The Political Foundations of Today’s Germany

The entire purpose of the German nation, for all time, must be “remembrance of The Holocaust.”

by Dr. Claus Nordbruch (pictured)

IN A SPEECH that he gave at the gala dinner of the Jewish World Congress in New York on 11 September 2000, Joschka Fischer, former Federal German Minister of Foreign Affairs, emphasized that he understands “how vitally important it is to preserve awareness of our responsibility for preserving Remembrance (of ‘The Holocaust’). Remembrance is a constant obligation for a democratic Germany. It must remain a perpetual obligation in future as well.”

Elaborating on this implied obligation for all Germans for all time, he went on to explain: “We know that we cannot abandon our history and put it behind us. All those who attempted to drop penance have perished on the shoals of Auschwitz and German guilt for Shoa — and justly so. An ancient Jewish proverb teaches us that the desire to forget merely prolongs our exile. “The secret of salvation is eternal Remembrance! — Remembrance primarily of the six million murdered sons and daughters of the Jewish Nation, but also of the other victims of Hitler’s war and racism and of National Socialist viciousness.”

Thus, Fischer declared “Remembrance” to be the foundation on which the Federal Republic is built. He has endowed us with the following creed:

“The origin and inherent nature of our present German democracy are conceivable only against the backgroud of Holocaust. In 1933, Germany began its descent into atrocity with its contemptuous treatment of the Jews, with a brutal denial of their human dignity and human rights. These German Jews were citizens of the Reich, many of whom courageously sacrificed their lives for their German homeland during the First World War. The lesson of this is clear and unmistakable: The dignity of mankind must never again be violated. Respect for human dignity is the minimum requirement for the civilized coexistence of nations. This imperative forms the first article of our Constitution, which reads: ‘Man’s dignity is inviolable. It is the obligation of state power to observe and protect all human dignity.’ This is the very foundation of our democracy. This is the legacy that the victims of the Nazi terror, especially the murdered Jews, have bequeathed to us Germans; and we have accepted this obligation… Germany is aware of its special historical obligation to insure the security of the state of Israel and its right to exist. This obligation will continue to be firm and unalterable for us Germans. It cannot be relativized. In future as well as the present, it will continue to define the unique character of our relations with Israel. Israel can rely on a democratic Germany as an undaunted friend and ally for all time. This is our moral obligation, and this is the firm political will of all the generations that inherit the difficult legacy of German history. Our watchword will always be: guard Remembrance and accept the responsibility that goes with it.”…

In his work dealing with today’s basic issues, Sind Gedanken noch frei? (Are Thoughts Still Free), published in Munich in 2001, the author presented the thesis that the underlying legal foundation of the Federal Republic of Germany is characterized by two basic principles. These are acknowledgment of sole guilt for the Second World War and acknowledgment of guilt for the genocidal murder of millions of innocent persons during the Third Reich, primarily on racial grounds. In the Federal Republic, both acknowledgments enjoy the status of indisputable fact; and expressing skepticism about their validity can entail serious legal consequences. In order to understand this unique phenomenon of national self-castigation, we have to return to 1945 and review essential aspects of Germany’s “liberation.”

Walter Lippmann, the son of German Jews born in New York, was one of the most influential American journalists and authors of books from the 1920s until the 1950s. In 1920 he became the chief editor of the New York World and in 1931 he gained international prominence as a columnist with the Herald Tribune. Writing on the subject of total defeat of an enemy, Lipmann declared that, in addition to the necessary occupation of an enemy country and criminal trials and executions of its vanquished leaders in “war crimes trials,” the most important guarantor of total and permanent victory could be accomplished only when and if “the vanquished are subjected to a thoroughgoing re-education process. The obvious method for accomplishing this is the implantation of the version of history as viewed by the victor, into the mind of the vanquished. The transplantation of the ‘moral’ categories of the war propaganda of the victorious country into the consciousness of the vanquished is of decisive significance in this regard… Re-education cannot be considered truly successful until the war propaganda of the victors has found its way into the history books of the vanquished and is accepted as true by subsequent generations.”

Read the full article at the site of Dr. Claus Nordbruch

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6 May, 2012 3:31 pm

“the vanquished are subjected to a thoroughgoing re-education process.” You may add to this also: ‘re-nationalization’ and re-genetization by means of forced non-White immigration and ‘inter-f…ing with Germans.