Norway: Nordic Resistance Movement Helps Needy Whites in Oslo

Activists and members from Norway’s Nest 1 held a Winter Aid activity in Oslo city centre at the weekend.

NEST 1 HAVE BEEN continuing their tradition of giving out gift packages to the homeless and other needy people in Oslo city centre during the cold winter months. The activity was part of the Nordic Resistance Movement’s Winter Aid initiative, which aims to help disadvantaged Norwegians.

The packages were very popular and included traditional Yuletide pork ribs, coffee, mulled wine, warm clothes, clean underwear and cosmetics. Some products had been donated by volunteers, while others had been bought by Nest 1. interviewed Tommy Nyberg, from Norway’s National Council, about the activity.

Hi, Tommy. You were part of the Winter Aid activity. What can you tell us about it?

Winter Aid has become something of a tradition for us. We collect items and buy others that can be useful for men and women who, for various reasons, have ended up on the streets. Items include warm clothes, clean underwear, hats, woollen socks, gloves and sets of cosmetic products. Warm drinks, mulled wine, coffee and homemade ribs are also very much appreciated in the winter cold.

How was the activity compared to previous years?

We can see a gradual change on the streets from year to year. The Norwegian homeless people seem to have moved farther out to the periphery. Where there used to be Norwegian beggars, there are now gypsies with Santa hats.

There are more and more racial foreigners selling dope on Brugata Street and in Vaterland Park. They operate openly in view of the police, who do not intervene. Their sales techniques are aggressive. They whistle at potential customers and shout loudly about what they’re selling: hash, cocaine, heroin and all kinds of pills. Oslo city centre is not a good environment for children and young people to be walking around in, to say the least.

What have people’s reactions been to the initiative? Were they positive or negative?

Generally positive, to varying degrees. One man was moved to tears. Others were ashamed of having ended up in such a bad situation.

The Winter Aid campaign is exclusively for vulnerable Scandinavians, so there was some trouble when a non-White dope seller was denied products that would have aided him in carrying out his destructive activities against our people.

He attempted to incite his colleagues against us by calling us “racists”, but he didn’t have much success. Some of the smarter ones understood it would be bad for business to start a fight at their workplaces. Plus it goes without saying they weren’t very interested in our delicious pork ribs.

How can people contribute to Winter Aid?

You can donate money, warm clothes and other items. Winter Aid can be contacted by emailing However, the best thing you can do is become a member and actively contribute to the struggle yourself during activities like these.

Have you any final words for Frihetskamp’s readers?

Good Yule and a Happy New Year of Struggle!

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Source: The Nordic Resistance Movement

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