Testing the Legitimacy of Rational Anti-Semitism

rational-manWE WHITE NATIONALISTS are constantly talking and writing about the ways in which the complicit and culpable Jews do damage to us White people — damage to such things as our racial interests, the appreciation of our heritage of accomplishment as a people, the education of our young, our culture, our society, our ability to sustain pro-White governance and our political stature relative to non-Whites, economic stability and prosperity, social stability, prospects for a good future for our progeny, genetic well-being, and even our very survival as a subspecies of humankind.

We often encounter other White people — even family members and close friends — who are quick to question our most fundamental beliefs (actually, knowledge) about Jewish anti-White hostility. They will often attempt to argue or dismiss our points of view, and they sometimes resort to the classic ad hominem smear of attacking the messenger by labeling us as being ‘anti-Semitic’ (‘oh, the horror of it all!’).

It occurs to me that one effective way to deal with that kind of resistance to our message of objective reality and survival might be to propose a simple and logical test comprised of just two questions. A test we can use to challenge the uninitiated and the doubters; a test that makes it clear we know what we are talking about.

Given some normal degree of intelligence and intellectual honesty, even the most uninformed (misinformed) and heretofore deluded contender should be able to pass this test with flying colors:

Question #1

Are they (the Jews) present in such numbers, and more particularly, in such numbers in positions of influence, power, and control, as to make it possible for them to do all the anti-White things we say they do (and have done)?

Well, yes, they absolutely are. That is a proven fact; there is no room whatsoever for any reasonable doubt. The answer is so clear and obvious that it is essentially a given. All we need to do is point out all the known Jews and Jewish surnames we are confronted with on a daily basis that are connected with such things as:

  • News media — newspaper publishers, editors, and columnists; TV reporters and commentators; magazine editors and writers; media owners and corporate bigwigs.
  • Entertainment media — anti-White and ridiculously pro-non-White TV and movie programming, script-writing, and casting. Movie actors and actresses, directors, and producers. Music industry moguls. Sports columnists.
  • Book authors, editors, and publishers.
  • Contemporary/modern art gallery owners, exhibitors, dealers.
  • Banking, brokerage, hedge fund, high finance, and money management executives and operatives.
  • Politics — pundits and writers, donors, party functionaries, PAC activists and contributors.
  • Government — Supreme Court justices, Congress-people and cabinet-members, high-level executive appointees, advisors, and all manner of bureaucrats.
  • Social/political think tanks and consultants, and especially the leftists and neocon warmongers.
  • Advocates and promoters of radical feminism (teachers, authors, speakers).
  • University instructors and professors, especially in such fields as anthropology, sociology, economics, psychology and psychiatry, gender and race studies, and social welfare and planning.
  • Community organizers, administrators of government-funded social programs.
  • People who work to ‘normalize’ and promote all kinds of sexual deviancy, such as homosexuality, lesbianism, and transgenderism.
  • Advocates for so-called ‘civil rights,’ integration and race mixing, non-White racial preferences, and so-called diversity and multiculturalism.
  • Israel-first lobbyists (primarily AIPAC).
  • Holohoax scammers (indoctrination center administrators and employees, memoir authors, motion picture producers and other media boosters).
  • And on and on ad nauseam.

These days, in the early years of 21st Century America, these very active and generally malevolent Jews are virtually everywhere; this Jewish presence is overwhelming.

Question #2

Assuming the answer to question #1 is ‘yes’ (and it is, as set forth above), do the Jews, as evidenced by individual activities, the efforts of small and large organized groups, and overall as the larger Jewish community (the ‘tribe’), consciously and actively work to do harm to White interests, our societies, and our nations?

Again, the answer is an unequivocal ‘yes, they do’! — an indisputable answer that is proven by the long history of their malevolent and even deadly behavior directed at White people. And by all the deliberately destructive things they are doing to us at the present time.

Whether working as individuals, as members of organized groups, or just through their legendary (and infamous) networking, nepotism, and monetary support of their multitudinous organizations; all we have to do is look at the Jews’ historical record of anti-White beliefs, ’causes’ and ‘movements,’ and activities in such areas as the following:

