Finally, a Zionist Group that Deserves Encouragement


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WELCOME TO, a blog-based web magazine for the most important LGBTQ Jewish Zionist voices in the world today. The magazine will make queer Zionist narratives readily available to the wider public and engage the larger LGBTQ Jewish community in open debate. is backed by the Queer Zionist Alliance, a think tank community with members from across the political spectrum who are united around a common Zionist commitment to the Jewish right to self determination in our ancestral homeland.

Support for

“The creation of this community and online blog of queer Zionist opinion and analysis will fill a gap in the ongoing debate about the best means to create an evolving and flourishing Israel for all.” — Jeremy Burton, Executive Director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston (JCRC); Board Member of Keshet

“For years, as a lesbian progressive Zionist, I have longed for a forum where like minded Zionists can congregate, share ideas, mentor, learn more and collectively engage in discourse with our fellow LGBTQ communities. I am excited to join the Alliance.” — Melanie Nathan, Lawyer, Social Justice Activist, Executive Director of African Human Rights Coalition

“Recent events have made it clear that radical Jews and their queer allies have crossed the line from opposition to the occupation to a rabid delegitimization of the state of Israel and the Zionist principles upon which it was founded. As a result, it is time for the development of a queer pro-Zionist, human rights philosophy to counterbalance those extreme voices. Queer Israel is planning to do just that.” — Dana BeyerPhysician, Politician

“For too long LGBTQ Zionist Jews have little and limited success in getting our narratives heard on the world stage. Given our failure at telling and amplifying our own story, a LGBTQ Jewish Zionist story, many well meaning LGBTQ people fall back on the antizionist narratives that are more than readily available since they are being screamed from every corner of the world, on college campuses and from media outlets. The Queer Zionist Alliance and blog will address this major problem. I beleive that working together will amplify our voices times fold.” — Avi SofferChairperson of the Aguda, Co-Founder of LGBT Knesset Lobby, Veteran Israeli LGBT Activist

“QZA is genuinely, definitively, marvelously “post-postmodern” (exactly what we need today!), a breath of fresh air opening up new spaces of freedom, both intellectually and morally. Get used to it!” –– Gabriel Noah Brahm, Senior Research Fellow, Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy: Co-editor of The Case Against Academic Boycotts of Israel

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Source: Queer Israel

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