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Black Inferiority: It’s Far More Than IQ

by David Sims

IT HAS BEEN CLAIMED that since Blacks in America (who are, on average, significantly part-White) have an average IQ of about 85, they will do about as well as an 85-IQ segment selected from any other race, including the White race. But that isn’t true.

Those who make that claim neglect two important things: First, there are factors involved besides IQ. One of them is the hormone-driven tendency of Blacks to go after what they want in a violently aggressive way. White US residents and Black US residents, matched for socio-economic status and for IQ, will for that reason still not exhibit the same behaviors, generally speaking.

And the greater criminality of the Blacks will land a higher proportion of them in jails and in prisons, as compared with their White counterparts.

Second, there is the well-known genetic phenomenon of regression toward the (racial) mean. Everyone has both dominant and recessive genes, but what gets expressed are, mostly, the dominant ones. If you select only stupid people from a smart race, their stupidity is the result of their having poor-quality dominant genes for intelligence. Their recessive genes are still a random mix. If you could somehow reverse the dominant-recessive polarity of that sample of people, they’d suddenly have a distribution of IQ that was the same as that of their race.

Now if you were to do that with stupid people from a stupid race, they’d still be stupid after that dominant-recessive transformation.

While it is probably true that both stupid Whites and stupid Blacks would show equal incompetence at jobs that require a higher degree of mental acuity than they have, the same isn’t true of their children and grandchildren. Sexual reproduction makes a new shuffle of the genetic dice with each child born. That means the children of the White dummies won’t be as dumb as their parents were, but the children of the Black dummies probably will be as dumb as their parents were, considering their 85-IQ group average. The offspring will to some degree “regress to the mean,” or average, of their respective races. This is also true of the offspring of unusually intelligent Blacks. This has huge societal implications.

It’s been claimed that “almost 20% of Blacks are smarter than the average White.” I’d like to know where they got that figure. I think that percentage is about twice what the true percentage is.

The average IQ for the United States is 98, according to (if I remember correctly) IQ and the Wealth of Nations, 2002, by Richard Lynn. But if you remove the Blacks, Mestizos, and Asians from the statistical population, the average IQ of White Americans, X, is: 0.13(85) + 0.15(92) + 0.04(105) + 0.68(X) = 98 X = 101.4

The fraction, f, of a race having an average IQ of x̄ and a standard deviation in IQ of σ, which is above the minimum IQ of μ: f(μ) = [σ√(2π)]⁻¹ ∫(μ,∞) exp{ −[(x−x̄)/σ]²/2 } dx

Taking advantage of the normal distribution’s symmetry, we make it more easily integrable: f(μ) = ½ − [σ√(2π)]⁻¹ ∫(x̄,μ) exp{ −[(x−x̄)/σ]²/2 } dx

You can avoid integrating the probability density function if you have a handy error function to call: f(μ) = 1 − ½ { 1 + erf [(μ−x̄)/(σ√2)] }

This is the equation that The Bell Curve analysis of racial distributions for IQ is based upon.

If you assume that Blacks have an average IQ of 85.0 and a standard deviation in IQ of 14 points, and that Whites have an average IQ of 101.4 and a standard deviation in IQ of 16 points (there are studies that show Whites as having a larger σ than Blacks do), then the percentage of Blacks who have IQs that exceed the White average is 12.1%.

Using the same input, you can calculate that for each Black genius (with an IQ of 140 or higher) found in a random sample of Black US residents, you will find 185 geniuses in a random sample of White US residents of equal population size.

Since Whites outnumber Blacks by a ratio of about five to one, White geniuses will outnumber Black geniuses in a demographically average part of the United States by a ratio of 927.

So, if an employer in that area is hiring people to do genius-level work, he will (having no racial bias whatever) gain himself 927 times more new White employees than new Black employees. With a ratio that high, it might easily turn out that he didn’t hire any Blacks at all. That isn’t “racism.” That’s just how it is.

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13 June, 2017 11:18 am

This is a pleasantly lucid explanation. Tangentially, it would be interesting to explore similar oddities of true difference in the cultural area of black affect, in black emotional psychology relative to white psyche. Many leftist arguments in the racial universalist synagogue depend on the received perception that expressed black emotions are authentic coordinates of mutual identification. For example, listening to “Mowtown” or “Satchmo”, “Rap”, “Black Jazz”, etcetera as substantively more present and authentic than merely pantomime and emulated camouflage. How could this paradox of unreal and real affective reception be measured? In the arts and music extending from black occupation in white nations, there is a core cultural tax in the form of faux-penitent affect demanded at the point of forced reception which degrades the reality of honest aesthetic judgement.… Read more »

13 June, 2017 5:09 pm

Fine analysis as always – thank you! When the matter of black ability or lack thereof is raised I always reflect on talk given by the late and great Dr. Revilo Oliver – ‘What we owe our parasites.’ In this talk Dr. Oliver listed the quintessential components that constitute the Indo-European psyche. Let me just quote a few of Dr. Oliver’s observations about what makes Indo-Europeans so unique among the races. The first is imagination, which is highly developed in us. Second, the sense of personal honor which is so strong. The third is the capacity for objective and philosophical thought, which is virtually limited to our race. The fourth is our capacity for compassion. Fifth, our generosity, both as individuals and as a nation. The capacity for self-sacrifice is… Read more »

Thomas Plaster
Thomas Plaster
9 September, 2017 1:29 am

White_Warrior: Plus, as stated in the article, you would know that in each successive generation, the dullard White society would improve back to the White statistical main (quite a few more smartys) and the rocket-scientist negro society would revert back to their statistical main (bone heads).

So, you would choose the dullard White society for not only yourself but for your progeny, and their progeny, and so on.