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Sad Tales from Jews

Actors of Romania’s Jewish State Theatre rehearse the musical drama “The Lights of the Ghetto,” a lavish stage production in Bucharest in 2019.

by Douglas Mercer

HOW COME THEY ALL end up in America? Maksim Goldenshteyn (no really, that’s this Jew’s name, I’m not making it up) has been making the rounds hawking his book containing more sad tales from Jews. Naturally he’s getting a hero’s welcome as Jew media have an endless appetite for sad tales from Jews at the hands of “evil Nazis,” and if it’s stories that are perceived as having not been told yet in excruciating detail, then all the better.

This is an industry that has no ceiling — it has infinite room to grow!

Why do they all end up in America? Maksim Goldenshteyn himself ended up in Seattle, which is the perfect rainy city to sit and look sad in and retail lachrymose and lugubrious tales of poor innocent Jews persecuted for no valid reason at all in far-off lands. You can see him in the one picture they put out of him, a bantamweight femboy looking fey and forlorn and sad and wan and pensive as if the weight of the world is on his very slender shoulders.

You can feel him deeply sigh at the plight of Jews — just by looking at him. His book is called So They Remember, which, if you think about it, could be the title of any “Holocaust” memoir.

“Holocaust,” so called.

Through an intimate blending of memoir, history, and reportage So They Remember illuminates this oft-overlooked chapter of the Holocaust.

There are parts of the Holocaust narrative that have been overlooked? What were they thinking? Just glancing through the near-infinite number of titles on the subject, that’s quite difficult to believe — but it’s Jews, after all, and when it comes to fictional outpourings regarding their Sacred Event they can pull an infinite number of made-up horrors out of the infinite number of hats they talk through.

So they remember!

When it comes to the vaunted six million, the real question is do they ever do anything else?

Besides being rainy all the time, Seattle is the perfect place for this wormy little Jew to infest, being the home of New World Order mastermind Bill Gates, Indian-“Americans” who hate America, Big Tech, and any number of White liberal magpies and maggots. He can sit around and daydream about the old country #109, where his granny was set upon daily by rabid Dobermans who ripped her limb from limb over and over again.

Get this man a book contract, and do it now!

* * *

With this book now they are setting their sights on and settling accounts with Romania, a country which took the part of the National Socialists but which, according to them, has so far escaped the notice of hawk-eyed and vindictive Jews. That, it is sufficient to say, is now about to end. Which makes you think that Romanian hero Codreanu had much more than a good point when he advocated for the elimination of Jews from Romania.

* * *

The Jewish presses whiz and whir and mass produce those books about the “Holocaust” as quickly as they can. A Jew pickpocket had the shingles in occupied Poland? That’s a book! A Jew abortion doctor had a hangnail in Hamburg? That’s a book! A Jew banker once had a rash in the Netherlands while sinister Germans prowled the streets! Hitler’s fault! And that’s another book!

Let the Jew presses whiz and whir!

And if you’re a Jew whose great-grandparents lived in any White country, and they weren’t given the keys to the city — well, you’ve hit the lotto.

You, sir, have got yourself a book!

Let the Jew presses whiz and whir, let the flacks come out to shill it, mau-mau the White man, take a picture of the sorrowful-looking author and it will be shoved in everyone’s face 6,000,000 times. It’s Jews, after all, and they have a never-ending supply of sad and “moving” tales. Cue crying all across the land. And queue the long lines of sycophants who will say the book is “shocking” and “important.”

They say they do it so we’ll remember.

And such is Maksim Goldenshteyn (no, really, that’s this Jew’s name; I’m not making it up), he finally got around to interviewing his grandfather who, having been left for dead by evil Aryans, somehow managed to survive and finally crawl into the United States of America by the skin of his teeth, even if those teeth no longer had their gold fillings.

Goldenshteyn, 33, whose family moved to the US as refugees from the former Soviet Union in 1992, says he heard fragments of his family’s past while growing up, but he never linked it to one of humanity’s darkest chapters.

