Wrong Place and Time for Africa Ball Hero


THE COMMUNISTS at Google couldn’t even be bothered to make an insulting mystery meat doodle to honor those who died for nothing in the American Golem, so it’s back to your regularly scheduled programming of bakkaball Negroes breaking into apartments. This is the story of a heroic morlock, capable of both running and jumping, who was handed money and pathetic worship from White cuckolds. Then its genetically programmed incompatibility with a civilized nation ruined it all. Forget the vast sea of gentile blood shed in the disastrous Jewish century, let us mourn this genetic alien so cruelly taken from us. (ILLUSTRATION: The Jew behind African Tree Hockey)

Bryce Dejean-Jones had a bright future in the NBA, the league commissioner said following the death of the New Orleans Pelicans guard who was shot after kicking down the door of what he mistakenly thought was his girlfriend’s apartment in Dallas.

Good kid, turning his life around. A bright future of making lots of shekels playing a child’s game in front of debased Whites was tragically cut short because this dangerous animal kicked down the wrong door and instead of murdering his “girlfriend” it got shot. Kicking in a door gone wrong. All it wanted to do was beat or murder a woman, it didn’t have to end like this. So much potential lost, let’s join the league commissioner in shedding greasy tears over this “tragedy.”

Dejean-Jones’ father told Los Angeles station KCBS-TV that his son was tenacious.

Bryce Dejean-Jones_1464463526736_1365674_ver1.0

Yeah, I’d say. This nightmare monster didn’t even bother to make sure he had the right apartment before what was supposed to be another Ray Rice or O.J. Simpson act was cut short.

“He made up his mind that he wanted to do what he was doing — play pro ball. And whatever it took, he was going to get there. He was going to do it.”

A Negro in basketball? It’s a crazy dream, but maybe it could happen.

His girlfriend lives on the fourth floor, and Dejean-Jones, who was visiting the complex for the first time, went to the third floor.

Dat 70 I.Q. doe.

A man living at the apartment was sleeping when he heard his front door kicked open, police Senior Cpl. DeMarquis Black said Saturday in a statement.

This is why you need to be armed.

When Dejean-Jones began kicking at the bedroom door, the man retrieved a handgun and fired. Dejean-Jones collapsed in an outdoor passageway, and he died at a hospital.

This is how you protect yourself from the pathology of the American Negro. The tar creature gets limited, nothing of value was lost.

“It’s shocking this happened,” Nichols said. “Wrong place, wrong time, I think.”

Random incident, nothing to see here, etc.

In Dejean-Jones’ only NBA season, which ended in February because of a broken right wrist, the 6-foot-6 guard started 11 of 14 games and averaged 5.6 points and 3.4 rebounds.

Wow, look at all those points and “rebounds.” Sure makes you think twice about removing these violent and idiotic living fossils from White nations, doesn’t it?

“I just lost my best friend/cousin last night enjoy life because you never know if tomorrow is guaranteed,” Shabazz Muhammad of the Minnesota Timberwolves wrote on Twitter.

The amazing wisdom of a moon cult moon cricket. You just never know when the fragile life of the evolutionary dead-end will be plucked up. That door Barkevious is kicking in might well be the last one, ever.

* * *

Source: Modern Heretic

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1 June, 2016 1:26 pm

Pithy! Were it only that the Semitic Slave Trade could be recognized in all its modern forms. With the prevalence of the Hollywood-Stock Market nexus, it is often slightly annoying to be recommended a film; but Jacoppeti & Prosperi’s 1971 historical docu-dramatization, “Goodbye, Uncle Tom” is a jaunty educational run through the arrival of the Semitic Slave Trade in lovely America — and speaks to similar economism wedges in Aryan nations further afield. Strangely, many online blacks appear to love watching this film, uniquely without YouTube censorship, as a polemic of evidence without any cogent understanding gleaned from its authentic historical content. Fat jewish film critic Roger Ebert panned it as racist (props to Trotsky); yet through the voo doo of afro-asiatic rapper hypnotoad states, it flies right over the… Read more »