Jews and Feminism: Nexus of Anti-White Hate

by David Sims

FEMINISM WAS mostly started by leftist Jewish women, but the fact that they were Jewish matters more than the fact that they were women. Feminism is, and always was, a front movement and a tool in the hand of the George Soros kind of Jew, of Jews who hate White people and their culture of Western Civilization.

The “empowerment of women” was one of their slogans and pretended objectives because it came along with the deliberate embitterment of women. Men received “blame” for the “terrible” fact that females get pregnant, never the other way around. Feminist Jews contrived a scenario in which the female role in reproduction, vital to the continuation of the race, was an instance of “male oppression.” This was the spiritual poison that turned a lot of White women into the repulsive, shrieking, anti-White genocidal harridans that they are today.

It can be seen that the betterment of women’s condition was never the primary goal of feminism when you look at certain oddities in the behavior of feminists over time.

During the presidency of Bill Clinton, feminists supported him, despite the fact that he had been credibly accused of rape by more than one woman.

Feminists are generally in favor of the importation of Muslim immigrants, despite the fact that Islam is the most hostile culture toward women’s rights and is the culture in which female genital mutilation is the most widespread.

Whenever the classic, ostensible feminist agenda conflicts with the Politically Correct agenda on race, the feminists themselves put women’s issues on the “back burner” and promote the cause of anti-White Political Correctness.

These oddities (among others) are exactly what you would expect from the Jewish conspiracy theory’s conception of feminism being one of the several tools in the toolbox of a clever predatory minority for wrecking Western Civilization and for bringing about the extinction of White people.

Furthermore, now that White women have played their part in bringing about “gender equality” in the workplace and in the political sphere, the Jewish feminists and their non-White minions are taking over the feminist movement, discrediting the White women who did the lion’s share of its work, and casting White women aside with accusations of “racism” if they don’t bow out quickly (and humbly) enough.

And one more thing. The Jews who have been behind feminism now believe that they have an even better weapon against the West than even man-hating lesbianism: namely, intersectional transgenderism. The lesbians in their movement are feeling betrayed because their mostly Jewish powers-that-be are insisting that they regard male-to-female transgenders as real women, even though they aren’t.

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7 February, 2019 8:52 am

White females of New England and New York laid the foundation for American feminism. Modern feminists stand on their shoulders.

Reply to  cc
11 February, 2019 8:49 am

(((White))) females overwhelingly are in the early leadership of feminism. There are countless memes that show all the major feminist authors and or leaders of the femenist movement. When you start adding them up, it’s disproportionately jewish. Even up to modern times.

12 January, 2021 4:37 pm

Can we get links to sources on the history of jews involvement in women’s suffrage and feminism?

Twin Ruler
Twin Ruler
30 July, 2021 7:10 pm

No Jewish person could be a True Feminist for precisely the same reason none could be a True Communist. After all, if there is one thing I would never accuse Jews of being, it is egalitarians. Suffice, Jews are puffed up on their belief that they are The Chosen People, destined to rule over the rest of us, us Goyim. No, rather, Jews, via entryism, have hijacked Feminism and Communism alike, for their nefarious agenda. Jews care not for women or for the worker! No, Jews implement them as Pawns for their own ends.