Out in Force at Dresden PEGIDA After IS Attack in France


FROM Deutsche Welle: The police state is also out in force. (ILLUSTRATION: Over 12,000 anti-refugee and ‘anti-Islamic Europe’ demonstrators filled the Theaterplatz by the famous Semperoper tonight, while only about 1000 counter-demonstrators showed up to shout down what they are doing.)

On Wednesday, prosecutors said a leading member of PEGIDA, Tatjana Festerling, was being investigated on charges of defamation and incitement, after she posted disparaging comments about refugees on Facebook.

They always use criminal charges instead of political persuasion to get their way. That is the mark of an unpopular, unfree dictatorship.

Lutz Bachmann did not appear at tonight’s demo. He has been very quiet on the facebook page all week. I don’t know yet of any explanation for his absence. Siegfried mentioned his name at the beginning of his opening speech, so he gave the reason but I couldn’t understand it.

In her speech, Tatjana Festerling presented a series of political demands. They included the closure of some mosques and a ban on headscarves in public places. She said the headscarf is a symbol of ideological and political suppression.

Timeline of events from Epoch Times:

6:30 pm German time. The Theater Square in Dresden is very, very busy again. There are people from Italian Village to the Zwinger Palace, and from the Church to the Semperoper. On the screen is a peace sign with the Eiffel Tower. A mass flow continues toward the Theatre Square. In Dresden, the temperatures are mild and almost windless.

6:50 Siegfried Däbritz opened the rally. “Friends, let us remember for a minute the victims of the attacks of Paris,” he says – “and also the victims of the probable attack on a Russian plane and all other victims of terrorism worldwide. A life is a life is a life. “

Moment of silence of Pegiden that ends with applause.

6:55 We have 2 percent Trojan horse are already in the stable, said Däbritz.

Intelligence estimates that about 2 percent of the refugees are committed fighters”. That would be about 20,000 migrants, said Däbritz. He also mentions the 240,000 unregistered migrants, according to the BAMF.
“Who of the religion of peace and the current immigration is not linked to the fight against terrorism,” cries the orator “and has the blood of present and future victims on his hands.” (unsure of translation here)

Däbritz reads aloud the quote by the Chairman of the Conference of Interior Ministers (IMK), Roger Lewentz (SPD), who called for vigilance by the population as follows:

“We are prepared for worse, the threat is approaching. The security forces alone can not watch everything. We need the citizens of this country, you who will contact us when people change in their environment, radicalized or even arming paramilitary.” (Boos and catcalls)

7:05 “at each airport we have to pack our hand cream in a zip bag and take off our shoes, but for months there is no interest in anyone who comes here, where he comes from and what that he brings.”

Dabritz refers to “the example of the man arrested last week in Bavaria”, which was uncovered by accident.
He had eight Kalashnikov rifles with ammunition, two pistols, a revolver, two hand grenades and 200 grams of explosives (TNT) in the car and was on his way to France, as could be determined on the basis of its navigation device. A connection to the attacks would be checked by the security authorities, it said.

“Friends of the executive you still have much to do!” shouts Däbritz, who works in the security industry himself.
Then he quotes a sentence said by Merkel at the G20 summit:

“‘If we want to move forward, we need to stop illegal migration.’ Oh, Mrs. Merkel, have you now suddenly come to it? “(huge ‘Merkel-must-go-chorus’)” Stand back and make space for new elections! “

7:08 Däbritz reads the German translation of the address by Marine Le Pen after the Paris terror attacks.

7:15 The next speaker is Ed from Utrecht. He welcomed the “proud patriots” and says “would that it looked everywhere in Germany and Europe as it does in Dresden.”

He was in Duisburg at a demonstration with 600 people, and also it is becoming increasingly more last week in other West German cities. “The time is running out, as the attacks have shown us again on Friday,” said Ed.

He did not want to talk about Islam, which is a dangerous, warlike ideology actually. “Again and again we have warned repeatedly, there have been signs over again we have seen that this ideology is connected with terror and war.”

Since Islam in Europe has gained a foothold, “our freedom in danger,” said Ed. Politicians today will express condolences for the attack and go back to business as usual tomorrow … “This terror does not stop of its own accord,” said Ed. “When will a politician finally stand who says what a huge problem we have, and also identifies the real problem and its name: Islam”, he asks.

“We need tougher measures. An ideology must never restrict our right to freedom, we should instead have the right to restrict this ideology, “says Ed.

