Why Did They Do It?


A BRIEF SUMMARY of Europe’s immivasion so far:

  1. Massive adverse reaction throughout the Continent
  2. De facto and virtual de jure unions of anti-immivasion countries have formed. Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary have established the Visegrad Group to pursue their own immigration-focused interests. Expect others to follow
  3. The Shengen Zone is in total disarray
  4. MSM credibility has taken a body blow. In Germany the term ‘lying press’ is now in common usage, even in the Lying Press itself!
  5. “Right-wing” parties are growing everywhere
  6. Local militias, the fountainhead of any future revolution, are springing up throughout the Continent
  7. Islam has been exposed for what it is: A barbaric totalitarian death cult whose impact on Europe will be catastrophic
  8. The Victimhood Hierarchy is disintegrating as Muslims (the luvvies’ favourite victims) show what they have in mind for women and gays
  9. It’s dawned on the general public that their future will be one of endless and unpredictable terrorist attacks
  10. A British exit (or at least a vote in favour of exit) looks more likely by the day

In short the whole European project has taken a series of severe body blows from which it might never recover……..despite its monopoly on wealth, power and the media. But what was to be expected from unleashing an invading army of inbred, violent unproductive parasites on a peaceful advanced Continent?

The EU leaders are not stupid. Evil, undoubtedly. But not stupid. So why did they just not only shoot themselves in the foot but virtually blow that foot off? You see, things had been going just swimmingly by boiling the frog. We (i.e. the frog) were being brainwashed, marginalised and seemingly set for inevitable demographic extinction.

Why did they not just leave well enough alone? This really is an intriguing question. Was it arrogance and contempt for the ordinary people, no longer seeing them as a threat? Or is there some forthcoming event (e.g. economic collapse) that we don’t know about, one which has forced their hand?

Or what?

* * *

Source: Irish Savant

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4 February, 2016 8:11 pm

How many migrants will come to Europa over the mediterranean in 2016? The experts agree that it will amount to several million. Here is a statistical method that predicts between 4 and 8 million:

(sorry, in norwegian)

16 % of these migrants, according to history 2013-2015, turn up as asylum seekers in Sweden, so about a MILLION will enter Sweden in 2016. Please note that Sweden has only 10 million inhabitants and that 3 million of these are already aliens, meaning non-european invaders.