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The Police and the Blacks


by David Sims

THE POLICE don’t have it in for Blacks because of their race. They pursue Blacks, and are especially wary of Blacks, because of their experience with Blacks. Educate yourself. The races are not alike, neither in appearance, nor in mind, nor in behavior.

The “race gaps” in school test scores and in IQ test scores aren’t mysterious; they mean exactly what they seem to mean. Blacks can’t compete with Whites in a technically advanced society, so in a free market economy they don’t get many of the top jobs. That is why Blacks so often favor socialism or Marxism: they want what they cannot earn, what they do not deserve. They want it, anyway. They want someone else to earn it, and then give it to them. Or they want to have the right to steal it and not suffer any legal consequences.

Likewise, the race gaps in the crime statistics kept by the US Department of Justice mean exactly what they seem to mean. The higher rate of Black violence isn’t the result of poverty. It cannot possibly be, since poor Whites outnumber poor Blacks in the United States by a ratio of about 2.25. Nor is it any lingering effect of slavery, since Blacks weren’t the only slaves in antebellum America. There were many White and Indian slaves, also.

On the other hand, it is a fact that the 4% of US residents who are Black males between the ages of 15 and 40 commit about half of the murders in our country each year, and that disparity is a real racial difference. It’s genetic. Most of the “racist” observations about Blacks from the old times were correct. It isn’t the result of circumstances, and throwing money into reforms isn’t going to solve the problem of Black behavior.

It is true, of course, that there are some members from even the most violent and vulgar races who are good people — good enough that you would not care if they were your neighbors. However, the race of such good people still matters, because they are statistical rarities. It is likely that their children and grandchildren will be more typical examples of their race, and therefore accepting even good racial aliens now can lead to a dangerous threat to your descendants a hundred years later.

As even a hot gas contains a few slow-moving molecules, so does a violent race have a few placid, decent members. But just as you would be foolish to pick up a metal canister filled with hot gas with your bare hands, so would you be foolish to live in a neighborhood in which the majority of residents were members of a crime-prone race, or send your children to schools having such a majority.

That some members of the violent race wouldn’t hurt you isn’t what you should be looking at. The important statistical fact is that other members probably would. How do you count the number of times somebody didn’t beat you up or murder your children? You don’t. You will, if you are wise, estimate the probability of being the victim of violence by counting the number of times someone else became a victim. Don’t become confused about this.

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5 April, 2016 5:58 pm

I have known a few ‘gumshoes’ in my time. I got to know a few during the course of my work as a Forensic chemist many years ago. I know how the system worked back then, and still works today. It is really very simple! If a patrol officer receives notification from the dispatch section that a black male about 6 foot tall, carrying a gun has just robbed a convenience store and is heading due west, even the dumbest cop would not head due east in pursuit of a 5 foot Eskimo carrying a bunch of roses. The reason they pursue blacks is that the eyewitnesses give details about the race of the offender to the dispatch section. If blacks do not want to be targeted as criminals the… Read more »

Will Williams
Will Williams
6 April, 2016 4:49 pm

“[T]he eyewitnesses give details about the race of the offender to the dispatch section.”

Yes, then, knowing full well that the offender is a Negro, local media TV news outlets will describe him as “wearing a white T-shirt, jeans and tennis shoes.” Nothing about his being a Negro, though that is the one most obvious thing that should be reported to consumers of newscasts to warn them what they should be on the lookout for.

Thomas Plaster
Thomas Plaster
15 July, 2017 10:28 pm

The two important points of this article are 1) negro violence is biological and therefore genetic and 2) the descendants of any decent/good negroes are going to be more like the majority of negroes.

Just as some negroes with a fair amount of intelligence will likely breed offspring that will, generation after generation, revert to statistical norm (lower IQ), so will the offspring of nonviolent/decent negroes tend toward the statistical norm (more prone to violence).

Genetics resurface or reassert themselves the next or next couple of generations.

If you removed the fangs of a venomous snake and kept it as a pet, that one would clearly would not be a threat to you. Guess what genetic characters its offspring and all descendants will have? Beware.