Monsanto Research Site in France Goes Up in Flames


A MONSANTO RESEARCH site in France was enveloped recently in heavy flames due to a possible arson attack against the company. Two areas dedicated to maize research caught fire with the smell of petrol lingering in nearby hallways and throughout other areas of Monsanto’s building site.

Jakob Witten, an official spokesperson for the company told police that the company suspects arson because no electrical damage was found.

 Witten said that this was unprecedented violence against the Big Ag company as no other arson attempts had been made in Europe to date. However, forty tons of GM sugar beets were torched in Oregon, sparking an FBI investigation, so the sentiment behind this latest arson, if it indeed was an act of violence, is not unprecedented.

As Real Farmacy points out:

“. . this is exactly the type of retribution many have warned about, when lawmakers and corporations refuse to honor the Constitution and instead engage in ‘legalized’ criminal acts such as enabled by the ‘Monsanto Protection Act.’”

The news comes as Monsanto announces the closing of 3 research and development centers as well as the termination of approximately 2,600 employees amid falling stock prices and GM seed support.

The French have often criticized the U.S. agribusiness model and though member states of the EU were recently given an option to forgo the cultivation of GM crops with new legislation, politicians recently tried to over-rule that legislation and force GM crops on EU states who have made it exceedingly clear they aren’t interested in growing them.

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Source: Natural Society

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7 November, 2015 5:01 am

GM “foods” have had research tests done on many animals.
Many Animals ended up with cancer, birth defects, and massive deformities.

These bastards now how bad their GM “food” is, just like the smoking industry did about theirs.

In a National Socialist nation these companies would be banned and their owners thrown in jail.