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by David Sims A QUESTION WAS ASKED on an online forum: Have American women lost their femininity? It seems that traditional values are being construed as a subservient, oppressed life for a woman. Without these traditional traits in a woman, I don’t think a woman is a woman anymore. Men are going…
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by David Sims FEMINISM WAS mostly started by leftist Jewish women, but the fact that they were Jewish matters more than the fact that they were women. Feminism is, and always was, a front movement and a tool in the hand of the George Soros kind of Jew, of Jews who hate White people and their culture of Western…
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WHAT BRETT KAVANAUGH REALLY MEANS FOR RAPE CULTURE The Real Culture of Rape, Its Real Perpetrators, and Its Real Victims by Hubert Collins Imagine that two football teams of two rival states facing off at the Super Bowl — the Minnesota Vikings and Wisconsin’s Green Bay Packers. As luck would have it,…
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The War Against White Women: How Feminism & Diversity are Harming Them by R. Houck Feminism, the sexual revolution, open borders, advertising, and the anti-white media have coalesced to create a barren hellscape for white women in the postmodern world. Society endlessly inundates women with…
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