Nordic Resistance Early Morning Enrichment Program

Bringing Third World culture to the “elite” neighborhoods that need it most.

MASS IMMIGRATION and its accompanying misery has spread quickly across Sweden. And there are many profiteers who support and benefit from this social decay. These hypocritical egoists are advocates of the multiculturalism we are experiencing today — so long as it is far away from their own neighborhoods!

Our organization, however, thinks these multiculturalists should live what they preach. We went therefore, at 04:00 yesterday, to one of Stockholm’s “elite” estate neighborhoods: Saltsjöbaden.

A van with generator-operated audio equipment was prepared and the vehicle was fronted with two banners with the message: “Bourgeois citizens, open your hearts … multiculturalism is here!” and the Moderate party’s logo.

At 05:00, we opened up with the sounds of the [Islamic] muezzin from Amiralsvägen. During the trip through the sleepy, early-morning streets, we also proclaimed slogans which gave an ultimatum to the capitalists:

“Bourgeois citizens! As long as you support the current world order, we will bring multiculturalism and all that implies here for you. How will your **** money to redeem you, then? The future belongs to us National Socialists! Long live the Nordic Resistance!”

When the residents of Amiralsgatan vote bourgeois, it is natural that they should take responsibility for the civil immigration policy impact — they must, as Sweden’s former Prime Minister said, “open their hearts” to foreign cultures and be enriched.

But having Muadh in their own back yard was not, apparently, appreciated — showing hypocrisy of these people. This was reflected, among other things, by the police being quickly called to the scene, and also in the form of obscene gestures and aggressively but silently photographing us at a distance.

At first, there was just a police patrol at the site and — even in their presence (we were told we were not being detained) — we continued the campaign without any distraction. After being summoned, more patrols gathered and then with “cowards’ courage” they stopped the activists. The van, audio equipment, and [some of the] camera equipment was confiscated. All the activists in place were informed that they were suspected of harassment (a misdemeanor).

Ultimately, no fewer than nine police patrols arrived to stop us in Saltsjöbaden. All our cars were searched during the usual “routine checks” and further questioning of the activists followed. Nevertheless our leaders chose not to leave Saltsjöbaden. Instead we remained in the area until the police gave up and left us alone — we hope, causing the state to spend large sums of money that now cannot be spent on multiculturalism.

* * *

Source: Nordic Resistance Movement and Jimmy Marr

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David Halladay
David Halladay
21 May, 2017 6:57 pm

What a truly inspired piece of action. No violence, none required, just hit the privileged people in their gated communities with the reality of multicultural dystopian life as experienced by the average citizen. I love the genius of this.

Will Williams
Will Williams
Reply to  David Halladay
22 May, 2017 10:48 am

“Coward’s courage.” That’s a good one.

Is this group more race-based, or more class-based with all that bourgeoois language? Its anti-Muslim stance seems more against the culture of Islam than to emphasize that these invasive non-Whites can’t make pink-cheeked Swedish babies. Islam declares openly that it will displace Swedes demographically and many Swedes (including those targeted in Saltsjöbaden) foolishly help them.

NRM’s slogan is not one of cowardice, but of real courage, moral courage, and is without doubt race-based!

“The future belongs to us National Socialists! Long live the Nordic Resistance!”

Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
Reply to  Will Williams
22 May, 2017 11:58 am

There’s no reason why White nationalists can’t be anti-bourgeois — not in the Judeo-Bolshevik spirit of envy and class warfare, but in the National Socialist spirit that opposes bourgeois individualism, liberalism, and materialism as incompatible with the values of a true Volksgemeinschaft (racial-popular community).

Reply to  Anthony Collins
15 August, 2020 11:41 am

Well written and thought.