preserve the culture of your country. I have an issue with the fact people want to change our culture, take away the things that made us who we are. That’s what I don’t like.”

She also hints that those with views like hers are thriving because of a politically correct culture, and not in spite of it. “I feel like there’s a lot of anti-whiteness in general. I don’t necessarily think we’re oppressed, but I think people can be very extreme against white people at the moment.”

Peer pressure is a big issue with racism among millennials, especially with politics. Nick Ryan of anti-fascist advocacy group (((Hope Not Hate))) explains that far-right groups have grown in recent years, and a poll by his organisation found a quarter of its 4,000 respondents have anti-immigration, right-wing views — while 39 per cent now identify as liberal.

That’s right, all right-wing views are necessarily evil.

 The polarisation is something that millennials are noticing. While some are labelled ‘snowflakes’, others, like libertarian Jakub Jankowski who supported Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim ban and used to identify with the alt-right, are labelled racist for their views.

“I am economically liberal and socially conservative,” explains the University of London student. “I’m sceptical of immigration — but I don’t think that’s racist.”

“Polarisation certainly is obvious at my university. There’s been an increase this year in the amount of people who identify as right wing. I knew about 15 last year, but now I easily know of about 40.”

The article then veers into the ridiculous in a bid to appear relevant but unfortunately all it does is show us how humourless and frightened the left is and hence their desperation to maintain a stranglehold on what is acceptable discourse much like a cult:

“The idea of banter is something we’ve been concerned about for a long time,” explains Kingett. “There are a lot of people who interpret it as a means to say anything they want.”

Banter was the same excuse of medical students at Cardiff University, who wrote a play that included blacking up, “racist, sexist and homophobic jokes and stereotype references”. Dinesh Bhugra, Emeritus Professor of Mental Health and Cultural Diversity at Kings’ College London, was commissioned [i.e. paid handsomely] to write a report on it.

After the ridiculous comes the creepiness; what is wrong with the left that they think these sorts of statements won’t raise alarm bells with normal, common sense people? Infiltration tactics were what the secret police in communist hellholes utilised to maintain their tight grip on power.

Ryan says that while most students are prevailingly tolerant, there are small pockets of racist groups, such as fragmented extreme right groups, which his organisation often filtrates, where there are more reports of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. “In terms of the general situation, the pocket has become a bit more worrying,” he admits.

In the end they provide a way for White Brits to avoid their children becoming indoctrinated and falling for the diversity macht frei lie: remove your offspring from state-funded schools and universities. Homeschool them or make them take on an apprenticeship then they won’t bother learning all the leftist shibboleths and golden calves (or send them to the same school as these woke boys).

The only way to combat this rise in millennial racism is something all the experts agree on: education. “Young people need to be involved in conversations,” explains Kingett. “They’ve grown up with the idea that racism is difficult to talk about, so no one does. We need more education to show them what it looked like through history.

I think the people who really need re-educating and therapy are those who suffer from Nation Dysphoria. I don’t care how “based” a non-White is, they can go back to their own country and try to make it great for once, never mind again. Being born in Europe does not make you European.

* * *

Source: Diversity Macht Frei

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Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
13 April, 2018 4:50 pm

The attacks on this site are never-ending. Today I was
able to access the current items using TOR. Obviously
you are hurting the Jews where it hurts, and I don’t
mean their bank accounts.

13 April, 2018 7:21 pm

It is heartening to read this article from the Telegraph. It dispels the notion that all English are insane.

Larry B
Larry B
16 May, 2018 2:19 pm

The same is true here stateside (US): it is the Jewish organizations that keep pushing the attacks against White European culture, or really what is left of that culture they have largely destroyed in the past 100 years.

If one exposes this Jewish villainy or works against these Jewish groups, one gets smeared as being “anti-Semitic”. The Jews will always remain the destroyers.

15 October, 2020 9:59 pm

Misho is awesome ! Ignoring their insistence on calling themselves ‘Millennials, I still call them Gen Y and the youngest ones Millennials – because they were born in…da noo Millennium….duh. ‘Gen Z’ or ‘Zyklon’ makes no sense whatsoever, refers to nothing and is based solely on a lack of imagination. (X…Y…Z…whatsnext ? Do we start over with A ?) Anyway, I also see a lot of promise in the REAL Millennials – currently under 20 – they may well turn out to be the wokest (original, positive meaning, not the reverse one the Y’ers came up with over he past year or so, they like to flip EVERYTHING upside down) generation in several hundreds of years – which they will have to be, because they will need to fight to… Read more »

LH Collins
LH Collins
26 July, 2021 9:47 pm

This is Hasan. Hasan was handcrafted from mud. Hasan is a Golem slave to the Jews.

LH Collins
LH Collins
9 September, 2021 4:11 pm

I know a complete headcase online who calls himself a “Black European”, just because he was born in the UK and supposedly works in the Netherlands. He claims to be an IT consultant, but he spends hours posting on Bitchute and he doesn’t appear to understand how his alleged job entails. Nonsense flows through his mouth. He says he opposes “white racism”, as though White separatism harms him personally, therefore his feelings on the matter are more important than White sovereignty and survival. He calls White SJW’s his “big brothers” who protect him. And in the same breath, gloats about White Genocide despite saying he’s “against” racism. He’s a stupid, smug s—stain; no honour,, no dignity; presumes he pays taxes on “my behalf”. He’s complete Negroid scum.

LH Collins
LH Collins
15 July, 2022 12:38 pm

Hasan is an invader. Hasan says he was born in Sweden. Hasan is an inbred idiot!