NYC: 400 Discrimination Lawsuits Filed by Just Five Litigants

Zoltan Hirsch, who uses a wheelchair, makes a very nice living filing lawsuits.

Suing businesses over “handicapped access” has become a “cottage industry” in the world capital of non-White scamsters, New York City.

by Saboteur 365

I THINK I’ll change my name to Shecky Schlomo Goldensteinbergwitz and start a new career as a scammer.

From the New York Post:

Five New Yorkers in wheelchairs are behind nearly 400 lawsuits brought against small businesses for lacking handicap access.

Such legal claims have been criticized as part of a “cottage industry” of “serial plaintiffs” who target mom-and-pop establishments for quick cash settlements. But others see the suits as helping enforce the American with Disabilities Act.

Wheelchair ramps and bathroom doors are not the only battleground. Two blind New Yorkers have taken the fight online, filing a combined 23 suits against business Web sites that didn’t have screen-reading software for the visually impaired. And a woman cited seven businesses for not allowing her service dog inside.

Zoltan Hirsch, 37, a double amputee from Brooklyn, is hell on wheels for those who fail to make their establishments wheelchair accessible. Since 2010, he has filed suit against 195 businesses ranging from a Soho eyeglass shop to Brooklyn bodegas to a Hell’s Kitchen restaurant.

Four other New Yorkers have filed 200 suits over wheelchair access: Luigi Girotto (70 suits), Pedro Fontanes (55), Jerry Cankat (52) and Nauqone Taylor (23).

Fontanes, 69, of Queens, has filed 13 suits against businesses along Fifth Avenue in Park Slope between Ninth and Bergen streets.

He claims to have suffered “harm” and “injury” at cafes including Le Pain Quotidien, Pizza Town, Uncle Barry’s, SkyIce Sweet & Savory, Dizzy’s Diner and Konditori Swedish Espresso Bar.

At Konditori, he also griped that the bathroom mirror was too high.

Mark Caserta, director of the Park Slope Fifth Avenue Business Improvement District committee, blasted the suits, saying: “This shouldn’t be happening. Small business are already struggling to stay afloat, and these lawsuits could put them over the edge.”

Dennis Kearney, an attorney who defended Uncle Barry’s craft beer bar against Fontanes this year, noted most defendants settle to escape the cost of litigation.

“Why would somebody pay $100,000 in legal fees to go to trial when they can pay a fraction of that and be done with it?” he said.

Plaintiffs typically ask for modest damages but demand payment of their attorneys’ fees, which can top $20,000. Kearney believes the plaintiffs and lawyers split the fees.

Commercial Web sites are the newest lucrative legal target.

Blind Brooklyn resident Marion Kiler, 66, sued eight sites throughout the state during May and June.

Among them was the Museum of Sex’s online store, where she claimed to have made “numerous” attempts to buy products. The site’s wares range from nipple clamps to penis-shaped pasta.

Cheryl Krist, 62, of Manhattan, has brought seven suits against businesses, including an East Village McDonald’s, for not allowing her service dog, Bocci, inside.

But Kenneth Shiotani, an attorney at the National Disability Rights Network, called private litigation the “most effective enforcement mechanism” to make the city disability friendly.

As for Zoltan Hirsch, who “has filed suit against 195 businesses” — what he is doing is a crime, known as mischievous torts or a similar name depending on the jurisdiction. We need a real prosecutor (are there any uncorrupted ones in New York City? — I doubt it). His racket is also extortion, a very common New York crime.

Dennis Kearney knows what’s going on when he says: “Why would somebody pay $100,000 in legal fees to go to trial when they can pay a fraction of that and be done with it?” Plaintiffs ask for small damages but also demand their victims pay their attorneys’ fees, which can exceed $20,000 per case — and you can bet that some of that is kicked (or should we say kiked?) back to the scamster.

This amounts to a criminal fraud and a racket, especially for the Jew with almost 200 cases. He should be in jail — and I doubt there are any wheelchair ramps there.

