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Living Among Blacks and Semites

AFTER LIVING AND working in Saudi Arabia as a transport pilot for the past sixteen months, I must admit that I have nothing but the utmost contempt and revulsion for the Arabs, Jews, and other Semites. They are the ugliest, the most evil-looking, the most ignorant, the most stupid, the most illogical, the most foul-smelling, the rudest, and the filthiest human-like beings conceivable. I came over here as a Christian and I have now become an atheist: I cannot believe that this branch of mankind was created by the same God I worshipped.

Have you noticed that God chose the most displeasing race, the Semites, to receive “his word” — and the most disagreeable climate and scenery (Semitic lands) as the scene of his various miracles?

Semites possess the grossest conceit in proclaiming to the rest of the world that God — or as they say, Yahweh or Allah — selected them as his chosen earthly representatives. (Maybe my atheism goes too far, but the real God — and Yahweh/Allah — cannot be the same being; of that I am sure!)

Many Arabs of the Arabian peninsula are Negroid as well as Semitic. This is also true of the Arabs of North Africa. Centuries of easy access to Black female slaves combined with their contradictory, hypocritical, and puritanical Islamic attitudes regarding “the sacred virgins of Islam” have resulted in a race of mulattoes, bisexuals, and homosexuals.

Although officially condemned by Islam, homosexual conduct is so ingrained in the Near Eastern culture that married men often have more sexual relations with other males than they have with their wives. Many Arab males I have seen here are muscularly underdeveloped, have effeminate bodies and womanish ways of walking, holding a glass or cup, and making gestures.

The Iranians (who are neither Arabs nor Semites) have a lot of good reasons to hate us — including our CIA’s engineering of a coup in their country — but especially hate us for our blind, slavish obedience to the commands, orders, and demands issued to us by their natural enemy (and everyone’s enemy), the Jews.

Certainly we have also done much to make war on, slaughter, and otherwise harm the Muslim Semites, and they too have ample reason to hate us. But in their massive ignorance, they often woefully misunderstand their enemies, including us. These ignoramuses actually believe that the US is “anti-Islamic.” They actually believe that we attach some significance to their imbecile religion to the extent that we intend to destroy all Muslims and Muslim institutions because the Jews require this. They’re right about the Jewish control, but utterly confused about almost everything else. It’s easy for the Jews to play one Muslim sect or “revolutionary army” against the other in this part of the world, and it is standard CIA/Mossad practice to do so. Over here, nobody does anything unless there is a religious reason for it — whether it is blowing one’s nose or going to war! Just as there are only a few Ku Klux Klan outfits which are not actually operated by the FBI, so there are very few bands of heavily-armed Muslim “rebels” who don’t get help from Tel Aviv or Langley.

Having also been in a dozen Black African countries, I can unashamedly proclaim that I am proud of the White race. I would not I like to be a member of any other race. We need not take off our hats to anyone. If you have never seen the Black African in his own natural abode, you would never believe how lazy, vicious, stupid, deliberately filthy, and incurious these creatures are. Since they are cruel and vicious toward one another, you can just imagine how they behave toward strangers. Negroes, even more ignorant than the Islam-stifled Semites, have convinced themselves that Whites destroyed superior “Black civilizations” because they were envious of the greater physical and intellectual attributes of Blacks.

* * *

Source: based on an article in Instauration magazine, April 1980

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  1. Colleen
    8 April, 2018 at 10:28 pm — Reply

    Great reading. Living among blacks in America has ruined my faith as well. Wondering when they may murder you is the norm while they screech, rob, beat, and assault people daily. They’re the loudest most dangerous vile crude uncivilized filthy people in the world. Never did I think anyone can come close to their savage behavior until a horde of third world invading illegal aliens of every shade of brown, dark brown, black, and dark black Muslims illegally entered this country. These monsters make me puke at the sight of them, they’re disgusting piles of garbage littering all of our cities everywhere. Their violence and hatred is the same as the blacks towards only white people who they despise, but sure as hell want to live near. That is until they drive us all away from them. Well, the hell with them, this is our country, not theirs. Seeing their mud-colored faces everywhere turns me into a hermit. How bright and beautiful it used to be when neighbors were all white, when the grocery store clerk was white, when going to the doctor or hospitals was safe because all the staff was white!

    • Travon Martinberg
      10 April, 2018 at 11:46 am — Reply

      It’s hard to believe this great essay was written in 1980; it’s so timely considering what’s happening in the mid-east now. The implication that the Assad regime orchestrated the latest chemical attack on civilians is questionable on the surface, considering the timing (right after Trump says he wants to pull the US out of Syria, then backtracks), the lack of a military gain from the attack, and Trump’s record of acting violently to such attacks (direct and via Israel). The most likely scenario however is that Assad launched it at Putin’s behest to ensure we stay in Syria, to tie-up US military and personnel resources. But what would that say about Assad and his military leaders, who are Semites regardless of how mountainous and pure the Alawites are? And what would it say about Semites if the popular WN view that Israeli-supported rebel groups launched the attack using stolen weaponry were true? The essay covers it all.

