Madrid: Thousands Rally against Non-White Invasion


THOUSANDS of Spanish patriots turned out today to show their support for the Hogar Social Madrid (HSM) organization’s call to march against the non-white invasion and in favor of putting Spanish people first.

The huge crowd — which snaked through the city for blocks — marched under banners calling for an end to the invasion and chanted “Refugees no, Spanish yes,” among other slogans.

The rally was held in coordination with a similar march in Rome, organized by the Casapound Italia organization, and took place despite an attempt by the communist party mayor of Madrid to ban the march.

The main slogan under which the rally was organized was “Defend Spain, defend your people” and started from the Plaza de Spain, ending in the Plaza del Dos de Mayo.

Many attendees wore shirts with the HSM logo, which bear slogans such as “Defend Europe,” “Revolt against the modern world,” “Stand against a world in ruins,” and “The nation is strong.”



Earlier, the HSM group explained the reasons for the demonstration on its Facebook page as follows:

“Sometimes, we try to avoid the problem by closing our eyes, and looking the other way. That makes us believe that the problem goes away, but it’s not like that.

“Passivity, and silence as demanded by the politically correct, wants us to believe that we are free, but by staying still we are complicit in the decline of our people, our identity, of our ways. Looking the other way just accelerates our own destruction, and sells our freedom to the highest bidder.

“Now is the time to be strong, and prove to the whole world that there are still people who won’t give up, who will fight tooth and nail for their rights. We will show that Spain is made up of its people, and no one else, not of multiculturalism or a mob of oligarchs who would sell us out to anyone just to increase their usury-created wealth.


“Our people are Spain, the dignity of its men and women, our fields, our cities, our children, and our elders. Our people are those who fight one day and know when to stop. They are those who are generous to their neighbors even when they themselves have little.

“Our people are those who have made history, and will today again make history. There is still hope to change things; the situation can still be fixed. It is true that today the bad guys are on top, and the good guys are underneath, but if you get up and march with us, we can reverse the meaning of all this — and there will be an opportunity for Spain, and there will be a future for our people.”

* * *

Source: Yespasaran

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19 February, 2018 10:41 pm

I would like to know what news and movements are in Spain with the purpose of limiting immigration. The Spanish media and press keep complete silence about it, and only inform the Spanish population of globalist and multiculturalist movements. They also keep silence about any arguments for limiting immigration, but tell us all arguments in favor of immigration. Our media and press aren´t informing us, they are manipulating us.