No faith currently creates more victims, from no faith are currently more people on the run and no other denomination has already more violent followers. “This ideology will only be peaceful when it rules the world,” said Ed. “That has no place in our country or in Europe, and that we should not fight at all costs.”


“Our fellow-Muslims should distance themselves from violence,” says Ed, “not too much is still in demand. We are indeed constantly asked to dissociate ourselves from the Nazis. So Muslims, do not be conformed to, but distance yourselves from among this violence that has now again to do with your faith.”

Ed points out that above all the Muslim associations again postulate that the attacks of Paris had nothing to do with Islam.

7:25 Ed reads the figures on literacy rates in different countries where the migrants come from – and these are usually only around 50 percent.

Ed: “We pay taxes in order to allow others a beautiful life. We also get no hotel with full board, train tickets and SIM cards for our phone. First, would the European countries provide for their own citizens.”

Then he tells about the violent resistance to the the second Dutch Pegida demo that he organized. Already during the registration there was harassment on the part of the community. Very many changes, an unsuitable place. Because of counter-demonstrations announcing violence, he had to change the demo announcement on Facebook. “Two hours before, they wanted to prohibit everything,” said Ed. Several posters were seized which had no objectionable content. Counter-demonstrators succeeded, again and again, to schmugglen in the ranks of the Dutch Pegiden and cause disturbance. The highlight was when policemen began brawling among themselves, for which there is photographic evidence. “That shows how great is the fear of politicians about movements like Pegida,” said the man from Utrecht.

7:30 The walk is begun..

8:38 Däbritz announces that tomorrow a demonstration will take place in Prague where the Czech President Milos Zeman is the keynote speaker. We’ll try to get him as a Pegida-speaker.

8:45 Tatjana Festerling is greeted with great applause.

“The objectives in Paris were selected so that it mainly affected young people who just wanted to have fun,” she says.
During the night after the attack, the “hollow phrase” was repeated that the attacks have “nothing to do with Islam”.
“What if the attacks had occurred in Germany?” Asks Festerling. How many IS-terrorists and victims are needed to bring the soul of the people to a boiling point, and to sweep away the Merkel government?”

She also said: “Cease to tell us the story of the integration.” The approximately 80 percent male Muslim immigrants have no desire “to fit in with an ailing, debt-laden society without self-respect.”

8:55 Her speech is accompanied by violent calls of “Volksverräter-” and “Merkel-must-go”. First, she speaks of Merkel as what’s wrong, then she pulls in Heiko Maas and various media representatives.

She cited that EU Parliament President Martin Schulz has “urgently warned against responding with a more stringent policy on refugees to the attacks of Paris” (loud Tagesschau) and said “one should not make the victims into perpetrators.”

Daily flows a million dollars into the coffers of jihadists from IS because Erdogan buys oil from them.

Festerling criticized the politicians, the flags hanging down in their concern: Where is the collective mourning for the explosion aboard a Russian aircraft, she asks.

Merkel is following the usual pattern. With her little speech, “the Chancellor had the situation under control,” she wants to be distracted from her loss of control over internal security. Interestingly, she speaks of herself in the third person, the witness of hubris.

“Those who have no connection with their own self, become a zombie. The most dangerous woman in Europe claimed on state radio that she had the situation under control and an hour later – Peng! – in Paris people are executed in beastly way, “said Festerling. Germany’s top politicians she calls a “helpless herumstocherndes horrors – one worse than the other.” (Huge applause)

“None of these people traitors (…) has even the slightest idea how many illegals, unregistered, invaders, invaders and terrorists are located in Germany.”

“The only people who are likely to be known are the real war-traumatized refugees, because they have a deep need for security and protection and will willingly and gratefully report to the authorities.”

She comes to speak of the thousands of migrants disappeared from trains and camps, and submerged.

These approximately 350,000 unregistered illegals need to be made to report in the shortest possible time to the authorities and to leave their identity and whereabouts – otherwise we would have to initiate their immediate repatriation.

Festerling calls for an immediate burqa and headscarf ban as a signal. The headscarf is a symbol of suppression for political and ideological Islam, she says.

She also calls for a ban on the Salafi “Lies!”-stands as required by Marine Le Pen in France. “The radical mosques must be closed and their faith communities be examined,” said Festerling.

9:08 National Anthem and a sea of flashlights over the entire space.

9:10 Däbritz asks the demonstrators “Next week each brings another ten!”. He declared the meeting closed. The Pegiden call several times “We’ll be back!” and then go quietly home.

* * *

Source: Carolyn Yeager

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