What Jews Say When Nobody’s Looking: Jewish Fraternity Emails Leaked


Grossly contemptuous of Blacks and Muslims; disgustingly degrading toward the White women they use; the creators and enforcers of Political Correctness show what they really believe behind closed doors

ALPHA EPSILON PI fraternity members at the University of Chicago referred to a Muslim student-activist on campus as a “terrorist” and planned to celebrate “Marathon Luther King Day” by drinking and eating at a fried chicken restaurant, according to emails obtained by BuzzFeed News.

The internal emails are the latest in a line of controversies that have rocked American fraternities. A university official denounced the comments as “offensive,” and the fraternity promised an investigation into the emails — sent to the AEPi chapter listserv between 2011 and 2015, reaching active brothers and alumni — which were provided by a fraternity member on the condition he not be identified because he didn’t want to damage his career prospects. In the emails, members defended the use of the n-word included in a brother’s nickname, referred to an abandoned lot as “Palestine,” and described the two fixtures of Islamic culture as “dynamite and C-4” explosives. …

One member sent an email to the listerv in January 2013, saying he was organizing “Marathon Luther King Jr. Day” — comprised of day drinking, eating at a restaurant famed for its fried chicken, and watching Black Dynamite, a film parodying the Blaxploitation genre of movies.


The email reads: “Reverend Marathon Luther King Jr. did more for our civil rights than any other leader during the civil rights era. Following the horrors of prohibition, the puritanical powers in control of the United States successfully stigmatized day drinking. This travesty flavored American life in many ways, leading to increases in domestic abuse, legitimate rape and worst of all oppression. MLK took a stand. He had a dream. He led a million man march on Washington in order to make his dream a reality.”

The email then instructs brothers to start drinking at 9 a.m., to eat dinner at Harold’s Chicken Shack, and then to watch the movie. The brother ends the email saying, “Let us honor this Great American,” and signs off with “Hezbollah.” The member who shared the emails told BuzzFeed News that up to 10 brothers, including himself, attended the “Marathon Luther King Day” in 2013.

Another AEPi chapter email urges brothers to petition against stipends for the university’s Student Government (SG). One person refers to a Muslim woman who was part of the government as a “terrorist.” …


An email from July 2014 from a brother apparently traveling in Israel includes the subject line “Towel Heads.” Another member’s response to the email says, “Best subject line ever? Check.”


In another email from July 2011, a brother warns the chapter not to use his nickname which has the n-word in it, because despite being “very very funny, it’s also very very racist.” The brother asks the chapter not to use his nickname on Facebook, in emails, or in person, unless “you need to satisfy your inner klansman,” he writes.

Another member responds to the email saying, “There is absolutely nothing wrong with the word nigger. By calling it the ‘n word’ you are giving it power that it doesn’t deserve.” …

[In a so-called “constitution,” the Jewish members discuss in degrading terms how they treat women, even calling disabled women “nuggets”]:



* * *

Source: read the rest of the story at Buzzfeed

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Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
13 February, 2016 2:08 pm

Quite funny.

But people talk differently among familiars, and I have no problem with it.

I do think, however, that private conversations should remain private.

But as a pulse of what they are really thinking, these e-mails are informative, and affirming of what we knew all along—-they are crazy!