      • 14 April, 2018 at 11:36 am — Reply

        Assad and Russia asked us to leave, we are not welcome there and we are in violation of their sovereignty, the question about Assad’s alleged attack asked by cooler heads is ” who profits”, I don’t believe it was Assad, but others that want us to stay indefinitely in Syria.

        • JimInFlorida
          15 April, 2018 at 9:53 am — Reply

          “Asking” us to leave is the primary problem.
          ZOG Amerika should be MADE to leave!

          Since Russia’s interest in Syria is mainly in their own supply bases in Latakia and Tartus, they are not going to give Syria a blank defense check. They are not going to throw out the U.S. occupiers.

          IRAN, on the other hand, has much more at stake with defending the Assad regime than does Russia. That means President Rouhani and Bashar Assad need to draw up a defense treaty that allows Iranian forces to enter Syria as defenders. That includes forming up a coalition force to surround the U.S. forces and give them an ultimatum. Leave immediately or be destroyed.

        • Travon Martinberg
          15 April, 2018 at 1:55 pm — Reply

          That’s absolutely confirmed now.

  2. JimB
    9 April, 2018 at 12:37 am — Reply

    I concur with both the author and first-commentator Colleen… 1,000% (squared).

  3. Travon Martinberg
    9 April, 2018 at 10:49 pm — Reply

    Jews choose occupations where they know they will be compensated to the point where they can afford to be shielded from blacks and browns, and white goyim as well (except when they need them to clean the pool or fix the car). Sitting for hours in a sterile office staring at graphs or affidavits and yelling at interns seems to be fulfilling as long as they can afford gated communities, private police, private schools and elite venues. These same jews have no problem supporting laws and policies that impose ever more non-whites upon the financially-limited white majority, as a seemingly jealous or spiteful dig at the people who fly their planes, build their roads, fix their power-lines, etc. If the TV show The Deadliest Catch were redesigned for jews, it would have to be renamed The Most Complicated Derivative Instrument. Blah.

  4. Bridger
    14 April, 2018 at 2:14 pm — Reply

    I haven’t been around as many Arab Muslims as the writer but the ones I have been around are pretty repulsive people. They’re generally dour, insular, inbred and rude. A religion should be ennobling and improve the character of a people and in that regard Islam’s been a complete and utter failure with regards to its Arab adherents.

    American blacks are probably THE most repulsive people. Black men cannot be trusted and are hate filled bigots with a penchant for mindless violence.

  5. JimInFlorida
    15 April, 2018 at 10:23 am — Reply

    Ancient Vedic India enjoyed the best form of religion and doctrines because it most accurately explained the nature of the Divine, the Soul, Man, Nature, Karma, etc. They believed that every nation and tribe is ruled by a particular demigod. That perfectly explains the difference between Whites vs. colored races. It explains the hereditary castes and the kind of people typically born into them. Even though we, in the U.S, have no economic classes that are fixed by law, those classes do exist and there isn’t as much mobility as we’d like to think. The appearance and habits of people who have lived in poverty for generation are noticeably different from hereditary well-to-do bourgeoisie or wealthy.

    Christianity fails due to its obsession with the transcendental God over all. That’s like petitioning the POTUS to do something that is best handled by the local Sheriff.

    Vedic India recognized that ultimate God as Krishna but, in order to be known, He manifested himself in the Trinity (Trimurti) of Brahma (creation), Vishnu (maintenance), and Shiva (destruction). But, even those Gods are above the concern of Earthly affairs. That job is delegated to many demigods and demons. That explains why you have inferior man-beasts and semi-divine humanity.

    The Supreme Being may have created their souls but, the races of men were brought about by the influence of the demigods and demons. Race mixing is THE UNFORGIVABLE SIN because it is contaminating the property of Light with Darkness. Race mixing is Satan trying to migrate his demons back into Heaven via White wombs. Both are polluted and both will fail.

  6. JimInFlorida
    15 April, 2018 at 10:52 am — Reply

    As for who God allegedly “chose” to receive His Word, the idea that the Jews are the sole recipient is utter blasphemy. THEY INVENTED THE CLAIM that God appointed them but, History and Nature do not validate the Jews’ claims. No other religion outside of the Abrahamic Trilogy (Torah, Bible, Quran) recognizes the Jews’ claims or even acknowledges their existence!

    If the Jews represent any deity today, it is clearly Belphegor. YHWH is their cruel ancestral desert god and is the evil spirit that rules the descendants of Esau and Edom.

    Same thing applies to the Muslims. The Prophet Muhammad allegedly was visited by the Archangel Gabriel and made him learn the Quran. NOT because he and his Arab brethren were worthy of a special grace but, the children of Ishmael had to receive a lower order of religion to live by. The low spirit of the Arabs and Semite has to be ruled by the iron rod of Islam.

    Which is also why they must be contained in the Middle East and Africa and NOT be allowed to invade the White countries!

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