Ashkenazi Jews Can be Identified at 100% Accuracy by DNA Tests


A STUDY, A genome-wide genetic signature of Jewish ancestry perfectly separates individuals with and without full Jewish ancestry in a large random sample of European Americans, indicates that Ashkenazi Jews, though mixed with Europeans to a degree, can nevertheless be genetically distinguished from Europeans with an accuracy of 100 per cent. The title is so informative that pasting the abstract is almost unnecessary, but here is the conclusion which gets to the point:

In conclusion, we show that, at least in the context of the studied sample, it is possible to predict full Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry with 100% sensitivity and 100% specificity, although it should be noted that the exact dividing line between a Jewish and non-Jewish cluster will vary across sample sets which in practice would reduce the accuracy of the prediction. While the full historical demographic explanations for this distinction remain to be resolved, it is clear that the genomes of individuals with full Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry carry an unambiguous signature of their Jewish heritage, and this seems more likely to be due to their specific Middle Eastern ancestry than to inbreeding.

There have been other papers which show that Ashkenazi Jews form a separate cluster from gentile whites in the United States. This is important again in the context of biomedical studies attempting to ascertain the genetic roots of particular diseases; population substructure (e.g., Jew vs. non-Jew) may result in confounded associations. Also, one of the authors of the paper is David Goldstein, author of the fascinating Jacob’s Legacy.

In any case, on to the PC charts where the real action is. Do note that I’ve resized and added explanatory labels here & there for clarity.


As you can see, there is almost perfect separation between the Jewish and non-Jewish clusters here. PC 1 = first principle component of variation, and PC 2 second principle component of variation. These are the two largest independent dimensions of genetic variance extractable out of the data set. The authors note that there is almost perfect separation along PC 1, and, they note that most of the gentile whites who are closest to the Jews on this PC are of Italian or Eastern Mediterranean origin. This is important later.


As you can see here, the interesting point is that Jewish ancestral quanta is roughly predictive of genetic position. This shouldn’t be that surprising once we know that Jews and non-Jews separate so cleanly (e.g., someone who is biracial would be located between their two parent racial clusters on any plot), but it is striking nonetheless in reaffirming the genetic reality of Jewishness. The United States has an easy genealogical history for Jews, as the ancestors of all self-identified American Jews today arrived on the order of 4-6 generations ago. These individuals were likely Jewish relatively far back in their lineages, and admixture is easy to recall because it is of recent vintage.

Finally, let’s put Ashkenazi Jews in the worldwide context.


I labeled a few populations for clarity. Orcadians are individuals from the Orkney Islands, just off the northern coast of Scotland. As you can see, American whites occupy an expansive region, in large part due to their diverse origins and admixtures. The Druze have been genetically isolated for over 5 centuries, so it is not particularly surprising they form a distinct cluster. It is likely a function of drift due to bottlenecking, just like Iceland. The separation between the Ashkenazi and the Palestinians might be of interest to some because of political reasons.

As the authors note, the Ashkenazi are almost certainly a compound population. There are full-Jews who “look gentile” and full-Jews who could pass easily in the Middle East as a native. Most Ashkenazi Jews exhibit a mix of features. The genetic likelihood that the Ashkenazi have varied origins should be no surprise. The paper notes that Askhenazi heterozygosity is actually somewhat greater than American whites, implying that the source of their distinctiveness has to do with genetic origin, not genetic history (i.e., population bottlenecks). Another population which I suspect resembles the population history of the Ashkenazi are Uyghurs, who fall between Europeans and Han Chinese in their ancestry. But the hybridization even occurred in the past, so the Uyghurs today can be thought of as a separate population with its own suite of genetic combinations, as opposed to a hybrid of two “pure” groups. Similarly, Ashkenazi Jews no doubt emerged from hybridization events between Middle Eastern and European females, but over the generations they have been relatively endogamous (most gene flow has been out of the community into gentile Europeans through conversion) and so are a genetically coherent population in their own right.

Note that the authors had only a few non-Ashkenazi Jews in their sample, so the assertions above only apply to the Ashkenazi (95-99% of America’s Jewish population, but only ~50% of Israel’s).

