Chaos in Europe: Our People’s Salvation?


As the officially-sanctioned invasion continues, the rape and terror on the streets will force White people to choose sides.

by Petri Mikkonen

THE NEW YEAR began with events that can only be described as dismal. Rape and sexual harassment, mainly in Germany, but also in Sweden — and in addition a planned “taharrush” rape-riot in Finland, which was prevented (although some women were still sexually harassed). Reports continue to arrive about rape, attempted rape, and sexual harassment by invaders against White women. Recently it emerged that six Arab men assaulted and raped a heavily pregnant 18-year-old woman in Germany — an event that the police tried to hush up, but which nevertheless came to light thanks to social media. Many have also read about the Algerian invader who beat and raped a German girl while he shouted “inshallah.” An immigrant made a statement to the youth leader in Vårboskolan in Arlöv defending the invaders’ molesting of school girls.

Yes, there is hardly a day without a White girl or woman being raped or beaten — and often both at the same time — at the hands of an invader from the Middle East or North Africa.

When over 1000 “refugees” committed mass assault, robbery, and rape in Cologne, that event can be said to have been the start of an explosion of sexual abuse against White women across Europe.

Nationalists — not least the National Socialists — have predicted and warned us about events like these for years, only to be dismissed as liars, “conspiracy theorists,” or simply “racists.”

None of us want these tragedies to happen. But, when trying to analyze the situation in a reasonably and historically objective manner, we can see that what happened in Cologne and elsewhere is a catalyst leading to a paradigm shift in White people’s thinking.

This paradigm shift means that eyes will open; that common sense will prevail again; that racial differences will once again be regarded as actual realities.

This in itself obviously does not mean that all people will automatically become National Socialists. In fact we, the committed and informed minority, need to increase the pace of our activities. They will be far more productive now than in previous years. And you who have not yet joined our fight, but sympathize with the Nordic Resistance: It’s now or never! Apply, join, and help us.

One cannot argue that there is anything, anything at all, that would justify you not joining the fight. “What the boss or friends say” — so what? If you risk getting a stone in the head when we take back the streets — so what? When we are about to lose everything, then there is no risk too great.

Many of us are aware that what is now happening in Europe is just the beginning — a taste of what’s to come. It is of course infinitely tragic. But perhaps it is also the only thing that can save our people.

If the invaders had been sufficiently intelligent and strategically sophisticated [like the Jews who engineered their invasion — Ed.], they would have continued to give the impression of being integrated or assimilated into our societies — while they demographically continued to replace us. But they are apparently incapable of such a strategy and now believe they are so strong that they can begin to commit offenses against our people on a large scale. It is possible that they expect that there will be no resistance — from the authorities, there is practically no resistance; rather, the authorities work to increase the chaos and escalate the acts against White people.

However, that is a postulate that we can see now as at least partially wrong. The resistance in Germany is growing and ordinary citizens are becoming radicalized. The once rather “moderate” organization Pegida has held demonstrations in which participants displayed nooses intended — at least metaphorically — for Angela Merkel. Dreadful “hooligans” have been mistreating immigrants in Cologne and other cities in ways that would never be approved at a conservative tea party, and recently we had a similar incident in central Stockholm. All this more or less spontaneous popular resistance is to be welcomed. Our task is to find all those who are willing to fight, organize them politically, and actively work for a free Europe and Nordic community.


Defeatists complain about the situation, and tell us that all is lost and that it is time to flee the country. But we know that the Nordic resistance movement is growing every day — and the more the rabid invaders rage and cause chaos, the more people who might previously have ignored politics — or even approved of “multiculturalism” — will decide they’ve had enough.

Of course there are incurable cases and active traitors, but when we set out to reclaim our countries, their slogans and counter-demonstrations will be of no effect. When non-White rapists run amok in our cities and make impossible the normal lives of the people, leftist and media slogans will no longer have any effect.

The so-called ordinary people have been able to ignore the situation up until now, because the riots and chaos occurred in “immigrant suburbs” — but when you no longer even take the train home from work, people will take sides.

That is why I argue that “the Cologne incident” may well be a catalyst, especially when it was far from being a “one-off” event, but escalates every day that the traitors import more invaders into our countries.

All this is, of course, deeply tragic. But maybe it has to happen for us to survive. Before the day of revolution, our people will suffer; our sisters and daughters will be raped; our brothers and sons will be robbed, beaten, and murdered. But it is not we who have ordered this. It is we who are the resistance, and the resistance is growing!

* * *

Source: Nordic Resistance

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19 February, 2016 4:29 am

The more white women raped, and the more white women and white men robbed and murdered at the hands of the sub-human trash from the third world the better. I have said many times that reality can be the worst nightmare of all. And it will take such a nightmare to awaken white people – all white people – to the reality of life in a darkening world. The politicians do not care about your welfare. The church leaders do not care! Your teachers, university professors and corporate leaders do not care. Statistics mean nothing to most white people! Personal eye-witness accounts such as those I have presented from time-to-time in this forum mean nothing to most white people. The only thing that will awaken white people is hard, tough… Read more »