Germany’s Merkel — and Merkel’s Germany: Jewish Corruption Rampant

What is rotten in today’s Germany? Angela Merkel and those who pay her; that’s what.

by Our Swiss Correspondent

SOME 200,000 Jews have rushed back to Germany since the 1990s. With them have come the usual greasy corruption, lies, and deception of the public. (ILLUSTRATION: Merkel receives an award from B’nai B’rith Europe)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is opening German borders wide open to alien invaders. Because of Merkel’s treason, about 300,000 Muslim invaders are pouring in from the Middle East into Germany every month! How many exactly, nobody knows. They do not always bravely register in official government centers…

You might wonder why this is happening. The answer is easy. Merkel is sold out to the Jews. A good sign of this is that she has received no fewer than 18 major Jewish awards since 2004. Eighteen major Jewish awards in ten years! These awards have meant a lot of money to Merkel — Jewish money. This money can be considered akin to corruption. Jewish money never comes without strings attached. All of these awards are for her strong anti-White and anti-German stance. These 18 Jewish prizes were given to Merkel explicitly for her anti-White and pro-Jewish services (for fighting against “antisemitism and racism” — and for supporting Israel). So many prizes, and so much money, means that the Jews are very satisfied with her services. Indeed, she attacks, at every opportunity, anyone who opposes Jewish power or who objects to the alien invasion. And now she is sacrificing the whole of Germany to millions of Muslim barbarians.

Merkel is opening Germany’s borders in exchange for Jewish money and for Jewish media support. Indeed, she gets very good media coverage all the time. This is good for her political career. In Jewish-German media (Bild, Zeit, Welt, Frankfurter…) as well as in Jewish-American media (Time, Newsweek, New York Times, Los Angeles Times…), she is depicted as a hero, a defender of human rights, a “moral conscience,” a smart politician… you name it.

Awards and “Distinctions” Received by Merkel

• Vision for Europe award by Edmond Israel Foundation; 14.11.2006

• Stateswoman of the Year 28.11.2007

• Prix Leo-Baeck, highest award of German Jewry; for her work in favor of Jews and Israel; 06.11.2007

• World Statesman Award; Appeal of Conscience foundation, New York; 25.09.2007

• Honorary doctor of philosophy degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem; 01.04.2007

• Gold Medal for Outstanding Services, the B’nai B’rith “Europe Award of Merit” (highest distinction of B’nai B’rith Europe); 11.03.2008

• World Statesman Award; Appeal of Conscience foundation, New York; 02.12.2008

• Prix Eric M. Warburg of Atlantic Bridge, founded in honor of Jewish German banker Eric Warburg (1900-1990), in the USA since 1938; 25.06.2009

• Honoris causa doctorate from New School for Social Research; 19.02.2009

• German Media Prize (Deutscher Medienpreis) in Baden-Baden; 09.02.2010

• Leo Baeck Medaille, Leo-Baeck-Institut, New York; for helping to “reconcile Germans and Jews”; 21.09.2010

• Presidential Medal of Freedom, highest US civil award; 07.06.2011

• Light Unto the Nations Award; American Jewish Committee; 20.01.2011

• Doctorate honoris causa from Tel Aviv University; 01.02.2011

• Respect and Tolerance Prize from Berlin Jewish Museum; 24.10.2011

• Heinz Galinski Award; 27.11.2012

• Prix Lord Jakobovits, from European Jewry for condemning any opposition to Jewish power in Europe; 22.05.2013

• Honor Medal, from Israel’s president, for fighting against any opposition to alien invasion and Jewish power; 25.02.2014

Another huge scandal is right now brewing in Germany. It has been revealed that the German Committee for the world football championship has paid millions to the International Football Federation to obtain for Germany the world football championship in 2006.

You might wonder how brave and honest Germans could endeavor to go as far as to pay millions in bribes to high-ranking officials in the international sports federation ? The reason is simple. They aren’t Germans! It was the vice-president of the German World Cup Committee, the Jew Fedor Radmann, who secretly obtained millions from Robert Louis-Dreyfus, the Jewish then-boss of the Adidas sporting goods company, to corrupt international football officials.

A subsidiary of Adidas, Infront Sports & Media AG, had bought in 2002 all media rights for the World Cup. Infront wanted to make sure that the next championship would really take place in Germany. Robert Louis-Dreyfus thus paid the German football federation buckets of money (an estimated 10 million euros) to buy the 2006 world cup.

* * *

Source: Swiss Correspondent

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1 December, 2015 10:37 am

Absurd anti-semetic article. First most Jews are Caucasian. That line in the article reveals the writer as a racist. Second- there is absolutely no advantage to Jews – no logical reason for forcing Muslim hordes on Europe. This writer probably blames Jews when he stubs his toe- sees Joos everywhere. You don’t need Jews to corrupt Europe. It is already very corrupt. The “Undemocratic European Union” will soon collapse taking the Euro down with it and the major countries will go down into chaos because their socialist systems are unsustainable especially since the Muslim horde invaders invited in by Merkel etc. will all be on welfare and drain the economies. Looking for corruption, I would look for payoffs by Islamists to promote their plan to take over the world for… Read more »

Ann T. Zemitik
Ann T. Zemitik
Reply to  calliope
9 June, 2020 11:39 pm

@calliope “Second- there is absolutely no advantage to Jews – no logical reason for forcing Muslim hordes on Europe.”

Lol. I remember when I was this naive. Oh, wait. I was never that naive.

Reply to  calliope
6 May, 2022 7:26 pm

You must be out of your friggin’ lying Jewish peanut; Jews are anything but Caucasian.

21 December, 2015 2:55 pm

User “Calliope” is missing out on the jewish/ISlamic teamup in Germany when a court had outlawed, according to the constitution, medically unneccessary circumcisions/genitalmutilation a few years ago! He is also missing that Kosher/halal-butcher is forbidden in Germany, only religious nutjobs like jews/ISlames get a “special allowance” under supervision of a vetirinary !

It was extremely notocable how they both were suddenly “best friends” against german interest !

Merkl is a 100% jewpuppet, best friend with Liz Mohn…

7 May, 2022 4:39 pm

It is unbelievable to see how far does the humiliation of German nation go. Because of the holocaust lies, Germans are forced to bow before Jews who are orchestrating their genocide through mass immigration. The role of corrupt politicians, appointed by Jews, is to accelerate that process. The real reason of mass immigration into Germany is Jewish vengeance on Germans for revealing the true nature of Jews and trying to liberate their country from them. Today, Germans suffer terrible humiliations just because they dared to challenge Jewish lies and fight for the truth. Because of that, Whites should always keep in mind that Jews are dangerous psychopaths (who fanatically believe in delusion that they are God’s chosen people) capable of doing anything to anyone who gets in their way. Jews… Read more »