Kai Murros: The Voice of Europe

New high-quality production of a section of Murros’ justly famous Moscow speech

by Kai Murros

DARK CLOUDS are hanging over Europe. The European people have been utterly betrayed by their elite. The magnitude of this conspiracy is unprecedented in human history; our ruling elite has turned out to be a mere corrupt lackey of global capitalism. These high priced parasites have stolen the Europeans’ livelihood, their land, their future, and their self-esteem. These prostitutes of the corporate world have also exposed Europe to an endless rampage of brutal beggars and forcefully denied Europeans any means of defending themselves.

We have become powerless; we have lost control over our lives; we are denied our place in this world and our spirit is waning. What once was ours has been taken away and given to greedy aliens; what we once held sacred is ridiculed and mocked by arrogant intruders; what once was familiar to us has now been degenerated into something strange and threatening.

For decades Europeans have been taught to hate and despise themselves; generations of Europeans have been brought up believing that the world would be a better place without them; they have been brought up to feel the crushing weight of the White man’s endless guilt. Europeans are constantly reminded that only through self-destruction can they pay for the sins of their civilization.

The death of Europe is the fashion of the day — our demise a sign of progress — the disintegration of traditional Europe a “way forward” — the predatory invasions against Europe only the “latest trend” — self-hatred is a sure sign of “intellectual thinking.”

We are called to celebrate the physical, intellectual, cultural, and spiritual collapse of our civilization. We have already been brainwashed to believe that the collapse is inevitable and that it is a law of Nature that we should die out and the barbarian hordes at our gates should win.

Under the disguise of liberalism, humanism, and democracy Europeans have been persuaded to commit an ethnic suicide — a race that has achieved so much and has survived so much has been tricked to welcome its own downfall and to take active measures in order to become a stranger on its own soil.

We are witnessing the most vicious and cruel conspiracy in history — the conspiracy to replace the European people: a systematic campaign to wipe out Europeans from existence, first by socially degenerating the people and then, through mental and physical retardation, to paralyze the ability of the people to resist, to poison the very biological stock where all the great deeds of the past once grew. So that in the end a herd of geldings would be easier to usher to their death — rather than the once proud race of warriors, craftsmen, and explorers.

But as our situation deteriorates, the harsh realities of life will force the European people to open their eyes. Undoubtedly the media will try to deny the truth until the end, and the academic elite will keep on spreading lies as it has always done — but once we hit rock bottom and face doom the truth will come out.

They may preach leftism, liberalism, feminism, love and peace, reason and tolerance — but as our desperation and anger grows, the old instincts start working again — we are biological beings after all, and we have the will to survive, the need to protect our offspring, and the urge to defend our territory still intact — they cannot erase these things from our genetic makeup. You can fight Nature only so far, but once you have crossed the line, Nature strikes back. This is a struggle between sterile theories and the primitive forces within us, between high-flying politically correct “ideals” and our atavistic passions — and in the end Life will prevail over theory and abstractions.

The war for the liberation of Europe means that in the future, global politics will be dictated by our biological needs and instincts — the collective beast of the Europeans will take over and replace the soft, polite, liberal, and civilized Superego. It is clear that when the beast takes over reason, tolerance and moderation step aside — the European revolution will be the revolution of the subconscious. The modern world has turned into a deadly trap for us, and in order to break free we will turn to the dark side of our personality for strength.

Many of you may ask — Will it be too late? — Maybe the aliens will be already too strong when Europeans finally awake — How can we beat them if we are already in the minority?

We will win against the intruders because our resolve is stronger, we are defending our own soil, and our roots go deeper. We will win because our existence is at stake, our strategic advantage in this struggle is that we have no place to go. Once we realize that we are cornered like rats, we will unleash a frenzied attack.

The war for the liberation of Europe will be the climax of our history. Because of this war, everything that has happened to us so far makes sense. Our history is a gradual development, leading up to this purpose: so that in the end we would declare this war. This war is the logical conclusion of our past and a direct consequence of what has been done to us — the powers that be can only blame themselves. This war is also the beginning of our future, something we will create together as one powerful nation — after we have dealt with our enemies, there are no limits to what we can achieve and how far we can reach.

