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by Dr. William L. Pierce

WHAT happened in New York City after the Diana Ross concert in Central Park last month didn’t rate much mention in newspapers outside the New York area. After all, as Assistant Chief of Police Gerard J. Kerins explained, ” It’s not unusual for things like this to happen at rock concerts. ” It is, in fact, almost customary for Whites to be assaulted, raped, and robbed at Black concerts; it has happened in Detroit, Washington, Philadelphia, and other cities often enough in the last few years. (ILLUSTRATION: Aerial view of Central Park Diana Ross concert)

Even the “wolf packs” of Black and Hispanic teen-agers — some with as many as 200 members — which fanned out from Central Park after the concert and assaulted every White person they encountered are nothing new, except perhaps for their size. Young Blacks and Hispanics have long used the “wolf pack” tactic to rob and terrify White passengers on buses and subway trains from San Francisco to New York.

Of course, there were some especially cute angles to what happened in New York last month, such as the family from Paris which had just arrived in New York for a vacation when they were assaulted and robbed by a gang of 20 Black teen-agers. They incredulously reported that when they approached a policeman for help, bleeding and bruised, he told them, “That’s life; good-bye.” The French family promptly headed back to the airport to go home.

And there was the elegant restaurant near Central Park, the Tavern on the Green, which was stormed by one of the “wolf packs.” An estimated 50 Blacks climbed onto the roof of the restaurant and then leaped down into the interior patio where Whites were dining. They jumped onto tables, stabbed and slashed diners with knives, grabbed purses, and then swarmed back up over the patio walls to look for more victims on the streets.

Well, as everyone knows, Black-on-White crime is not the sort of news the controlled media like to report, cute angles or not. What is significant is that only five years ago they would have reported last month’s New Youk riot heavily, whether they liked it or not. Today it really is less newsworthy.

Even the attitude of the police is no longer surprising to the well-acclimated, city-dwelling American. As one New York police sergeant told a New York Post reporter during the riot, explaining why so few rioters were being arrested: “They’re like locusts. They’re devouring everything in sight.” Besides, who can blame the numerically overwhelmed cops for not wanting to face the inevitable charges of “poh-leece brutality” and “racism” which would have been hurled at them if they had used their firearms and really cracked down hard on the rampaging Blacks and Hispanics?

And, really, why should anyone — especially the racially conscious White minority — complain about what happened? Certainly, we cannot sympathize with any White who comes to grief at a Diana Ross concert, if he went there of his own volition. The race will be better off when all such sickos have had their throats cut.

As for the innocent White pedestrians and diners who did not attend the concert, but who had the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, is it really such a bad thing that they got robbed, stabbed, and beaten? Is that not the best possible medicine for a White public which would like to pretend that their society is not terminally ill? Is it not better to rub their noses in what they have let America become than to permit their hypocrisy, their moral cowardice, their shortsightedness, and their irresponsibility to go unchastised?

It is too much to hope that those well-heeled diners at the Tavern on the Green have all acquired a sense of racial responsibility from their recent experience. But isn’t it a good thing that they’ve at least been brought face to face for a few moments with what life is really like in Jewish America?

Isn’t it good to remind these oh-so-clever New Yorkers that the monster they have created with their own thoughtless votes, their own sheeplike modishness, and their own Christian charity is irretrievably out of control?

* * *

Source: National Vanguard magazine, August 1983

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Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
5 September, 2015 7:35 pm

Achtung!! The few remaining
racially-conscious Whites here in SC
have fled to something called “South
Carolina Constitution Party” or
something of that inkling which
accepts ‘Jee-zus’ and begs for
patience while parlaying “We are
currently upgrading our site and
not all links will be working for
now. Please come back frequently
to visit.”


No doubt. Perhaps ‘Jee-zus’ will
come back down from ‘His’ perch on
the back side of Luna with his now-
worn-out proclamation, “Red and
Yellow – Black and White – All are
equal – in his sight.” ENOUGH

5 September, 2015 9:53 pm

A story from the South: About thirty years ago as I attended my nephew’s wedding in Atlanta the unprecedented things were happening. This coincided untimely with the ” black college reunions.” We all had to use buses because the black visitors had rented all of the limousine services. These should be the better of their race but their behavior was not appreciated by their hosts. Whether influenced by intoxicants or the typical libidinous behavior of their youth it seems they are wont to disrobe and dance provocatively before white people especially to impress the females. One of these merry gentleman in a frenetic ecstasy jumped upon the front hood of an automobile . He began to gyrate and dance naked an exhibition displaying his virtues and virility. The family in… Read more »