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Ann Coulter Awakening to the Jewish Problem

by Hadding Scott

THE CREATIVITY of pro-White social media “trolls” is gradually introducing suppressed truth into mainstream discussion. Through President Trump’s retweeting of a GIF that represented him pummeling CNN, and CNN’s overreaction — and the subsequent piling-on against CNN by Trump’s supporters — the world became acquainted with other things posted or reposted by HanA**holeSolo, things that say nothing extraordinary from a White Nationalist perspective, but are revolutionary to almost everybody else.

In this interview on 710 WOR (New York City) on 5 July 2017, Ann Coulter talks as if she genuinely did not know that mass-media in the United States were dominated by Jews. She also talks as if she were unaware of the taboo against pointing it out.

Coulter: I also — this hysteria over, oh, the horrible thing that the guy who created the GIF — I think he was the one who was supposed to have done this — he sent out a picture of all these CNN people, listing all of the Jews who work at CNN.

Simone: [Laughter]

Coulter: And there were like 200 of them. And I’ve gotta tell you it was an arresting photo, mostly because the media are the ones who are insisting, “I’m sorry, every local newscast has got to have one Asian, one Hispanic, one black, soon it’s going to be one Muslim!”

These people are so obsessed with “Oh it’s all white men in Trump’s cabinet!” Wait, but somebody can’t point out that you have a kind of a disproportionate number of Jews working at your network? I mean just the hypocrisy of this is stunning.

This is not the first breakthrough caused by such a graphic presentation. Recall that a very similar image, about Jewish involvement in promoting gun-control, was promoted by rock-guitarist Ted Nugent in early 2016. (He subsequently apologized, but the damage was done.)

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Source: National-Socialist Worldview

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13 July, 2017 2:19 am

I find it hard to believe that Ann Coulter (or anyone who has been around for any significant length of time in the jewed mass media business) could be clueless about the overwhelming presence of Jews in the top echelons of the propaganda industry.

Then again, she did fail to note how many Jews that Trump has surrounded himself with when making her comparison. To do so would end her career, if the present situation hasn’t done so already. Nothing horrifies Jews than to have the light of truth shine on them, and their reactions show how scared they are as noted by the bully-like behavior the browbeating they inflict on truth-tellers shows.

17 July, 2017 7:01 am

The alternative is that she knew but will not/would not disclose in “polite” conversation. 2 generations ago average folk (not “radicals”) freely disclosed of the “other” influence… (e.g. R.P. Oliver, Sobrban etc )

Brutal Reality
Brutal Reality
22 March, 2018 11:39 am

I don’t know why Jewish control of our media is such a big taboo secret. They admit things like this all the time. To wit-