We must, in the end, admit that we actually need this crisis. This crisis will bring out the best in us — it will harden us, make us stronger and wiser. Without this crisis there would not be unity among Europeans. Only the sense of imminent death will bring Europeans together, only the looming peril will force the Europeans to find each other as brothers and sisters, and only the burning hatred toward a common enemy will help Europeans to erase all national barriers dividing and weakening our race.

The war for the liberation of Europe will finally weld us Europeans together. It had to be this way — economy, technology and some artificial political ideals were never enough to create a nation — the liberal fantasy was doomed right from the start. Instead, we need this intense pressure from the outside, we need this struggle over life and death, we need this explosion of shared emotions — fear, hatred, rage — love, loyalty, courage. In the end blood is united with blood and we will witness the birth of a nation.

This common struggle — the tears of loss and the tears of joy — the memories of those who return home and the memory of those who die in battle — will create the myths that bind us Europeans together until the end of days. This war will erase our troubled past and gives us the future. We absolutely and categorically need this war. We need one more war — a war of all wars — one magnificent, glorious, noble, mesmerizing, enticing, breath-taking war. We must never be ashamed to admit that the resurrection of Europe requires the greatest war this planet has ever seen.

As long as the Europeans were on top of the food chain, running their colonial empires across the globe, we didn’t have to worry about the survival of our race and civilization. Europeans were only concerned about fighting other Europeans and becoming more powerful at the expense of their racial kinfolk.

But now we have lost the colonial empires and we are about to lose everything else as well. Under the pressure we will, however, adapt, learn, and evolve — and as a result we will become more cunning, cruel, and ferocious. This crisis teaches us to win; this crisis forces us to win.

Today the media claim that Europeans are sterile, aging, and tired — that Europeans are peace-loving — that Europeans are shy, weak, and always willing to step aside — that Europeans are too tired to build anything anymore, too lazy produce anything anymore — that Europeans have lost their lust for life.

We will show them!

Let the whole world know that Europeans refuse to die; let it be clear to everyone on this planet that Europeans will not apologize and will not retreat anymore.

We will go further than ever before. We conquer the future for ourselves and we will not share it with anyone. What Europe needs, she takes!

For us Europeans defeat is not an option — we have created the greatest civilization on earth, we have always crushed our enemies, we have explored this planet, reached the moon, split the atom, and accumulated scientific knowledge far more than all the other races together. Even today, at the moment of our weakness, we are still admired and envied by the entire world.

Our enemies, the vile alien masses herding in our streets, attacking, extorting, robbing our people, abusing our hospitality, laying claim on our soil, have not yet even grasped what absolute and total violence on a massive scale means. They seem to think that they can intimidate us into submission by using terrorism and petty gang violence, but they forget that once we Europeans turn violent we wipe out races, we destroy entire civilizations, we desolate continents, and we start world wars.

Europeans are masters of violence. Nature has endowed us with courage, patience, resilience, and a systematic mind. We will use these gifts to the fullest in the coming years. We will declare a total and radical war of destruction on those who wish us harm and we will not stop until we have destroyed them completely.

Those who hope that Europe would fall will soon be greatly disappointed. And those who conspire to harm Europe and Europeans will soon fear for their lives — there is no place on this Earth where they can hide from us — we will hunt them down and we will make them pay.

The liberals keep warning people about us and our plans; the liberals are like old babbling women who tell horror stories of what will happen if nationalists take over one day. And of course the liberals are right — once we are unleashed we will open the gates of Hell and summon the Furor Europeicus. There is nothing more frightening in this world than the bloodlust of a nation that has suffered injustice.

We accept the fact that there is struggle in Nature and that all biological as well as cultural evolution is based on this constant struggle. We maintain that the highest form of social and cultural struggle is the struggle between entire civilizations. The age of competing nations is over, as nations are now regrouping and gathering under the banners of civilizations. Civilizations are superorganisms; they compete over living space and resources and only the strongest will prevail.

We maintain that the European civilization is superior to all other civilizations and that all her needs must be met first. In order to protect her interests globally we will call a global mobilization of the European people. For us there is only one law, the highest law — our survival — and whatever course of action we may choose in the future, its sole purpose is the implementation of this law.