Why on Earth do they always end up in the United States of America? So now this Jew Goldenshteyn joins the sorry lineup, along with Julia Ioffe and Max Boot — Jews who entered this country from the Soviet Union in the great big move to “free Soviet Jewry” that we fell for. You’d think that by the 1970s, the verdict on what Jews have in store for America would have been rendered decisively, and not one more Jew would be let in — but we live in a country which apparently is a glutton for punishment.

So now, lo these many years later, this Jew has concocted yet another sad tale with which he blatantly bangs the White man over the head. If you listen carefully, you can hear the Jew presses whiz and whir.

And so they remember!

So They Remember touts itself thusly:

Goldenshteyn’s account, based on interviews with Soviet-born relatives and other survivors, archival documents, and memoirs, is the first full-length book to spotlight the Pechera camp, ominously known by its prisoners as Mertvaya Petlya, or the Death Noose.

A “concentration camp” called Pechera comes down to us in Jew lore as “the Death Noose.” You ever wonder how they always have the propaganda-ready catchy names for all their stories? The Death’s Noose! Hitler’s Hangman! The Angel of Death! The Butcher of Lyon, The Butcher of Poland, The Butcher of (insert name of random European city). It’s almost as if, even before the dead Jews had time to dust themselves off and begin their journey to the United States, they were already thinking about the movie rights.

But as for the Death Noose, so-called, what can you say? They steal the money and they take their chances.

So many sad tales, so much that they remember. Here’s another one for the ash heap; if you listen closely you can hear that lady at Auschwitz playing the violin:

Maksim Goldenshteyn recounts a story his late grandmother once told him about how, as a 4-year-old child, she snuck out of a Jewish ghetto during World War II to retrieve her favorite dolls that had been left behind the day her family was forcibly evicted from their home in occupied Soviet Ukraine. She knew even at that age that because she had lighter hair and blue eyes, she could pass for a local Ukrainian girl, said Goldenshteyn. She put on a kerchief and slipped out of the ghetto.

Ah, the Jew passing as a White person. That’s pretty much their whole mode of existence in one sentence. Nice touch with the kerchief, by the way, looks just like a pint-sized Babushka running the gauntlet of the ominous Blonde Beasts. Why she could be one of those ghetto girls, you know, a plucky little kid, sly, crafty, and deceitful — like all Jews are sly, crafty, and deceitful. This is worthy of a book?

It is one of the stories that Seattle native Goldenshteyn tells in his book So They Remember which recounts — with a blend of intimate family memoir and vigorous historical research — the Holocaust in Transnistria, a territory in occupied southern Ukraine that was controlled by Romania, a close ally to Nazi Germany for most of the war.

You can bet your bottom dollar that the book tilts a lot more towards “intimate family memoir” than “vigorous historical research.” When it comes to the “Holocaust,” so-called, the Jews are fanatics and fantasists who never let the truth get in the way of a story. Every tale they tell supposedly reveals “the darkness of the human soul,” but really reveals the fictional character of the tales — and the very dubious character of the teller. Wild-eyed legends emerge from the concentration camps, gruesome experiments invoking cold steel and sensitive skin, injections of experimental chemicals, Jews skinned alive and worn by sinister “Nazi” shamans in weird occult rites. When the Jew emits his diseased waste products, the world opens its mouth wide and swallows them whole.

Now it’s Romania’s turn in the dock! Vigorous research on the way, combined with false memories and interwoven editorial fictionalizing.

That’s how it’s done.

In that territory, where around 150 camps and ghettos operated, there played out a lesser-known but equally sinister chapter of the Holocaust, where hundreds of thousands of Jews were brutalized, exploited, and murdered.

It won’t be lesser-known for along; wait until that Jew Spielberg options this one — you can already see that blue-eyed Jewess with her kerchief darting to and fro between the houses, making her way between vicious, slavering White people to get her dolly. And as far as “brutalized, exploited, and murdered” go it might have served them right, but they were more likely to have died of starvation, or succumbed to disease or exposure — there was a war going on, after all, and face it, when you steal their money you always have to take your chances.

