While Non-White Invaders Rampage Across Europe, Merkel and Zuckerberg Work to Censor Critics of the Invasion

zuckerbergMARK ZUCKERBERG (pictured), the Jewish media boss of social media site Facebook, stated recently that his company “didn’t do enough until recently to police hate speech” in Germany, but said it has “made progress” and has heard the message “loud and clear.”

German authorities, concerned about criticism of the non-White invasion and its politician enablers being posted on Facebook and other social networks as the country deals with an influx of many hundreds of thousands of “migrants,” have been pressing social media sites for months to “crack down” — that is, censor and possibly even prosecute those who criticize the invasion or the “open door” policy that allows it.

The Facebook CEO talked personally about the issue in September with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and met her chief of staff during a visit to Germany this week. The Merkel meeting “really highlighted how much more we needed to do in this country,” he said at a town hall event in Berlin. Jewish groups and Jewish-owned corporations have lined up nearly unanimously in favor of making Europeans accept unlimited numbers of non-White “migrants” and eventually becoming a minority in their own homelands.

Zuckerberg calls criticism of the invaders “hate speech,” an expression designed to conceal the fact that it is free speech that is being curtailed. “Hate speech has no place on Facebook and in our community,” he said. “Until recently in Germany, I don’t think we were doing a good enough job. And I think we will continue needing to do a better and better job.”

Zuckerberg pointed to efforts, including funding a team to work with police to combat hate speech on Facebook. He said learning more about German law has led the company to expand its view of “protected groups” there and “to now include hate speech against migrants as an important part of what we just now have no tolerance for.”

“There’s still work to do,” he said. “We want to do that, but I think we hear the message loud and clear and we’re committed to doing better.”

Zuckerberg, meanwhile, faced other issues at his own company headquarters in Menlo Park, California. He lashed out in an internal memo this week at employees who crossed out “black lives matter” on Facebook’s signature walls and replaced the words with “all lives matter.”

The incidents apparently continued although Zuckerberg told employees they were unacceptable.

“I was already very disappointed by this disrespectful behavior before, but after my communication I now consider this malicious as well,” Zuckerberg wrote in a letter published by the website Gizmodo and confirmed by a Facebook source who demanded anonymity because the issue was an internal matter.

“There are specific issues affecting the black community in the United States, coming from a history of oppression and racism,” Zuckerberg wrote. “‘Black lives matter’ doesn’t mean other lives don’t — it’s simply asking that the black community also achieves the justice they deserve.”

In Berlin, Zuckerberg praised Germany’s approach to Europe’s invasion crisis. Merkel so far has maintained an open-door policy for invaders, seeking an elusive diplomatic solution to reduce an influx that has prompted an increasing number of countries to impose national border restrictions.

“German leadership in the refugee crisis, I think, has been inspiring and is a model for the world,” Zuckerberg said. “I hope the U.S. follows Germany’s lead on this.”

* * *

Source: Reuters and National Vanguard correspondents

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Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
2 March, 2016 2:42 am

Needless to say, the Jew Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t say that Israel should follow the example of Germany; no, Germany must follow the orders of Israel.

More and more, the “free” in “free speech” must be regarded as a verb rather than an adjective. Thought and speech must be freed from, and directed against, Jewish tyranny. We must engage in and foment dissent. In this context, we might cite an aphorism of the communist Jew Stanisław Jerzy Lec: “One has to multiply thoughts to the point where there aren’t enough policemen to control them.”

Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
3 March, 2016 10:23 am

When you take the pressure relief valve off of any device that is building up steam-pressure, there is a greatly increased chance of an explosion.

Or the appearance of a fuhrer.

This fool Zuckerberg is preparing the way for his coming. He will come. . . soon. And this time, the whole White world will be receptive to his message.

22 January, 2021 2:15 pm

Jews kalergi plan