Kenya: Gruesome Display After Muslim Massacre

Muzzed image of Kenya massacre

Things are different in Africa. For now. This war — and these people — and their standards of behavior — are exactly what we are now importing into our nations at the behest of the Jewish power structure.

THE DECOMPOSING BODIES of the men accused of killing 148 innocent people at a Kenyan university were paraded in front of a large crowd at a primary school today. (ILLUSTRATION: A picture of a classroom strewn with dead bodies has emerged revealing the true horror of the massacre)

The authorities drove the naked, bloated corpses of the four alleged terrorists around the town in a pickup truck from the mortuary to Garissa Primary School.

It comes as survivor Cynthia Cheroitich, 19, who spent two days hiding in a wardrobe and drinking body lotion to survive, was rescued after al-Shabaab gunmen stormed Garissa University College on Thursday.

Hundreds of people, some grieving for the loved ones they lost in the siege, gathered in the sweltering heat to catch a glimpse of the men who are believed to be responsible.

Pictures of the crowds and the bodies piled onto the vehicle are being shared on social media.

Paraded: The naked bodies of the alleged attackers were driven around Garissa before the pickup truck parked at a primary school.

Four attackers died at Garissa, but they have not been named and their nationalities have not been revealed. It was hoped that crowds viewing the corpses might identify them.

‘I want to see them,’ Muna Haji told The Washington Post. ‘I want to know that these people are dead. They have killed innocent people.’

Survivor Ms Cheroitich, who hid under a pile of clothes, spoke about her ordeal following her rescue today.

She was initially too petrified to come out of the wardrobe, but a lecturer she knew eventually convinced her that police officers were not the al-Shabaab gunmen – 50 hours after the barbaric attack began.

Kenyan troops searching the building were alarmed when they heard sounds coming from inside a wardrobe.

A police officer said: ‘She kept asking for reassurance from the security forces they were not al-Shabaab before she could come out.

‘She was given milk and rushed to the Garissa hospital, where she is being observed before being given counselling.’

Speaking later in hospital, the survivor said she told officers from inside the wardrobe: ‘How do I know that you are the Kenyan police?’

‘I was just praying to my God,’ Ms. Cheroitich, a Christian, said.

Four other survivors from the massacre at Garissa University College were found yesterday.

A photograph from inside one of the classrooms at the university has emerged, showing at least 12 bodies strewn across the floor, which is covered in blood.

At least three people appear to have been huddled in fear in the corner of the room when they were murdered by the militant Islamists.

The terrorists raided the university early on Thursday morning, overwhelming guards and murdering people they suspected of being a Christian.

A total of 148 people were killed in the siege, with the gunmen shooting and beheading those who could not recite the Koran.

Most of those killed were students but two police officers, one soldier and two watchmen are among the dead.

Kenya’s interior minister, Joseph Nkaissery said the four terrorist gunmen had strapped themselves with explosives. When officers shot at them, they exploded ‘like bombs’ and shrapnel injured officers.

Kenyan security officials said dozens of hostages were freed and four of the gunmen, believed to be armed with AK-47s, were killed.

People gather to catch a glimpse of the bodies of the alleged terrorists at the hospital mortuary in Garissa.

The Interior Ministry said five suspects had been detained, some while trying to flee to Somalia, where al-Shabaab is based.

Four were Kenyans of Somali origin, and the fifth was Tanzanian, the ministry said.

Officials said all three were associates of Islamist teacher Mohamed Mohamud, who is believed to have masterminded the attack. There is a £145,000 bounty on his head.

The interior ministry said the three suspects arrested at the border had coordinated the attack. Two people were detained at the university, including a security guard and a Tanzanian man.

‘We suspect the Tanzanian, who was hiding in the ceiling, was one of the combatants,’ ministry spokesman Mwenda Njoka said.

‘He had ammunition with him when he was arrested on Thursday night. We suspect the guard facilitated the entry (into the university).’

In a chilling warning today, the terrorist group said more attacks like the university massacre were planned.

‘Kenyan cities will run red with blood,’ al-Shabab said in a statement, according to the SITE intelligence monitoring group.

The militants said the barbaric attack was in retaliation for killings carried out by Kenyan troops fighting the rebels in Somalia.

‘This will be a long, gruesome war of which you, the Kenyan public, are its first casualties.

‘No amount of precaution or safety measures will be able to guarantee your safety, thwart another attack or prevent another bloodbath.’

Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta said today that those behind the attack were ‘deeply embedded’ in Kenya, and called on Kenyan Muslims to help prevent radicalisation.

‘Our task of countering terrorism has been made all the more difficult by the fact that the planners and financiers of this brutality are deeply embedded in our communities,’ he said in a televised speech.

‘Radicalisation that breeds terrorism is not conducted in the bush at night. It occurs in the full glare of day, in madrasas, in homes, and in mosques with rogue imams.’

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Source: The Daily Mail

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