  • Fomenting social unrest (as exemplified by the French and Russian Revolutions and the international communism movement).
  • Jew-dominated Soviet Communist actions involving terror, starvation, repression, murder, slave labor, and imprisonment in Russia and elsewhere in Europe in early 20th Century, resulting in the deaths of 50+ million White people.
  • Proximate responsibility for devastating wars, and all manner of superfluous warmongering (WW I and especially WW II; more recently the Mid-East wars for Israel and other regional turmoil) (probably 70+ million military and civilian dead, mostly White people).
  • U.S. so-called ‘civil rights’ movement — NAACP founding and early leadership and financial support, civil disobedience activism, forced integration of neighborhoods and schools, etc.
  • Constantly pressing for race-based ‘affirmative action’ and for other non-White racial preferences.
  • Complicity and even leadership in the Allied WW II and post-war atrocities perpetrated on German civilians and POWs (including the dominant Jewish influence over the Nuremberg ‘show trials’).
  • Propagation of the so-called Jewish ‘holocaust’ lies used to punish Germans and other Whites, extort billions, and to provide cover for Israeli crimes (also, used to enforce police-state curtailment of free speech and punishment for so-called ‘holocaust denial’).
  • (Successful) efforts to contaminate our White DNA (pollute our gene pool) and otherwise dispossess the Whites of America and genocide us out of existence by legislating our U.S. non-White immigration policies since the 1960’s, including the unrelenting push for amnesty for illegal aliens. And striving to accomplish the same thing by promoting and facilitating race mixing and miscegenation.
  • Advocacy for radical feminism and the resulting destruction of White families.
  • Promoting the normalization and acceptance of homosexuality and transgenderism and their ‘lifestyle choices.’
  • Constant, deliberate use of their control of the press and other mass-media to brainwash, propagandize, misinform, and withhold critical information from Whites; to control the ‘narrative’ in all ways harmful to healthy White interests.
  • Creation and promotion of cultural rot — negrification, sleaze and soft porn, irresponsible sexual behavior, gratuitous sex, the sexualization of children, casual drug use, rebellion of teenagers against parents and tradition — in short, moral debasement of all kinds.
  • Constant belittlement and denigration of our White history vs. over-promotion and even glorification of mostly fictional Negro and other non-White culture and accomplishments.
  • Promotion of ‘diversity,’ ‘multiculturalism,’ and race mixing in our White societies (but, of course, none of that for U.S. Jews or Israel).
  • Leading roles in the efforts to do away with our 2nd-Amendment right to bear arms.
  • Leading roles in the efforts to stifle free speech and to enact and enforce so-called ‘hate crime’ (actually, thought-crime) laws, punishment for failing to be sufficiently ‘politically correct,’ and stripping us of our rights of association (and non-association). Most recently, pushing for internet and social-media censorship.
  • Unquestioned involvement in the ‘9/11’ attacks on the World Trade Center twin towers and the Pentagon.
  • Major players in the horrendously misconceived and ineptly fought ‘War on Terror’ fiasco that has now dragged on for 15 years.
  • Constant efforts to give untold billions of U.S. taxpayers’ dollars to the illicit, bandit state of Israel (via lobbying, coercement of Congress, media propaganda).
  • Promoting and financing the Muslim invasion of Europe in recent years.
  • Need I go on?

We can say, with regard to essentially all of the above and with absolute certainty: ‘If it were not for the Jews, these things would not have happened and would not be happening, at least not nearly to the extent they have.’ That is the devastating truth and significance of the matter!

It matters not that the Jews comprise just something like 2% to 3% of our population here in the United States, and comparable low percentages in other White nations. We don’t have to look very hard to find them grossly overrepresented in all the areas and activities listed above, doing all those destructive things and more. (‘…look under any rock,’ as they say.)

Summarizing the substance of this exercise in exposing Jewish perfidy: It should help establish, in the mind of any intelligent and fair-minded American White man or woman, beyond any reasonable doubt, that the Jews have in fact been doing, and are doing, all the nefarious and even genocidal things we White Nationalists have long accused them of doing.

When viewed through the double lens of inquiry I have provided above, it becomes absolutely clear that these intelligent, dedicated and diligent, White-hating tribalist Jews have been working for decades — certainly for the past hundred years or more — to destroy White societies, governments and nations, and the White race itself. Our job now is to bring these simple and self-evident truths to the attention of as many of our fellow Whites as we can — to awaken and enlighten them — and to challenge their Jew-generated habits of submissive, racially destructive, and even suicidal ‘wrong-think.’

* * *

Source: Koinen’s Corner

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Irish Savant
Irish Savant
15 December, 2017 5:26 am

Excellent summary. I have always maintained that Whites need an ‘elevator pitch’ (admittedly this one is for a very tall building!) equivalent to get our message across. One of the big disadvantages we face is the unwillingness of people today to spend time researching a subject. So well done with this.

Rogue Operator
Rogue Operator
16 October, 2019 12:31 pm

The quick questions then are: ‘So are those in control of the major levers of power Jews?’ It is not so easy for many normies to answer ‘yes’, so have examples ready. ‘Are they using that power to do damage to white people, white society?’ Again, not so easy to answer for normies. We often hear ‘Well, whites do it to themselves. They are just complaining about Jewish success, acting envious. Whites can control the media, banks, academia etc. if they were motivated to. It’s their own fault for falling for Jewish influence.’ One question we might add is: ‘Have Jews done this before in history?’ This is somewhat addressed in the essay, and could be more. But how many normies will ever have heard of it and give it… Read more »

17 October, 2019 9:05 pm


Instead of Anti-Semitism we should use the more accurate expression, ‘Counter-Semitism’.