Up to Four Million Immigrants Expected to Storm Europe this Spring

storming-europeAnd the UN approves.

HRISTO Grigorov, the spokesman for the Bulgarian Red Cross, recently said that a wave of three to four million so-called “refugees” will be storming Europe in Spring 2016 – four times as many as in the whole of 2015.

He said “those that started this game understood this was a very big mistake as the price is ultimately not paid by weapon sellers but by normal people and mothers with children…”

He warned that “Europe will pay the highest price.”

Analysts are predicting that in just Italy alone “at least 400 thousand immigrants” will land in the country “in the coming weeks.

Filippo Grandi, the new head of the UN’s refugee agency, has pretty much the same opinion as his predecessor: Europe must take as many as it can — but let’s not outright demand the same thing of any non-White countries like Japan or South Korea.

Filippo Grandi
Filippo Grandi

“Europe can absorb more genuine refugees if it would be better organised among the different member-states” Grandi said.

“However, we understand the predicament. It is a social and political predicament which is very serious.”

This “political predicament” that he speaks of means that many people are increasingly rejecting the idea of turning the West into a “diverse” and “international” “melting-pot.”

Hristo Grigorov: warns of huge influx; says "Europe will pay the price"
Hristo Grigorov: warns of huge influx; says “Europe will pay the highest price.”

The “elites” have themselves admitted many times that they want mass immigration to turn White people into the minority — this has been the whole point of mass immigration into majority White countries, post-1960.

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Source: White Genocide Project

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