The book’s selling point is that it’s not about the marquee names of Auschwitz and Buchenwald and Treblinka, the ones that have been hogging the world’s seemingly unlimited attention span for these obviously exaggerated stories of suffering and loss. No, now is the time to kick this enterprise into overdrive and get down in the weeds and search for possible “satellite sites” of Aryan hate and blood-lust in out of the way places that no one had ever heard of. These can serve as a kind of blank screen for all kinds of new stories that strain credulity — and they know that somewhere there has to be Jew in America who had an uncle at one of these places and can say he found a shoebox in the attic full of love letters between this uncle and some auntie that tells about the time they were separated on a platform by the Hangman of Horror — you can almost write it yourself!

That’s a book!

That is, it’s more sad tales from the Jews.

They didn’t really align with the image of the Holocaust that I thought was representative. I was shocked at first, he said. Moved by what he’d learned, Goldenshteyn embarked on a decade-long journey researching a part of the Holocaust he feels is largely overlooked.

It won’t be overlooked for long. They’ll sniff out all the places at which they were supposedly snuffed out — or even just snubbed. Flash news: Romanians don’t like Jews, water is wet, story at 11. And it will be book upon book soon; they’ll have endless stories, it’s so easy when you can just make it all up with no limits. Limits would be anti-Semitic.

* * *

It must be quite startling, even for a Jew, when he realizes that that old codger and former con man and artful dodger drooling into the potato salad could possibly be his meal ticket.

They claim they’ll have to do a lot of “vigorous research” — but really, how much research of any kind will you actually have to do once you’ve unfurled that story about that Jew bambino and her doll? And so this Goldshteyn fellow got lucky, nasty old gramps was in the Death Noose, or at least he’s in no condition to deny it now.

And who can escape the Death Noose?

Except the guy with the shoebox, of course. And the one who told the doll story. And the other ones who scattered all those fragments of memory that Goldlips stitched together. They all managed to get out, so it must not have been all that much of a noose.

His starting point was to interview his grandfather, Motl Braverman, in his Seattle home over a series of weekends. Braverman, who died in 2015, languished as an adolescent with his family in the remote Pechera death camp, which became known to many prisoners as the Death Noose.

Apparently when the senile oldster finally agreed to do the interview, he went upstairs and got his shoebox, which (supposedly, mind you) had all the memories of the Death Noose locked away inside. It all sounds a little too pat, but when it comes to “intimate memoirs of the Holocaust,” so-called, there’s no one who’s looking at them too terribly hard. You got some memories in a shoe box. Make sure you add some lurid scenes to what was probably a rather prosaic stay at a factory or other work site. No need to adhere strictly to the truth — they’re Jews, after all, and when they beam these stories out worldwide there’s a force field protecting them; who has the courage to be a “denier” when it comes to these things? Doubt what I say and you’re probably a murderer and a hater yourself — don’t you care about that sweet girl and her dolly, you monster?

At the Pechera camp, the gates of which sported a wooden sign that read Death Camp, hunger was such that cases of cannibalism were reported. As an adolescent, Motl Braverman would evade guards and take perilously long roads in sub-zero temperatures to return with small amounts of food to keep his family alive. He would later help others escape from the camp to head to relatively safer ghettos.

Cannibalism! It was a regular Donner Party back there at the Death Noose. Those evil “Nazis” didn’t have the courtesy to cook up the gefilte fish, the lox, and the schmear, so Shlomo was reduced to eating Shlomo. The horror of it all! And yet Motl was able to take “long roads” outside of the camp, only to return again and again! And by their own testimony, you had the little blue-eyed Jew wending her way in and out of the camp to the ghetto and who knows where, and now the brave Motl was running through the guards like a canny little traveler — so, really, how bad could it have been? With all of this easy coming and going and simple escaping, they paint a picture of a Hogan’s Heroes-type camp where at any moment you expect them to start cracking witty one liners about the dunderheaded Germans, er, I mean Romanians. When it comes to weaving these obvious falsehoods, the Jews really are shameless — if they’re in for a dime, they’re in for the biggest bag of shekels this side of the Tinder Swindler.

