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WHETHER YOU’RE a do-gooder in a cucktian church, a globalist scumbag dreaming of profits or a nation-wrecking Jew parasite, we can all agree that White countries need a lot more malformed 60 I.Q. genetic aliens from sh**hole countries. Once here, “dem programs” will convert a…
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THE COMMUNISTS at Google couldn’t even be bothered to make an insulting mystery meat doodle to honor those who died for nothing in the American Golem, so it’s back to your regularly scheduled programming of bakkaball Negroes breaking into apartments. This is the story of a heroic morlock,…
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by Vic Olvir I ONCE KNEW an individual — a 20-year Air Force veteran of something less than average intelligence, but still quite capable of supplementing his pension with unskilled odd jobs — who spent most of his waking hours watching ESPN, the all-sports channel. He was a sociable enough fellow, but…
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