Breivik, Modern Prisons, and the What the Jews Plan for Us

by John I. Johnson

NORWEGIAN MUSICIAN and writer Varg Vikernes has posted a couple of videos to YouTube stating his views about Norwegian prisons, and in particular how the subject relates to Anders Breivik. Breivik recently sued the Norwegian prison system for violating his human rights, and won. The government is appealing the decision to a higher Left-wing court.

Vikernes was associated with Norwegian black metal music in the 1990s. He was convicted of murdering a fellow musician and burning down three Christian churches (he’s a pagan), and served 15 years in the Norwegian prison system. According to Wikipedia he maintains that he was wrongly convicted — for example, that the killing was in self-defense.

I know a lot more about Breivik than I do about Vikernes, who I’ve never really read about or studied. Wikipedia has a long entry on him, and Metapedia, which at least wouldn’t be anti-White, probably does too. Breivik and Vikernes do not have highly similar philosophies, as far as I know, though Vikernes is also pro-White in some sense.

At any rate, Vikernes’ two videos are educational. With the exception of one statement in the second video, which is in Norwegian, everything, both spoken words and intertitles, is in English. Vikernes speaks very good English.

What seems to have prompted him to make these videos was the ridicule of pundits and the international press, who sneered that Breivik lived in luxury hotel conditions.

Vikernes asks: “What has changed for Breivik since he won his lawsuit? Nothing. The authorities break the law. They are criminals.” He calls Norwegian prison personnel “criminal scum,” and says the worst people he met in prison weren’t the incarcerated, but those who worked for the state.

He cites an example of a “tough” new prisoner he saw who broke down after being locked up for just one day. This was due to the stress of incarceration in a modern prison and its attendant extreme isolation — not “torture” per se. Vikernes says that Breivik may have believed that modern Norwegian prisons were hotel-like before actually being locked up. That may have been so at the time of his trial (I’m by no means certain it was, but it is possible). However, Breivik did not expect to be taken alive. When he set out that day and blew up the government building in Oslo, he was certain he would be killed by the authorities. Prison was not something he anticipated. He expected to die, and it was a reasonable expectation under the circumstances. Vikernes may not know this.

The important thing to understand about the present world situation is that to the Jews, and to governments, White people who have the “wrong” thoughts and say the “wrong” things are already “terrorists.”

The “legal” philosophy behind this is:

“Thoughts (or words) = deeds.”

This applies only to the Politically Incorrect, of course, as we see with the White policemen and civilians murdered now in large numbers by Blacks or Muslims — frequently, perhaps always, as a consequence of the mass media’s hate speech and governments’ policies and actions.

Jews believe: “Ideas have consequences. So to forestall opposition to genocide, suppress the victims’ ideas and make any physical opposition impossible.” That’s not the way they phrase it, of course, but it’s what both Jews and governments believe.

And it works. They can kill millions of people that way (Communism), or wipe out a major race of mankind (genocide).

We appear to have entered yet another violent revolutionary period (I mean revolution from above, conducted and orchestrated by the powerful), this time directed at the entire White race. Under present conditions, it is your thoughts and values, not your deeds, that already make you a criminal. People are jailed right now for their ideas.

* * *

Source: Author and Thulean Perspective

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4 August, 2016 8:56 pm

Love or hate Varg’s music, Varg has been able to get many metal fans out there to become racially and culturally conscious. He has seen the effects of liberalism on Europe and on his home country Norway; he cares deeply about European culture, tradition, and the race — and speaks against multiculturalism and race-mixing. The rock and metal music which was promoting Satanism and nihilism and even psychedelic drug usage literally backfired on the Jews when Varg wrote music that everyone loved, incorporated themes of Nordic culture and European traditions, and became notorious for church arson and killing a member of the band Mayhem (his name was Euronymous and he was an ass****). Another band that did this came out of Sweden and was Named Bathory. Though the main member… Read more »

20 June, 2021 3:18 am

Jews, parasites of humanity! Expel the vermin.

29 November, 2021 4:56 pm

Many say Breivik actually planned to get caught alive so he could promote his message. That a mass shooter that ends not killed either by suicide or by the police is very peculiar, plus apparently he just walked to them unarmed and without resistance. Of course, he may not have premeditated his surrendering, and then did the promotion of his idea afterwards, in a sort of “might as well keep on spreading the word” mentality. So in a way he became a martyr.