Update: Dienekes emphasizes that the hypothesis that the admixture element which makes Ashkenazi Jews distinctive from other Europeans is Middle Eastern is somewhat speculative. I’m less skeptical than him seeing as how some Y lineages are Middle Eastern, but he offers this interesting point:

With that said, I do suspect that the distinctiveness of the Ashkenazi Jews is in part due to the possession of a Middle Eastern component of unspecified strength. I base this hypothesis on the results reported to me about the EURO-DNA-CALC test. This test distinguishes between NW, SE Europeans and Ashkenazi Jews; a few Arab individuals who have communicated their results to me have reported fairly high Ashkenazi Jewish components, indicating that part of what distinguishes an Ashkenazi Jews from Europeans is related to the Middle Eastern Semitic background of that group.

* * *

Source: Science Blogs

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Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
23 July, 2015 1:11 pm

At least we will no longer have to ID them with easily-
removable yellow patches. This information could be
placed on a microchip and inserted under their skins
in a relatively inaccessible area of the torso!

Christine Apgar
Christine Apgar
14 July, 2017 11:17 pm

I am confused maybe you could help clarify. When I did DNA analysis for my pregnancy both my husband and I had Ashkenazi Jew. I am Palestian and my husband Germany, Polish. His family Virginia was nominated Jewish Women of the Year, but he does not know much about his father’s side. Can an Arab be Jewish? Funny, Cedar Sinai even asked if my husband and I were related. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
16 July, 2017 1:56 am

>I am confused

I will just tippie-toe away from this one, if you please.

Citizen of the Free World!
Citizen of the Free World!
30 September, 2017 9:33 pm

Nazi pig, filth, subhuman trash… waste of space… NAZI! SCUM!

Joe red piller
Joe red piller
Reply to  Citizen of the Free World!
11 November, 2017 9:17 am

this isn’t a nazi website. White separatism is for the intelligent and the strong, the new world order is for the weak and short sighted why won’t you understand that!

l kj
l kj
Reply to  Citizen of the Free World!
26 April, 2021 10:57 am

kikes like you need to…, you are a parasite upon white culture, you should be tested, discovered, and removed from our presence.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
1 October, 2017 12:31 am

NTS have a few words about Jews. I do not agree with everything he says, but this one is spot on…

genetic decypherer
genetic decypherer
Reply to  Walt Hampton
11 November, 2017 9:12 am

middle eastern Arabs are not of pure blood either. the charts of Cavalli Sforza from his book history of human genes as well as eupedia prove that Semites/hither Asiatics are a mixed race people who are three quarters Caucasian and something like 1/8th or even 1/4 negroid. The middle east used to be purely white in prehistoric times, genetics has proven that the archaic populations are closer to , Indo-Iranians and even western Europeans than they are to the Hebraic and Arab populations which predominate the sub continent today. They also have very high neanderthal DNA, especially in Saudi Arabia where the admixture can get up to 40 percent which explains their hyper sexuality and their love of savagery. However that could be influenced from the negro genes as well… Read more »

l kj
l kj
Reply to  genetic decypherer
26 April, 2021 10:58 am

you mean homo erectus

Prinz Edelhart
Prinz Edelhart
30 May, 2021 8:36 am

Not sure any more how much I believe in Scienceism and their ‘tests’. Also, who is or isn’t declared Jewish by some ‘test’ may well be part of an agenda, which is something I started to believe when I noticed such information being changed or erased on sites such as Fakeypedia, which they do all the time. Obfuscation, confusion, misdirection, multiple false bottoms, smoke & mirrors are their favorite tactics. To illustrate how I believe this system works, let’s take a look at the relatively successful early Noughties TV series The OC by Josh Schwartz: We have a White actor (Peter Gallagher) playing a Jew, a half-Jew (Ben McKenzie) playing the James Dean-esque White Hawt Guy, a Jew (Adam Brody) playing a half-Jew, an (allegedly) 1/16th Jew (???) (Melinda Clark)… Read more »

Reply to  Prinz Edelhart
8 September, 2021 3:08 pm

Prinz, I was doing reading on old articles and came across your comment. Ironic I had just finished a video of what your referring to that would help clear up matters. ‘Atlantean Gardens’ is the website from a real anthropologist Robert Sepehr video title ‘History of the Royal Dragon Bloodline’