Awareness of Romania’s role in the Holocaust, at home and abroad, is far less than that of the Nazis’ role. But in Romanian-controlled territories under the military dictatorship of Ion Antonescu, between 280,000 and 380,000 Jews, plus some 12,000 Roma, were killed during the war. The decades of communism that followed, much like in the Soviet Union, all but erased memories of the Holocaust.

That’s a good one. It is the other way round.

You ever notice how in the Ukraine situation everyone is going around calling each other “Nazis”? Indeed, an objective view of the situation is that it’s a bunch of Jews running around calling each other “Nazis,” which is a good one. Never is the word “Communist” bandied about. No one is calling the other Stalin. When it came to it, the National Socialists were very aware of what came to be known as the Holodomor — and took it into account when the Jews began bellyaching. Indeed, one of the primary functions of the “Holocaust” (so-called) narrative is to bury the real crimes of the Jews in Ukraine. But safe to say no Ukrainian-American ever interviewed his grandfather who had a shoebox full of documented Jew-committed horrors, who then got a big book contract and was promoted in on 72 different media outlets! Never! And, equally safe to say, Steven Spielberg never came calling.

But, oh what tales they could tell, eh? Truthful ones for a change.

A late 2021 study by the National Institute for the Study of the Holocaust in Romania showed that 40% of respondents were not interested in the Holocaust.

No doubt the fabrications bore them to tears. No doubt the number is rather higher, but social convention caused some people to say “yes” just to be polite. Did you ever notice how they are always polling, polling, polling to make sure that their sacred myth gets the proper amount of bandwidth — and if it doesn’t, they’ll tut-tut and boo-hoo and and take the world to task for its hard-heartedness and callousness? Why, there are people in the world still who don’t give a fig about Jews? How can that be? And some big Jews undoubtedly came in and dropped some big shekels for that “National Institute,” a high-sounding name for a place that launders fictions, dresses them up in their Sabbath best, and launches them into the world with suitable simulated sorrow.

In a push for wider public awareness, Romanian lawmakers passed a bill last fall to add Holocaust education to the national school curriculum, a move that was applauded by many. But it was met with controversy in January when the far-right Alliance for Romanian Unity, which holds seats in parliament, called it a minor topic and an ideological experiment.

(Notice how Romanian critics of Jews have to speak in coded language? They can say it’s a “minor topic” but they can’t come right out and say it’s a lie, which it is. Who is really dominant in that country, you might well ask. It certainly isn’t Romanians.)

This same injection of Jewish lies into children’s minds is happening in America, too. The massive enterprise of pushing for “Holocaust Education” has governors all across the once-free states scrambling all over one another to get it installed. Johnny can’t read, Juan can’t speak English, and don’t even ask about what Barkevious is up to — yet teaching innocent children about the fictional horrors committed by “evil” people who wanted a country of their own halfway around the world and three quarters of a century ago — why, that is priority number one.

And as for “ideological experiments,” that’s a pretty good way to put it. When you think about it, these Jew tales are indeed the tip of the spear of a massive ideological experiment, the most evil and destructive ever known to man. The experiment has been roughly as follows: Unlike any people in the long history of the world, Europeans must now abjure their rights as a people, work assiduously and slavishly on behalf of other peoples, and guard (with deadly violence and mass murder if necessary) against any European people ever trying to defend themselves.

David Saranga, Israel’s ambassador to Romania, strongly condemned the party’s comments online and said such statements are outright proof of either a lack of taking responsibility, or of ignorance.

So the chief Jew diplomat scolds the Romanians for not showing the proper deference to their masters. How dare they? Get your heads back in the noose, the experiment is nearing its conclusion but there is still some last data to collect.