The $20,000 lost to these thieves could easily pay for a ramp, and maybe that is what should be done and pay the Jew zero. For example, if a business builds a ramp on demand, why would a just court award a bean to the (((complainant)))? In many cases the local authority will refuse building permission — which stops any legal claim the crooks have.

New York is the canary in the coal mine. New York will fall — many businesses will close and ironically the (((serial plaintiff))) in a wheelchair will have trouble finding any small business to sue or to buy the products he actually needs.

For example, he could easily find a wheelchair-friendly spectacle shop, but no; he searched for those without ramps. I would bet good money he pays two-legged Jew boys to walk around New York searching for shops without ramps. His (((lawyer))) should also be in jail as a fellow criminal and extortionist. Blackmailers. Greedy. Thieves. Fagins. I wonder if they ever target Jew-owned shops — my guess is: never. That could be a subject for a police investigation — 195 court cases and never a single Jew-owned business targeted. The police should ask his lawyer why they have never sued a single bank or any such establishment which could really fight the case, thus risking the lawyers’ own stolen money? This is more proof that the (((lawyer))) is a criminal blackmailer and the (((guy))) in the wheelchair is his criminal accomplice.

Between the Blacks, the Juggalos, the medically obese, the scammers, and other assorted garbage who inhabit America today, it must be the case that more than half the population produces nothing or less than nothing. Meanwhile, I understand that China has a eugenics program well under way to improve the physical and mental qualities of its human inhabitants.

The parasites are killing the host. You are witnessing the death rattle of a dying society. Good-bye America; it was nice knowing you.

* * *

Source: Saboteur365

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  1. 2 December, 2017 at 2:04 am — Reply

    How is this not considered extortion, especially from serial litigants? Funny that none of the names of the wheelchair plaintiffs sound White. Unfortunately, the Americans with Disabilities Act is ripe for abuse, as it’s heavily weighted in favor of the plaintiffs, and the fines for violations are stratospheric, many times more than those for other laws. The newest scam now is the explosion in emotional support animals, not to be confused with an actual service animal, such as a seeing eye dog. Not only must these animals be permitted into all establishments including restaurants and airplanes, but you cannot ask why the animal is needed or require proof of any legitimately diagnosed condition. What a weak-minded society we have become. Emotional support animals are nothing but live versions of stuffed animals for adults to carry around with them.

  2. Arvin N. Prebost
    4 December, 2017 at 9:28 am — Reply

    These people are committing violence, inflicting a slow-motion death on a small business that the owner has put his life into.

    I am not suggesting anything, but I fail to understand why someone has not yet flown off the handle and beaten the sh*t out of one of these people. Then they could claim that an emotional disability made them do it.

    Honestly, it is getting to that point, where there is almost nothing to lose.

  3. Anthony Collins
    5 December, 2017 at 3:21 am — Reply

    It would be nice if these Jewish parasites in wheelchairs were put down like Blofeld in the opening scene of For Your Eyes Only.

  4. zoe
    7 December, 2017 at 3:52 pm — Reply

    In NJ, there is no common law marriage. However, several decades ago, the Pandora’s box of palimony based on oral promises was opened costing the hapless victims millions. Gloria Alred and Tiger Wood’s agrieved F buddy comes to mind. Lawyers love oral agreements because it opens the door for litigation.

  5. refocus
    12 December, 2017 at 8:22 pm — Reply

    Here in the USA, in the year 1820, the owners of the government statutorily entitled the lawyers to feed on the population with a supreme court ruling that goes like this: *A wrongfully sued defendant has no recourse upon the plaintiff because to allow such would tend to deny a poor man his day in court.* The majority opinion was written by John Jay Marshall, appointed by John Adams himself.

    So lets try to answer the question: What is a lawsuit?

    A lawsuit is a premeditated multiple felony crime committed by two lawyers, a judge and a court reporter against an honest working man. It is the textbook definition of RICO. It is the most frightening experience imaginable for an honest workingman.

    2 + 2 = 4
    The lawyer became a lawyer and the judge, a lawyer, became a judge to make money for themselves. They could not possibly care any less about you. In fact, deep analysis would show that they hate your guts.

