Europe or Islam?

by V.D. Snyder

THE TIME is coming soon, my fellow Europeans! The long-delayed civil war is going to spread like a wildfire to the corners of the continent and possibly spark flames in the other Western countries across our darkening globe. The engineered “migrant” invasion is indeed a poor move on the part of the System. (See “Crowd cheers as fire breaks out at migrant center in Germany.”)

In Germany, buildings set up to house invaders are lit ablaze — while the ordinary people cheer. The people even rise up spontaneously and block off the firefighters from extinguishing the blaze. We also see the Germans are banding together in groups to block the path of buses carrying invaders while chanting words of nationalism and patriotism for all to hear — inspiring new fear into these brown soldiers sent here for the sole purpose of taking our land and exterminating our race. (See the article “Mob chanting at bus of refugees in Germany shames politicians” from The Guardian and video above.)

“This is abhorrent and disgusting,” says Stanislaw Tillich, another White puppet whose very career is being a cog in the Government’s propaganda machine.

This is an invasion. An invasion in which the System has been playing both sides. Firstly, their policy is bringing in hundreds of thousands — now millions — of these undesirables to “seek refuge” into exclusively White countries. Second, one of the factors driving the flow is everyone’s favorite branch of the Israeli military known as ISIS. The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) have remained in contact with ISIS since May 2013, while Israel as a whole remains silent on the issue — all of that without seeing ISIS put a single dent in Israel. It is a classic move on the part of the Jews — collaborating with and funding both sides of an incident to have a financial grip on the world has been a trick of theirs since the Rothschild’s funding of both sides during the Napoleonic Wars.

It was only a matter of time before something like this happened. Their idea is to gradually lead our people into the slaughter, because there is no way the System would be able to kill us all wholesale as they did during the Bolshevik Revolution. In Russia they used the doctrine of Marxist Communism to divide and conquer the Gentile population. The Jews murdered the Tsar and his whole family, butchered the aristocrats for their wealth and because of their leadership potential, and soon turned on the common people. Innumerable workers and farmers met a bloody fate under the curtain of Jewish Communism that bled all of Russia dry. Stalin, for a time their leading Gentile puppet who assisted in the mass starvation and genocide, eventually tried to turn against the Jews and was poisoned for his resistance to the tribe. And after the Germans were crushed and slaughtered for trying to resist Jewish world ownership, Communism was spread all across Europe. Even Stalin learned that the Jews cannot be trusted.

The Jewish power structure wants to make the invasion into a “nice” and trendy idea. The mass media have been hard at work since the end of the Second World War to ensure the public remains ignorant and obedient. They have promoted radical feminism, display of fashionable cuckoldry in White males, miscegenation, and now even social sovereignty of pedophiles and rapists. It is now being reported that Swedish “feminists” actually want to be raped and abused by Middle Eastern filth.

In this war that the Jews have forced on us, there are only two options: Europe or Islam.

Europeans are no longer safe in their own countries, and cannot count on their politicians or authority figures to protect them. Today, criticizing or even protecting oneself against an Islamic criminal is denounced as a criminal or unconstitutional deed. If the operatives of the System could have their wishes granted, they would read our very thoughts and arrest us en masse the very instant we began to think “unapproved” “racist” thoughts. The European continent is beginning to resemble more and more Huxley’s novel Brave New World. Instead of soma, we have the pleasures of drug- and alcohol-hazed hedonism and television to keep our minds off of our demise, and dietary and chemical means are used to lower our testosterone — in hopes that our spirits will be broken and we will surrender outright.

What the System is doing with Islam and ISIS is nothing new in Europe. It resembles what the Christians — with the aid of the Jews — did to pre-Christian Europe on a massive scale: the use of murder and terror to extinguish the indigenous religions of Europe. Death camps, organized murder, genocide — all products of what the Jews and Jewish/Middle Eastern ideas have brought to the Western World. Will we allow this to happen again?

There is no question about it. In our lifetimes we will see the great civil war in Europe. What will it be? Islam or Europe? Your actions — not your words — will determine which side you truly stand for. If you tolerate the problem, you are the problem and if you ignore the problem, then you are the problem.

White brethren, we will be the solution. We face terrible odds. But since when has that ever stopped us? With unity and solidarity among Whites we will succeed.

* * *

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Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
22 March, 2016 8:10 pm

Yes, I recently went to Aachen, Germany and saw exhibits on Charlemagne, or as the Germans call him, Karl der Gros.

I was sickened by what this man of God did to the Saxons. Maybe it was the fashion of those times, but it was not the way among the Romans and the Greeks to kill over religion. No, that came from a non-European spirit.

But, yes, a civil war must come. And after that, Europeans will see that they had, all along, a treasure above all treasures—their European identity and genetics.