102,387 Migrants Land in Europe in First Six Months, Says IOM

AT LEAST 102,387 non-White invaders pretending to be refugees have landed in Europe in the first six months of this year as of June 29, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has reported.

Of this number, 101,210 have invaded Europe by sea, and 1,177 by land routes, the latest IOM update has reported.

This compares to the grand total of 387,739 non-White scroungers who invaded Europe in all of 2016 via all routes in 2016 — indicating that there has been a massive increase in invasion numbers across the Mediterranean Sea to Italy.

According to the latest figures, for the week 20 to 26 June, some 1,953 non-Whites invaded Italy. This figure skyrocketed the following week (27 June to 3 July) to 12,225 — a 526 percent increase.

The invasion of Europe via Greece appears to be slowing down — mainly thanks to the actions of the Hungarian government in closing off the “Balkans route.”

For the two week period from June 20 to July 3, “only” some 928 non-White scroungers landed in Greece, while 0 (zero) landed in Bulgaria.

In the period from 27 June to 3 July, 7 invaders were registered in Hungary, a 22 percent decrease from the previous period (9 registered arrivals, from 20 to 26 June).

The main nationalities of the invaders (in descendant order) for the two week period are as follows:

To Italy: Nigeria, Bangladesh, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Gambia.

To Greece: Syria, Iraq, Republic of Congo, Algeria, Afghanistan.

Even though the invasion force is therefore clearly majority made up of non-Whites seeking to parasite off the European taxpayer-provided welfare system — and not in any sense fleeing “wars,” the controlled media still insists on calling them “migrants” or “refugees.”

This deliberate misnaming of the invaders is part of the controlled media’s plan to trick Europeans into thinking that what is happening is either “completely normal” or is purely the result of “war.”

The liberal left and the controlled media argues that “migration” is a “normal” human phenomenon — but the mass migration being seen today is anything but “normal” — because it is exclusively a one-way development, from non-White countries to White countries.

There are not millions of Africans trying to “migrate” to India, nor millions of Africans trying to migrate to China.

Instead, there are millions of Africans trying to “migrate” to Europe or America.

The overtly racial aspect to this one-way movement of non-White races to White countries reveals that this is not a “normal” human phenomenon, but simply the mass invasion of White countries by non-Whites.

The question which no one seems to ask is quite simple and effective! Even though we don’t agree with one single migrant being here in Europe, let alone millions… let’s say we supposedly agree, the question is: When will it be enough of them? When will the EU finally say OK 50 million are enough, 500 million are enough, 5 billion?? When? What is the number? No one has a freaking clue and these invaders keep pouring in! When will it be enough? When we squeeze the entire planet in Europe and America and leave their continents 100% empty? Is that it?

* * *

Source: The European Union Times

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James Clayton
James Clayton
14 July, 2017 3:45 am

In 2008, when I was in Florence, a waitress and I discussed a couple of Blacks we saw several times peddling Jockey-brand mens underwear still in the packaging. Seems, she said, that the economic migrants were shoplifting and underwear were not well-guarded in the stores. And there were very few Blacks in Florence, ten years ago, let alone peddling on the street and speaking neither English or Italian.

Hans Schneider, Canada
Hans Schneider, Canada
19 July, 2017 1:16 pm

Europe needs third world immigration like a fish needs a bicycle.