Goldenshteyn believes that Romanian authorities have made progress in recent years in acknowledging the country’s role in the Holocaust, and said he was troubled by the party’s comments but also encouraged by the reaction of the diplomatic community.

So now this little Jew from Seattle is a world expert on the situation in Romania. Quoth the femboy Jew and hater of White people:

It’s important for any country with a dark past to confront it. Because it’s impossible to chart the way forward without knowing where you’ve been. There is not enough knowledge about what happened during the Holocaust in Eastern Europe.

“Not enough knowledge”? My god! Hasn’t he noticed the avalanche of books and movies and TV series on this subject? — it’s hardly a niche endeavor. And they’ve even got “leaders” of once-proud peoples spouting their lines for them: Can you say near-total subservience? That’s what that wall is for (you know the one) — and that look of worshipful awe in their eyes, which they all must assume when they are there.

In late January at a Holocaust memorial event at the Choral Temple Synagogue in Romania’s capital, Bucharest, President Klaus Iohannis said that the pandemic has amplified the virulence of antisemitic attacks and warned against conspiracy theories and misinformation.

Of course, misinformation is their stock in trade; it’s why they wail so much about misinformation. And it’s because they are rank, inveterate conspirators that they target “conspiracy theories.”

“Let us not close our eyes to these real dangers, which are often cleverly hidden behind a claimed freedom of expression.”

There’s that force field again, guarding the Jews from something really dangerous and hateful — like freedom of speech. If you can’t say it, you can’t sound the alarm. If you can’t say it, you can’t will it. And so that ideological experiment will reach its conclusion: our death.

* * *

And so now Maksim Goldenshteyn is fully on the case. He’s drumming self-loathing and self-hate just a bit harder into our children’s heads than was being done before. He and his fellow Jews have found yet another way to psychologically torture White people with impunity and enthusiasm.

There is still a lot to be uncovered about Romania’s participation in the Holocaust — specifically this territory of Transnistria.

Always more to “know,” always more reasons to genuflect, always more awe and pity and near-worship to be given.

It’s a theme they’ve been harping on for millennia now, and it’s got them quite a lot. Of the making of such fictive tales there shall be no end, as long as there are Jews and suckers. But of their grand experiment there may be.

When I looked up from my cucumber and tomato salad, my grandfather had already retrieved a large shoebox from his bedroom.

Just like the roadrunner, no sooner had he looked up than the old Jew was back with that shoebox. And out of the shoebox came more tales of evil Whites, more and more and more and more.

The Romanians today, but someone else tomorrow.

Goldenshteyn, did you say?

Indeed they did; it’s right there on the cover of that book.

* * *

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10 March, 2022 3:43 am

I remember a few years back some Mossad student at the University of Seattle was trying to entrap his fellow students into illegally aquiring fire arms. The professor protested and got in trouble.

10 March, 2022 8:54 am

To be fair, this story is a bit less ridiculous than some of the others, such as pedal-powered brain-crushing devices, death-by-masturbation machines, etc. Still pretty ridiculous, though.

Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton
10 March, 2022 12:23 pm

Hey! You’re talking abut a city that is close to our hearts out here. Seattle is a place that is the very picture of multicultural diversity with its colorful tent cites sprung up everywhere and a murder every minute to go along with every drug deal taking place on the courthouse steps.

It’z a place smart, white tourists now avoid like a Covid plague. A place on the very verge of legally defined usury taxation levels. So could you please be less accurate in your description? We don’t want people thinking badly about our beautiful, “emerald” cesspool here in the Northwest. By the way. it’s the mold that gives it its green color. 

Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton
10 March, 2022 1:01 pm

I just had to look it up. Yep, it’z Jewish alright – really, really Jewish. In true Jewish fashion, the name is self-aggrandizing and of course who else but a Jew has a name like Shteyn? So it’z time to pour on the accolades. Give that name a Nobel Peace Prize! Shteyn name NumerologyNumerology (Expression Number)1 Heart’s Desire number5 Personality Number5 Talent analysis of Shteyn by expression number 1“You are a natural leader, independent and individualistic. You are extremely ambitious, original, and courageous. You employ new and unproven methods. You are an explorer and an innovator. Openness to too many peripheral influences limits and frustrates you. You are self-reliant, confident, and energetic.” Inner analysis of Shteyn by heart number 5“Freedom is essential for your happiness. You love change, new experiences,… Read more »

Nat Sosh
Nat Sosh
10 March, 2022 2:15 pm

Mr. Mercer. . excellent again.

The Jew has no
place in our world ….except for the fact that oops!….we let him slither in and control it.

Keep hope alive lads.

Nat Sosh
Nat Sosh
10 March, 2022 3:39 pm

these filthy jew maggots know that at this point, both Hemispheres are too cowardly to look into and call them out on their filthy Hollowhoax lies….so the sky is the limit now.

in the next twenty years, look for these insecticidal plague rats to really ramp it up , and start publishing even more blatant and ridiculous Kike mythology..

unless we get off our faggot knees and say

great job mr mercer….you are thee great exposer.

Douglas Mercer
Douglas Mercer
Reply to  Nat Sosh
10 March, 2022 5:53 pm

Thank you for the kind words. Steven Spielberg has optioned the movie rights to a book called The Light Of Days, about so called heroic women who took part in uprisings in “Hitler’s Ghettos.” So soon we’ll have another mega ton blockbuster movie that everyone will be browbeaten into crying over.

ulysses freire da paz jr
ulysses freire da paz jr
Reply to  Douglas Mercer
21 March, 2022 6:37 pm
comment image

Falando em heróis, os autênticos defensores da verdade, morrem hoje, 21 de março de 2022, covardemente envenenados. o grande pesquisador e disseminador da verdade um verdadeiro lutador e chamador para a Alemanha – Michael Mannheimer.

ulysses freire da paz jr
ulysses freire da paz jr
Reply to  Douglas Mercer
21 March, 2022 7:38 pm

comment image

Speaking of heroes, the true defenders of the truth, die today, March 21, 2022, cowardly poisoned. the great researcher and disseminator of truth a true fighter and caller for Germany – Michael Mannheimer.

Heavy Gustav's Flying Rabbi
Heavy Gustav's Flying Rabbi
10 March, 2022 7:36 pm
ulysses freire da paz jr
ulysses freire da paz jr
11 March, 2022 5:36 pm

comment image     

The Nazis and SS shared their food with the Jews

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
13 March, 2022 7:47 pm

Has anyone noticed? Has anyone noticed that
as living memory of WWII meanders into the
past, the war hysteria concerning that conflict
seems to become more intense? Has anyone
noticed that, or is it just me?

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Walt Hampton
14 March, 2022 1:07 am

I’ve noticed. Lying Jews and their cronies have to work hard to maintain their lies about that fratricidal conflict, Walt. We Cosmotheists strive to keep the truth of these matters before our adoring public as well so as to remind folks that their real enemies are expending a lot of effort to deceive us as well as showing folks who our real heroes were. It’s well you bring this to everyone’s attention.

Nat Sosh
Nat Sosh
Reply to  Jim - National Alliance Staff
20 March, 2022 2:30 pm

Learning about what actually went on before, during and after World War Jew….is thee most important and noble thing i’ve ever done on this Earth….besides helping to initiate the creation of my daughter.

Now that i’ve “found out”, there is no turning back. I recommend everyone dig as deep as their curiosity allows. Those years effect everything in this life.

Nat Sosh
Nat Sosh
20 March, 2022 12:00 pm

Its safe to say at this point, that Mr. Mercer has the Jew’s number.

He writes often and excellently about these destructive cyclops….and every bit of it is on laser point.

Cheers to DM. The voice of a man amongst millions of appeasing faggots.

Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
Reply to  Nat Sosh
21 March, 2022 10:50 am

Speaking of numbers, just as Jews attach special significance to the number of six million, they appear to attach special significance to the number of 613. See Thomas Dalton’s article, “The Holocaust of Six Million Jews — in World War I” and the Wikipedia entry on the 613 commandments in the Torah. It’s curious how, although rabbis have never been able to specify or agree upon what all of the 613 commandments are, many have insisted that there are precisely 613 commandments, no more and no less. This is a bit like how Jews insist that the wicked “Nazis” killed six million Jews. Although they’ve reduced the number of Jews supposed to have been killed at Auschwitz from four million to one million, they still insist that the… Read more »

Nat Sosh
Nat Sosh
20 March, 2022 3:06 pm

There is no glass ceiling concerning Jew mythification ….only endless , boundless , infinitum open skies.

Like cockroaches, these “things” do not sleep. As we slumber, after a hard day of work
without whining, these suborder bluttodea are busy eating away at the optimism and racial purity of our children, and subverting the foundations of a civilization they could never dream of creating themselves.

Morning Dew
Morning Dew
22 March, 2022 2:13 am

I have always said that Hitler’s “concentration camps” were amusement parks compared to Russia’s gulags! And that in view of the conditions at that time!

Leslie W. Ross
Leslie W. Ross
Reply to  Morning Dew
23 March, 2022 2:22 pm

Interesting it surely is, him, surviving no less than four camps.

Nat Sosh
Nat Sosh
15 May, 2022 10:02 am

It’s sunday morning, on the porch with some coffee…..and i’ve got another Mr. Mercer article to read. Life can be quite nice.

I relish his brilliant and humorous linguistic demolition of filthy, ridiculous Kike mythology .

Have a superlative day all!

*If things are bad, or just not going smoothly , we can all thank Providence for at least two things: we weren’t born repellant, vicious ugly jews…and we weren’t born subhuman niggers.

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Nat Sosh
15 May, 2022 3:08 pm

That’s great that your life is quite nice, Nat, and that your part of the world hasn’t burned down. Yet. Please, do continue to enjoy the show we’re providing free of cost. /s

Akron Johnny
Akron Johnny
Reply to  Jim - National Alliance Staff
15 May, 2022 9:01 pm

Wait? So what exactly is our obligation here, Jim? To provide a monthly stipend to support NA staff negro-free lifestyles in east Tenn.? How about a stipend for those of us here in the trenches with “diversity” in the big cities, and can’t leave due to family commitments? Trying to get the message out to neighbors, friends, and co-workers, with frustrating results. If I had contributions I could do more. As it is I can barely afford landline phone and internet!

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Akron Johnny
15 May, 2022 11:44 pm

Akron Johnny, I’m a volunteer moderator on National Vanguard and financially support the Alliance and this online magazine with my activism as well. I live in one of those big cities as well, supporting myself and getting our message out. I need no stipend to do what’s right, I just do it out of a sense of duty. Like you, Diversity surrounds me as well, but instead of bitching about family commitments (guess what–I have those too) keeping me in the big city, I just do what I can to pull my weight in the face of the enormous task we in the Alliance have taken on. Our obligation is to our race, that’s the answer to your question, and you can act responsibly about it or take us for… Read more »

Reply to  Nat Sosh
19 May, 2022 9:12 pm

You know, Nat, Jim has a pretty good point. At least we can be thankful that the site staff and founders have our best interests at heart, and are generous beyond reason. You are right about the <[(filthy ones)]> though. Everybody thinks Gal Gadot is some real life wonder-woman; she looks like a dog to me. Same with  Natalie Portman, Elizabeth Banks, and especially Scarlett Johansson.  I wouldn’t touch those ladies with a 10 inch pole! Well.. maybe if a paper bag was handy.. idk.  I heard Epstein’s daughter now styles herself some sort of fashion model. I didn’t even know he had a daughter! Her name is Gabby, I think. Do a google image search – she looks like a gross female version of Jeff. Or rather.. I guess her body… Read more »

Nat Sosh
Nat Sosh
15 May, 2022 10:23 am

Hogans Heroes style…….