The coming war is not going to be a moral problem. The coming war will be a mere technical problem. And once we have solved the technical problem we will be able to wage a war of absolute destruction in all corners of the Earth as we see fit. We can take the initiative wherever, whenever, and against whomever we want — and stay on the offensive until the enemy is exterminated. For us war is the logical culmination of evolution. For us politics is secondary to war. For us politics is just a prelude to war. All the great questions of our time can and will be solved through war.

The world is facing cataclysmic changes as the tectonic plates of races and civilizations are colliding — overpopulation is making the world too small for us all. The endless minor conflicts that have burned across the planet for decades will grow into gigantic genocidal wars over living space and life-sustaining resources — water, food, breathable air, and energy. Societies will fall, chaos will reign, and civilization will collapse — leaving most parts of the planet in savagery.

Europe will face these challenges of the future by systematically waging wars with radical environmental, ecological, and ethnic goals. We will check the avalanche of hostile overgrowing populations; we will decimate the predatory migrations against Europe — all threats against Europe will be eradicated. We will strike overpopulation right at its source!

What starts in the streets of Europe with fists, knives, and broken bottles will end in gigantic clashes in faraway battlefields — our front line stretches from the Strait of Gibraltar to Vladivostok and from Rio Grande to the shores of Australia. In these wars of tomorrow there will be no Finns or Russians, Swedes or Spaniards, Italians or Irish anymore, because such concepts have simply ceased to exist. The warriors of the future are simply Europeans united in common struggle, sharing the baptism of fire and the communion of power.

In the crucible of these cataclysmic wars an entirely new race is born. Through pain and struggle the new European man will reclaim his throne, sacrificing himself at the altar of his race. Upon the new European man will be bestowed unforeseen powers.

We will wage the coming wars with religious devotion. Europe’s future armies will be the new Holy Order in a modern battlefield. For them the destruction of Europe’s enemies is a sacred ritual. Our fanaticism and uncompromising radicalism will be a rude awakening for those who thought we would happily accept defeat.

In order to secure Europe’s place in the world and to restore her power and prestige we must resort to total mobilization of Europe’s productive forces. Europe must stand on its own again; Europe must be self-sufficient — all ties of dependency to foreign production must be cut. Europe must be able to produce everything her people, economy, and armed forces need.

Our grand strategy must be made absolutely clear to absolutely everybody, right from the start:

1) We will re-industrialize Europe.

2) We will re-militarize Europe.

3) And, we will re-vitalize Europe.

This gigantic undertaking will restore the pride and self-esteem of the European working class and a future for those millions of Europeans whose lives have been shattered by the blind forces of global capitalism. This unprecedented collective effort in European history will guarantee that no European will ever again be without a proper job with a proper wage, that no European will ever again go hungry, and that there will always be a decent home for each and every European.

Once again everyone is important as all hands are needed in the reconstruction of Europe. We will snatch Europe from the jaws of death and make her the queen of continents again!

All this and much more we will do so that Europe will live forever. In the years to come our movement will evoke ancient forces, restore long-lost traditions, find what once was lost, and mend what once was broken. Stories will be told and songs will be sung telling the deeds of the heroes who fought today for the survival of Europe.

And finally when all is done and the heroes have receded into the twilight of the gods, we can safely say that the prehistory of our race is over and the future just about to begin.

* * *

Source: Correspondents

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29 January, 2016 4:28 am

The most powerful way to reach the masses is via video, because it incorporates all the senses, sight, sound and text all at once. I hope that people will organize to make all of Western Civilization’s greatest books into audiobook, and from there use Audio/Video tools to make them into videos.

16 February, 2016 1:17 pm

Brilliant video, will share!

15 November, 2020 3:15 pm

Get your families together and discuss a security plan.
Political: Tell your local politicians they will lose your support if they ever communicate anything anti-White.
Economic: Start a small bank. Every day store a small amount of money each so that it can be used for opportunities and emergencies of your kinfolk
Socio-cultural: Raise your standing in the community and with the law.
Technology: Use technology to communicate and be productive. Do not share your technology or ideas wantonly. Technology is our specialty.

Raise the morale and morals of kinfolk.