    Most cases involve some real estate and it would appear that the title company, the party with the most money, would be the most vulnerable. But the title company has its own representative paid for by the state sitting in the chair of the judge. This came to be when the lawyer decided to go to judge school and applied to the title company for a scholarship. If the owners of the title company approve of the candidate they pay his or her way. Thus the title company is immune from the avarice of the players in the court.

    The judge is the least avaricious of the three but do not expect any mercy in the form of a favorable ruling.

    Remember, in America anyone can sue anyone.

    Since the honest working man has done nothing wrong, that is nothing that is actionable it takes a little creativity on the part of the lawyers to get it started. The first thing they need is a Plaintiff, someone that hates your guts enough to kill you.

    The lies, the perjury of the plaintiff, the one suing you, carry the weight of concrete facts in the operation of the law. The court is required by law to accept everything he says as true and everything you say as false. That is why you are being sued – you are a liar and a cheat and everything you worked for really belongs to him.

    The actions of the court, that is the lawyers and the judge, are backed up by the full police and military power of the state. The judge can sell your home, business and children and if you speak out in protest about any of it he/she can throw you into an AIDS and animal infested jail for “contempt”.

    Naïve people have been conditioned by TV to believe that the lawyers and judge are looking for the truth. In reality they are only looking for money.

    The lawyers joke goes like this: You are the one with the money. And you are being raped, lay back and enjoy it. Ha ha ha its so funny.

    The jury? All, each and every one on it, is selected on the basis of: lack of income, lack of business experience, lack of property ownership, whether or not they are being proscribed psycho-tropic drugs which is preferred, and the miserable condition of their abode.

    After two weeks of your lawyer suborning perjury from the plaintiff to make sure the jury understands that you are a very bad guy and never once allowing any evidence in your favor to be admitted… The plaintiff’s lawyer gets to make his closing statement. It is the last thing the jury of morons hears before going into the room to deliberate.

    The closing statement to the jury is over the top. Nothing like it has ever been shown on TV or in any movie. Probably no person reading this has seen it. And no person reading this can believe it is as I describe it… the plaintiff’s lawyer actually channels Satan. He has to because you have done nothing wrong except to have had a childish belief that you would get a fair trial on these false charges.

    He starts off with innuendo telling the jury all about the defendant’s short comings. And builds until he is jumping up and down screaming at the top of his lungs. He curses you in front of the jury, compares you to murderers and robbers for one hour. If it is a probate case the last thing he tells the jury is that you grabbed your poor old mother by the hair, threw her head back and stuck a loaded gun into her mouth and down into her throat and threatened to kill her in order to force her to sign the deed. His eyes are bugged out and his face a contortion of extreme hatred, his saliva flies about… his body is shaking with anger and rage.

    Then with a great flourish he recovers and coolly remarks that *you have all seen those criminals on Americas Most Wanted and wished that you could do something about it*. Now channeling Satan again, *There he is ! There he is! This is your chance ! Do the right thing and take it away take it away.*

    And the jury of morons does exactly what they are told and strips you of everything you own and worked for all your life.

    The Plaintiff’s lawyer makes a closing statement the likes of which has never been shown on TV or dramatized in the movies. It is so shocking that there is no way to actually describe it. And no one who has not seen it can believe it.

    It takes corrupt judges, court reporters, and the very process of jury selection to make it all work, but work it does. Their strategy is to cause the targeted individual, the defendant, such a conundrum that he commits suicide. The crime partners bet that after such a protracted and confusing mess the grieving widow will throw the contested assets on the floor and walk away brokenhearted. The lawyers will then divide up the spoils.

    Does anyone remember the Korean dry cleaner family and the judges $60 MILLION pair of pants? The Korean’s legal bill was $300 THOUSAND and the case lasted nine years. Their lawyer, making light of the matter held a press conference at the end of the last appeal where he stated for all to hear: See, the system works.

    America is also dying from lawsuit exhaustion.

    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, and the situation in present day America for the normal working man is absolutely hopeless.

    The largest and most negative drain on the working people of America would end if this one supreme court decision could be overturned…

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